Another Racist Republican Congressional Candidate

Another Racist Republican Congressional Candidate June 13, 2018

With more than half a dozen white supremacists and neo-Nazis on the ballot as Republicans around the country for national office, what’s one more? Meet Seth Grossman, who won the Republican nomination for a House seat from New Jersey. He posts crap like this even on his official campaign Facebook page:

Blacks were not enslaved by whites. They were enslaved by other blacks and then sold to whites. They were like Joseph who was enslaved by his brothers and bought by Egyptians. As with Joseph, American blacks won their freedom, prospered in their new land, and later became strong and wealthy enough to help the descendants of the people in Africa who sold them into slavery years ago. I don’t know any American blacks who wish they were in Africa today. I do know of many Africans who wish their ancestors had been taken to America as slaves, and who are now risking their lives on flimsy boats every day to come to America. Liberty and Prosperity.

A man who claims to be in favor of liberty defending slavery. With a completely straight face. It’s not a Poe. It’s not the Onion. He actually said it and means it. Oh, and he thinks that going to college has hurt black people more than slavery.

“Fifty years of welfare programs, public and college ‘education’, and media and Hollywood pop culture run by ‘progressive’ Democrats did far more long term damage to blacks in America than 230 years of slavery.”

He likes to share things from white supremacist groups like American Renaissance too. You know, for “liberty.” He keeps using that word…

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