Alex Jones ‘Storms’ Google Office in Austin

Alex Jones ‘Storms’ Google Office in Austin May 16, 2018

Alex Jones and his buddy Milo Yiannapolis “stormed” the offices of Google Fiber in Austin, Texas. And by “stormed” I mean showed up, ranted incoherently about an “AI supermachine” watching him at home while Milo stood by silently. Oh, and he rolled around in some plants. It was all just bizarre.

Jones streamed footage of the encounter to Periscope. Though Jones claimed on Twitter to have “stormed” the Google Fiber offices—perhaps a poor choice of words given Google subsidiary YouTube’s HQ recently went through a mass shooting—the video shows that this encounter mostly amounted to Jones bringing up the possibility Google is scheming in multiple dimensions and asking nonsensical questions like “Why is Google allowed to watch me at home, but I’m not allowed to come here? I know I’m just a human, not a big AI supermachine.”

Also, at one point Jones rolled around on a wall of plants while yelling, “Oh, Google, I love you, ahh.”

He was probably all hopped up on a bowl of chili. Here’s the video:

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