Wallnau: Christians Battled Demons Unleashed by Christians in Singapore

Wallnau: Christians Battled Demons Unleashed by Christians in Singapore June 15, 2018

Professional con man and Trump bootlicker Lance Wallnau recorded a video claiming that a group of “key intercessors” had to go to Singapore to fight a spiritual battle against demons unleashed by other Christians who had prayed against Kim Jong-un to “cleanse” the area for the Trump-Kim summit.

Wallnau said that some Christians had inappropriately engaged in “unhinged prophetic intercession” against Kim Jong Un when he came to power, praying that he would be killed or otherwise destroyed by God. Those “destructive” prayers unleashed demons, Wallnau said, forcing other Christian intercessors to repent in order to save the summit.

Wallnau said he recently met with these intercessors at a gathering in Israel, where they told him that they had to engage in “tremendous warfare” to cleanse the venue before the meeting.

“They went to the location of the summit,” he said, “and they were praying and what they ran into was darkness that was shrouding this because of word curses from Christians. As they went up in the spirit, they saw demonic hosts that had been authorized by the anger and the fear and the utterances that were unauthorized by believers. And so, in a sense, these word curses were wrapped around the event and they had to repent on behalf of Christians for cursing.”

After repenting, Wallnau said, these intercessors reportedly “felt a shift in the atmosphere” that has now opened the door for “North Korea to flourish with Christ.”

People believe this crap. Let that sink in for a minute. And not just a few people, but millions and millions of Americans believe this kind of utter nonsense. And they vote. Boy, do they vote.

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