Liberty Counsel Attorney: Sex Ed is Led by Satan and His Minions

Liberty Counsel Attorney: Sex Ed is Led by Satan and His Minions April 23, 2018

A senior attorney for Liberty Counsel, Jerry Falwell’s answer to the ACLU that is led by Mat Staver, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Larry Klayman, says that public school sex ed is a plot by Satan and his minions to destroy children everywhere.

Mary McAlister, who is senior litigation counsel for the anti-LGBTQ organization Liberty Counsel, appeared on Cliff Kincaid’s “USA Survival” program yesterday, where she declared that sex ed programs in public schools are satanic…

“It’s evil,” McAlister replied. “It’s absolutely evil. God has made us all in his image, he has set out for us rules for living that enable us to live rich and full and healthy lives and all of this that is going on now is directly aimed at tearing all of that down. Well, we know who does that. That’s the Enemy, that’s Satan and his minions.”

“We’re in a spiritual battle,” she added. “These are the principalities that have taken over and they aim at destroying our children, destroying our families and destroying our society in order to have their own rules in place, or lack of rules in place. So I do believe it very much comes from the Enemy.”

That’s because you’re a deranged crackpot, armed only with a non-existent celestial bad guy on whom you try to blame absolutely everything. In a truly rational society, people like you would be the object of constant derision and mockery by all reasonable people, but we don’t live in such a society. We live in a society where such asinine beliefs are not only taken seriously but seen as evidence of moral character.

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