New D’Souza Movie Compares Trump to Lincoln

I’m sure this is totally a coincidence, but Trump pardoned right-wing con man Dinesh D’Souza just as he was preparing to release his latest crockumentary, which just happens to compare Trump to Abraham Lincoln.

D’Souza acknowledges that the optics of a pro-Trump documentary will be deemed suspicious in some circles, given the president pardoned him May 31 for violating campaign finance laws.

In a move that could raise the suspicions of his detractors, recently pardoned Dinesh D’Souza tells The Hollywood Reporter that his next movie will liken Donald Trump to Abraham Lincoln, including a poster that morphs an image of the two U.S. presidents.

The poster, unveiled here for the first time, features a U.S. flag, images of slavery, the Civil War, modern-day university riots, Lincoln’s and Trump’s face combined as one and the upcoming film’s title: Death of a Nation.

Well how about that. What a coinkydink that is. Stroke Trump’s ego by comparing him to perhaps the most popular president in American history and you can get him to do things for you. I’m sure one has nothing to do with the other, though. Both Trump and D’Souza are men of such upstanding character that who are we to question them?

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