Begley: Strzok Member of ‘Demonically-charged Biblical Beast’

Begley: Strzok Member of ‘Demonically-charged Biblical Beast’ July 16, 2018

In the right wing version, instead of good cop/bad cop you’ve got whacked out extremist cop/lives in an entirely different, bizarro world reality cop. The first part was played by members of a House committee last week when they interrogated FBI agent Peter Strzok; the second part is being played by Christian right conspiracy nuts like Paul Begley, who says things like this:

After airing a portion of the hearing, Begley declared that Strzok is part of a demonic Illuminati cabal intent on creating a one-world government.

“It’s a sad day in Washington,” Begley said. “You were that close from losing this freedom, what we call a democracy or a republic. We came within an eyelash of losing this nation. I believe it was prayers of God’s people [that saved this nation by electing Trump.]”

“I think Peter Strzok is part of a vast secret society complexity, an Illuminati demonically-charged biblical beast called the deep state that was involved in hijacking this great nation of America and ultimately hijacking the world into a one-world government, a new world order. Because what Peter Strzok was doing is right out of the pages of the Illuminati.”

When you have an organization that doesn’t exist, it’s remarkable how easy it is to declare that anything whatsosever is “right out of the pages” of that organization. They are an empty canvas on to which you can paint your worst fears and most paranoid impulses, or at least paint a picture that exploits those things in your target audience. That, of course, is how you keep the money flowing in. This is what Mencken refers to as “an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary” that can be used to keep the population perpetually in fear and, thus, forever desperate to be protected from.

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