Jones: The Civil War Did Start on the 4th of July.

Conspiracy nut Alex Jones predicted that the Democrats would launch the 2nd civil war on the 4th of July, which came and went with nary a sputter. So naturally he has to explain that away and wrap his failed prediction up into the conspiracy, otherwise his followers might catch on that he’s full of excrement. So now he’s saying that it did start. And the first shot was fired at deranged actor James Woods.

Today, Jones responded to the fact that nothing significant whatsoever had happened on Wednesday with a confusing explanation containing both claims that media outlets had lied about the details of his predictions and claims that parts of his predictions actually had come true.

On one hand, Jones said, the fact that actor turned pro-Trump pundit James Woods claimed that he had been dropped by his agent was actually a statement that “the war starts now.” Jones also rambled on about a difference between a “cold civil war” and a “hot civil war.”

“That’s how they take my victory of predicting all this first and turn it to defeat, in their own minds,” Jones said.

In a rational world, saying something this stupid would not only cause him personal pain, it would result in him being laughed at everywhere he went for the rest of his life. Instead, it makes him wealthy and popular. Welcome to Trumpworld.

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