Guandolo Wants to Kill Dem, Repub Leaders for Treason

Disgraced former FBI agent John Guandolo — he was fired for having sex with a witness he was supposed to be protecting — has made a new career for himself as a far-right, anti-Muslim extremist (blessed with the ability to spot a Jihadist just by the fact that they have a beard). But as Ann Coulter found out long ago, maintaining such a career requires that you constantly one-up your own outrageous and bizarre claims. Like this one:

Credit: JMacpherson

Rios asked Guandolo how we would fix that alleged problem “if somebody anointed John Guandolo king.”

“I’d actually use all the legal means at my disposal, which means that people actually committing sedition, I would arrest them and punish them to the fullest extent of the law—which means many of them I would execute,” Guandolo said. “Those people committing treason, I would do the same thing.”

He continued: “I would start with the people supporting the Islamic movement and the Marxist movement, Democrat leadership at the national level, Republican leadership at the national level. And where there is evidence, probable cause, I would take the legal route on that.”

You would think that an FBI agent would have a better grasp of the law and know what treason means legally, but he clearly doesn’t. As is so often the case, these extremist demagogues lie and distort reality to build up a demonic boogeyman out to destroy America, God, the human species and probably the entire Milky Way galaxy too. And anyone who points out that they’re engaged in fact-free fearmongering is then accused of being a traitor and probably really one of the Them, the barbarian hordes they imagine to be at the gate.

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