Wallnau: The Same Angel Who Protected Reagan is Protecting Trump

Wallnau: The Same Angel Who Protected Reagan is Protecting Trump June 5, 2018

Trump bootlicker Lance Wallnau is turning the crackpottery up to 11 now, telling his moronic followers that the very same angel who used to protect Ronald Reagan is now protecting Donald Trump. And no need to worry about that summit with Kim Jong-Un because that angel will be in Singapore keeping him safe.

“People can mock me for this. Go ahead. People don’t understand these things. I probably shouldn’t even say them,” Wallnau said before revealing that a friend of his once met an angel that “was literally involved in the America Revolution and it was assigned to Ronald Reagan.”

“I believe that same angel is assigned to Donald Trump,” Wallnau said. “I’m telling you guys, the same ministering angel that was assigned to Ronald Reagan is assigned to Donald Trump … The angel, on June 12, is going to be involved with this thing in Singapore.”

Like I need your permission to mock you for staying things like this? Hey I have a question: Didn’t Reagan get shot? Where was his guardian angel that day, out on sick leave? Did this angel eat some bad devil’s food cake and get food poisoning? And what’s the angel’s name? I bet it’s Bonzo. Say goodnight, Bonzo.

I’m really torn on things like this. Sometimes I hate the idea that I share an atmosphere with millions and millions of people dumb enough to fall for it. Other times I’m glad it’s that way because it’s endlessly hilarious. But then I remember that these people actually vote.

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