Jones: Defamation Suit Means They’re Going to Kill Me!

Jones: Defamation Suit Means They’re Going to Kill Me! April 20, 2018

Some of the parents of children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School have filed a defamation suit against conspiracy nut Alex Jones for claiming that it was all staged and that they and their children were “crisis actors.” He responded in the calm, thoughtful manner we’ve come to expect from him.

Jones broke his silence on Wednesday and said the reports are a cruel attempt to ruin his reputation.

“For four years I’ve said I think people really died there. And they know that. The suit by the media, by the Democrats, using the poor parents, is meant to just demonize yours truly building up to something big,” he said.

Jones didn’t stop there, and said the liberal news media is seeking to kill him.

“They physically, I can guarantee you, want to assassinate my character ahead of setting me up, putting me in prison, or having me killed,” he said.

Hey Alex, I’ve got a question for you: If these “globalists” were so powerful that they control every government in the world, can swing entire elections, can stage the mass killings of thousands and thousands of people, and you’ve worked for years to expose them, why are you still alive now? Surely if this convenient and all-powerful boogeyman wanted you dead or in jail, they could easily pull that off. And yet here you are, every single day, ranting about how much they want to take you out and nothing happens to you. Funny, that.

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