DeVos Destroying Civil Rights Policing by Education Department

DeVos Destroying Civil Rights Policing by Education Department June 22, 2018

Being from Michigan, I know full well how dangerous Betsy DeVos’ views on everything, especially education, are. She and her family simply don’t believe in the notion of civil rights or equality and they never have. So I’m certainly not shocked that she is busy destroying the Department of Education’s investigation of civil rights problems in public schools.

We found that, under Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, the department has scuttled more than 1,200 civil rights investigations that were begun under the Obama administration and lasted at least six months. These cases, which investigated complaints of civil rights violations ranging from discriminatory discipline to sexual violence in school districts and colleges around the country, were closed without any findings of wrongdoing or corrective action, often due to insufficient evidence.

Elizabeth Hill, a spokeswoman for the Department of Education, didn’t dispute ProPublica’s data. She maintained that the Office for Civil Rights is “as committed as ever” to vigorous civil rights enforcement…

ProPublica also found that the Office for Civil Rights has become more lenient. Under Obama, 51 percent of cases that took more than 180 days culminated in findings of civil rights violations, or corrective changes. Under the Trump administration, that rate has dropped to 35 percent.

The same thing has happened at the DOJ, where Trump and Sessions have withdrawn dozens of guidance documents on civil rights, shifted the focus of the civil rights division to look at mythical anti-Christian persecution rather than on matters of racial or gender justice, and done away with agreements with local law enforcement requiring them to stay withing the boundaries of the Constitution, particularly the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause.

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