Sessions Lies About Family Separation Policy

Watching members of the Trump administration veer wildly from one excuse and argument to another for the zero tolerance policy that resulted, quite deliberately, in the separation of at least 2000 children from their parents, who were seeking political asylum, is quite amusing. Jeff Sessions has taken to outright lying about it:

“It hasn’t been good and the American people don’t like the idea that we are separating families… We never really intended to do that. What we intended was to make sure that adults who bring children into the country are charged with the crime that they have committed.”

Oh, did we do that? Our bad, we didn’t mean that to happen. Right. Except you announced it as a policy yourself in a press conference and defended it as a deterrent to immigrants coming here.

“The fact that no one was being prosecuted for this as a factor in a fivefold increase in four years in this kind of illegal immigration — So yes, hopefully people get the message and come through the border at the port of entry and not break across the border.

We love this policy! We did it for a reason! I mean, we didn’t mean for that to happen. What we said before was fake news. Why does the crooked, failing media insist on reporting the things we say? It makes it so much harder to get away with lying. Buncha commie bastards!

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