Trump is the Harbinger of the Second Coming. Any Minute Now.

End times crackpot Paul McGuire went on Christian con man Jim Bakker’s TV show (I wonder, do they serve his crappy survival food in the green room for the show?) and declared that criticism of Trump is part of “the biggest spiritual battle in the history of the world” because his election shows that Jesus is coming back and this is the last generation.

“America right now is in the greatest spiritual battle in the history of all of mankind,” he said. “In fact, in America, we are undergoing the greatest spiritual battle in the history of the world … So this is it. We don’t get another chance. This is it. We’ve arrived at the moment Jesus told us we would, the Old Testament prophets told us we would. We are at that time, somewhere near the return and the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to the earth. We are very close!”

“Since we’re in the greatest spiritual battle in the history of mankind,” he added, growing increasingly agitated, “one would think that the majority of God’s people, who claim to have Jesus living inside them, would be awake to the reality that we’re in the greatest spiritual warfare of all time.”

McGuire declared that Trump’s presidency represents the “one last chance to cry out to God in repentance and see God intervene,” because “we are the last generation of Americans … before the return of the Lord.”

“President Trump is doing biblical things,” agreed Bakker.

Okay, I know I criticize Bakker a lot, but let’s give credit where credit is due. Trump is indeed doing “Biblical things.” Like oppressing women and gay people. Those are very Biblical things to do. At what point do people like Jim Bakker and Lance Wallnau have to admit that they have basically anointed Trump himself as the second coming of Christ? The level of hero worship is just unseemly and repulsive. And it’s appalling that I have to share a planet with people who actually believe this crap.

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