Peterson: Lesbians ‘Not Mentally Capable’ of Raising Children

The vile and stupid Jesse Lee Peterson is reacting to a story of two lesbians who drove a van off a cliff, killing the children inside by declaring all lesbians, all gay people in fact, “not mentally capable” of raising children. Because straight parents never do horrible things.

“We have allowed this to go too far,” he added. “Enough is enough. These people are not mentally capable of handling the stress of raising children because the situation itself is not normal. Two women together as husband and wife is not a normal situation, so how in the world will they be able to handle the stress of raising children? God is not with them—Satan is their father.”

“I want my country back,” he exclaimed.

Sorry, you aren’t getting it back. And to be clear, the country that Peterson wants back is one in which women don’t have the right to vote, presumably because they’re not mentally capable of handling the stress of thinking for themselves. So we might want to take his misogynist beliefs with a 50 ton block of salt. Notice how one lesbian couple now represents every single lesbian in the world; if they do something wrong, every lesbian has done something wrong. And yet that’s never true of straight people, or white people. Funny, that.

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