McInness Aims Vile, Misogynist Insult at Amanda Marcotte

Vicious misogynist Gavin McInness, who likes to sic his white supremacist lawyers on me when I say mean things about him, has lobbed a disgusting, sexist insult at Amanda Marcotte and other female journalists. But he can’t decide if they’re spinsters or sluts, so he just calls them both at the same time.

GAVIN MCINNES (HOST): That’s why we have to have enforced monogamy, because men are liars and, guess what, ladies? We lie to ourselves. When we say, “we love you” and “we changed our minds” and “we want to be with you again, can you come over? I know it’s 4 in the morning, but I need you right now.” We’re lying to ourselves. And the next morning when we go, “God I wish she’d get out of here,” that’s us being honest with ourselves again. And we find out that we duped ourselves. So don’t listen to us because we can’t trust ourselves. And the irony of all of this, of course, with feminism, is that we’ve convinced you that this horrible situation where we use you and then wait til’ your ovaries dry up and then toss you in the trash and go for a younger model? We’ve convinced you that that’s empowering. And all of these writers, like Amanda Marcotte and all of these, Nellie Bowles, and the woman [Taylor Lorenz] who exposed Pamela Geller’s kids, all these spinsters, they think they’re living this too cool, empowered Watergate-journalist life. But you’re not. You’re just a colostomy bag for various strangers’ semen.

Now I don’t know Amanda well, but we’ve met a couple times and I think she’s a terrific writer and an important voice for equality and justice. But I do know that you can’t be both a spinster — an unmarried woman who is considered prissy and repressed — and a slut who is little more than a receptacle for the sperm of strangers. Both are standard ways to demean women, of course, and that’s all that matters to McInnes because demeaning women is pretty much his entire reason for living.

I find it amusing that the founder of the “Proud Boys” can find nothing to be proud of other than being a sexist jerk. Not surprising, of course, just amusing.

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