One Trump Rally, 76 Lies, Falsehoods and Unsupported Claims

The Washington Post, which has documented almost 3300 lies told by Donald Trump since he launched his campaign, decided to take every factual claim Trump made during that rally in Montana last week and see whether it was true or false. The predictable result: 76% of the claims he made were either flat out lies, misleading statements or unsupported statements (and mostly just lies).

We focused only on Trump’s statements of material fact at the Montana rally, avoiding trivialities and opinions. We didn’t double-count statements when the president repeated himself.

According to our analysis, the truth took a beating in Montana. From a grand total of 98 factual statements we identified, 76 percent were false, misleading or unsupported by evidence.

Here’s a breakdown: 45 false or mostly false statements, 25 misleading statements and four unsupported claims. We also counted 24 accurate or mostly accurate statements. False or mostly false statements alone accounted for 46 percent of all claims.

And I get so tired of people dismissing this as “oh, they all lie.” Yes, they do. We all do, all human beings. But as I keep pointing out, this is unprecedented. This is lying on a scale we’ve never seen before. He lies about everything. He simply does not care whether anything he says is true or not, and he doesn’t bother to merely shade the truth a bit so he has plausible deniability. He just plain lies, full stop, and he keeps telling the same lies no matter how thoroughly they’re debunked. And then he doubles down on them, and triples down, and screams FAKE NEWS when he’s caught. It’s utterly pathological.

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