Mainstreaming the Fringe: Corsi at the Heritage Foundation

Mainstreaming the Fringe: Corsi at the Heritage Foundation June 22, 2018

It seems the transition of the Heritage Foundation from a serious think tank into a far-right fringe group is about complete. It started with handing the reins to Jim DeMint and now they’re bringing in utter crackpots and conspiracy nuts like Jerome Corsi.

Infowars Washington bureau chief Jerome Corsi spoke this afternoon before a crowd at the Heritage Foundation, a right-wing think tank that has poured staffers into positions in the Trump administration. Corsi’s appearance at Heritage, which has also had a hand in picking Trump’s judicial nominees, is further evidence that whatever line may have once separated the conservative establishment from the far-right fringe has been steadily erased in the Trump era.

Despite the fact that Corsi is an off-the-wall conspiracy theorist, he is somehow still treated seriously by some who travel in mainstream conservative circles, allowing him to get columns in publications like USA Today and book interviews on C-SPAN and Newsmax. Today, he was hosted by one of the most powerful conservative organizations in the nation.

Remember how he got his start, by creating the Swift Boat Vets for Truth in 2004 to attack John Kerry during his presidential campaign. But then he became a columnist and correspondent for the fringe Worldnetdaily, and now with the even more fringe InfoWArs. But the reality is that there just isn’t any far-right fringe anymore. The fringe is now the mainstream. We saw this happening more and more, starting in the Clinton years and really ramping up when Obama was president. It’s now complete, a mission fulfilled in the person of Donald Trump. The GOP is now officially a post-truth party.

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