Jones: Democrats Use MS-13 to Kill People

Alex Jones’ latest conspiracy follows a long pattern of claims from the right wing fringe that used to focus on Obama’s “private army” of street gangs and Black Lives Matter and anyone else they don’t like. But now it’s the Democrats using MS-13 to kill people.

“The Democratic party uses MS-13 to kill people. I have confirmed this with our law enforcement and Army sources. I’ve confirmed it with CIA sources, that the Democratic party uses MS-13 nationwide from Chicago to Dallas, Texas, from Austin, Texas, to LA. They use them as their secret army and they know Trump’s got a war going against MS-13 and has wiped thousands of them out, arrested thousands more,” Jones said.

He continued: “When MS-13 fights back, they’re getting smoked by the U.S. military all over this country right now and this Democrat dirtbag is pissed. Her meth-dealing army is in the crosshairs, you dirty, old, evil, globalist whore!”

He was speaking there of Nancy Pelosi, who criticized Trump for his dehumanizing language when discussing immigration and MS-13. Jones has no evidence of any of this, of course, because it’s quite obviously nonsense. One really has to wonder, with those evil Democrats/globalists/Illuminati co-conspirators out there murdering so many people, how Jones manages to not have been killed for blowing the whistle on their nefarious games.

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