Pro-Trump Pastors Walk Out of Evangelical Conference

A group of pro-Trump evangelical ministers and leaders walked out of a conference held at Wheaton College over what they considered Trump-bashing. The meeting did not include any members of Trump’s “faith advisory council,” which is made up mostly of mega-preachers and prosperity gospel con artists.

CBN News has confirmed that at least a few people walked out of an intense invite-only evangelical meeting this week at Wheaton College after the affair turned into “crazy Trump bashing.”

The two-day gathering involved a group of faith leaders and was billed as a discussion of the evangelical movement in light of Trump’s presidency. But it became more than that.

Two sources with intimate knowledge of the meeting say the first day turned into a lot of “one-sided venting” against President Trump and the majority of evangelicals who voted for him.

The usual suspects, like Robert Jeffress and Richard Land, whined incessantly about the whole thing, how totally unfair it was that some people actually disagreed with them. There is a split among evangelicals over Trump and it’s more than just the usual split between those who are more conservative and more liberal. Even among many conservative evangelicals, there is a relatively small subset that is appalled by Trump, as they should be. The others, quite frankly, are pure hypocrites.

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