Wallnau: Trump Critics are Controlled by Satan

Lance Wallnau once again shows his hypocrisy and deliberate misreading of the Bible in order to get his ignorant and credulous followers to bow their heads to his true savior, Donald Trump. He says anyone who criticizes Trump is obviously under the control of Satan himself.

During on online Bible study session on Friday, Wallnau drew an increasingly jumbled diagram in an effort to visually demonstrate how Trump is “under the authority of God” and protected by “the blood of Jesus Christ,” while Trump’s critics, who are “operating outside of the realm,” are being controlled by Satan.

“If you are outside of God’s authority,” Wallnau said, “you actually could be in the realm where Satan himself has access to your heart and to your mind, and that’s what I’m watching happen to millions of Americans now that despise what God has done.”

“If He puts Donald Trump into the White House,” he continued, “and you’re one of those people that actually has a visceral hatred of this man, if you continue to operate in this weird spirit, then what happens is Satan begins to take over more and more of your mind and more and more of your heart and you become more and more deranged. That’s what I am watching happen.”

“When you see a flaw in a leader, your job is to cover it,” Wallnau declared, warning that anyone who attempts to “judge a man of God, a man who God has anointed” will wind up opening themselves up to spiritual warfare and eventually having their own flaws and secrets exposed to the world.

“You’re going to reap what you sow,” he said. “You’re going to let the devil into your house.”

But the Bible says quite clearly that God puts all governmental leaders in power. So why didn’t he say this when Obama was put in power by God? Because he’s a hypocritical con man using religion as a cover for his political beliefs, quoting the Bible when it supports him and ignoring it when it doesn’t. It’s really the ultimate con job, complete with a non-existent, supernatural bad guy who can be blamed for absolutely anything. It’s a perfect ‘out’ for every conceivable situation.

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