Kenyan Official: NGOs Paying People to Become Gay!

As bad as the bigoted anti-gay right wing is in this country, it’s far worse in parts of Africa. I’ve written many times about some of the bizarre things believed about gay people in Uganda, but how about this Kenyan government official who thinks NGOs are paying Kenyans to become gay?

The head of Kenya’s censorship bureau has claimed that charities are paying young people £22,000 per head to become homosexuals.

The surreal claim comes from Dr Ezekiel Mutua of the Kenya Film Classification Board, who has become one of the country’s most prominent and hardline critics of LGBT rights…

“There are foreign NGOs in Kisumu and Kakamega which move to the villages to manipulate our poor innocent youth with ‘big money’ of up to Sh3 million (£22,000) for them to engage in this wicked act.”

It’s easy to laugh at such ridiculous rhetoric, but this is a culture where gay people are often literally hunted down and killed. That makes it a lot less funny. And it’s these kinds of batshit beliefs that fuel that violence, especially in a place like Kenya, where there is an odd mixture of hyper-fundamentalist Christianity, reactionary Islam and traditional animist beliefs that involve demon possession and witchcraft.

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