White Supremacist: Interracial Relationships are Genocide

Lana Lokteff, host of the white supremacist show Red Ice, is seeing more interracial couples in the media these days and she’s just sure this is the beginning of genocide against white people. Because it’s not like white people control most of the world’s money and weapons or anything.

“Between the promotion of interracial relationships, mixed race babies, open borders, promoting non-white is most beautiful and exotic and white pride is wicked, and melting blobs in all and only European countries, the sinister agenda is obvious: Destroy European people and replace them with the ‘new’ Europeans. You’re only a good European if you no longer look white. This is wicked, hateful Europhobic propaganda. It’s so devious, so underhanded and so wrong.”

She then compared the depiction of mixed race couples in media to genocide.

Lokteff said, “When you get down to it, this dirty propaganda is trying to destroy, in whole or in part, a group of people and trying to prevent births within that group. That, folks, constitutes as genocide. It’s more devious than blatant in-your-face mass murdering, but give it time.”

When the people who have all the power convince themselves that they’re actually powerless and the victims of a massive conspiracy, that, in fact, is what often precedes actual genocide. That was Hitler’s argument, in a nutshell, that there was a grand conspiracy of Jews, a tiny minority in that country, that victimized real Germans and kept them powerless. It was sold to his followers as a revolution against an oppressive force, an insidious enemy within, that was everywhere and incredibly powerful.

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