Liz Crokin Pledges Allegiance to the Trump, Hallowed Be His Name

Liz Crokin, a conspiracy crackpot who makes Alex Jones sound like the fountain of reason, pledged her undying allegiance to Donald Trump on her Twitter account last week and her followers jumped right on that bandwagon with her, praising him with language usually reserved for religious deities and saviors..

There were many “me toos” and “amens” and “hear hears” from her followers. And then there was some seriously weird stuff like this:

From what I’ve been learning, is that Trump is being led by Pleiadian collective, but also surrounded by Reptilians. (Seems untrue, but it’s time to understand the forces around) He wants peace but pressured by evil… PRAY FOR PEACE!

Okey dokey. You might wanna lay off the acid. And some of them showered Crokin with praise too. One said, “And I trust you and every decision you make! true blue American Patriot, brave young woman, I adore you and you bravery! Thank you Liz. Thank you so much.” Another said, “Liz, thank you for your power, dedication, strength, intelligence and heart. You are deeply appreciated.”

And they revealed the alternate reality they all seem to live in. One said, “They always mock him , then it turns out.. he’s ALWAYS RIGHT.” One has to wonder what color the sky is in her world. And then there’s stuff like this: “Amen! I do too, Liz. All haters and non-believers should move to Iran or Europe and leave us to rebuild our country.”

And remember: These people have the right to vote. And they do vote.

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