Wallnau: If Dems Win Midterms, an ‘Hour of Darkness’ Will Descend on America

Wallnau: If Dems Win Midterms, an ‘Hour of Darkness’ Will Descend on America April 19, 2018

Christian con artist Lance Wallnau continues to hump Donald Trump’s leg like a weiner dog in heat. At a conference of suckers, he told the audience that if the Democrats win control of the House and Senate, they’ll impeach Trump and trigger an “hour of darkness” over America.

Wallnau said that he is working to help conservative Christian voters connect locally so that they can “pray together and begin to exercise spiritual authority for God to show up” in their local elections.

“This president, if he is in any way made vulnerable in the House or in the Senate,” he said, “the combined power of business, academia, media, entertainment, and government and funding is going to impeach this man and undo everything that he has done. And when that happens, it’s going to inaugurate an hour of darkness that God did not want over America. He wanted restoration and reformation, He didn’t want just a window of grace and then annihilation.”

Wait, so God wants this. And God was responsible for getting Trump elected, Wallnau claims. God gets what he wants, right? He is, after all, omnipotent and Wallnau himself has repeatedly said that God was the one who swung the election for Trump by “anointing” him. So if God wants the Democrats to lose, they’re going to lose, right? Why should you have to pray about it if it’s God’s will? If it’s God’s will, nothing can stop it from happening. They just don’t think these things through very well. Hell, they don’t think about them at all.

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