Principal, Resource Officer Fired for Horrendous Bigotry

After a disciplinary hearing, a principal and resource officer (the weird title schools use for security guards, for some reason) in the North Bend School District in Oregon have been fired for a series of incedents that show horrible bigotry and discrimination against LGBT students.

Attribution: Benson Kua

“The discrimination wasn’t an isolated incident and it didn’t just come from students,” Smith writes. “When I told the principal that my civics teacher called me out in front of the whole class and said same-sex marriage was ‘pretty much the same thing’ as marrying a dog, the principal told me ‘everybody has the right to their own opinion.’ The next day, the teacher apologized, but as I walked away, he said ‘don’t go marrying your dog.'”

Funk adds that she was once attacked by two classmates outside the school. The boys allegedly yelled things like “I fucking hate homos” at Funk before hitting her twice with a skateboard.

When she tried to report the incident, Funk says Griggs, the resource officer told her, “being gay was a choice, and it was against his religion.”

“He said he had homosexual friends,” she adds, “but because I was an open homosexual, I was going to hell.”

In a separate instance of reported harassment, Funk and Smith, who were dating at the time, say the principal’s son revved toward them with his car in the school parking lot and yelled slurs out the window.

“We thought he was going to hit us,” Smith writes. “Instead, he drove right up next to us, yelled out ‘faggot!’ and veered away. It was terrifying.”

The principal also apparently punished students by making them read the Bible, a blatantly illegal thing to do. Good riddance. I hope they never work in education again, where they can damage the lives of young people who have enough to deal with from other students without being harassed and demeaned by authority figures on top of that.

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