Sanders Berates Leakers in Immediately Leaked Tirade

Sanders Berates Leakers in Immediately Leaked Tirade May 14, 2018

I find this truly hilarious. Sarah Huckabee Sanders was so upset at having to go out and lie and brush off questions about the White House comms staffer who mocked John McCain dying that she berated her staff for the “selfish” leak of that comment. At least five people immediately leaked that meeting as well.

The White House could have fired the aide who said that the opinion of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is meaningless because he’s “dying anyway.” Instead, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders reportedly dressed down the White House communications team for leaking the remark to the press.

Then at least five White House staffers promptly leaked Sanders’ scolding to the media.

That likely came as no surprise to Sanders: “I am sure this conversation is going to leak, too. And that’s just disgusting,” a furious Sanders said, according to one of five people at the meeting who spoke with Axios. White House officials also leaked details of the meeting to ABC News.

Seriously, how are they so bad at this? They make the Keystone Cops look like a team of Navy SEALs. Leaks are the lifeblood of a free press and they go on all the time, but we’ve never seen anything quite like this White House. It leaks like an ill-fitting condom.

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