Jones: Facebook Blocking Fake News Is Just Like the Holocaust

Facebook has made some noise about not allowing the sharing and promotion of fake news, though I don’t think they’ve really done much to prevent it. But Alex Jones, of course, is screaming about censorship and says that what Facebook is (allegedly) doing is just like what Hitler did to the Jews.

ALEX JONES (HOST): The article continues, “Facebook can’t get its story straight on fake news.” And then right here they say the same thing I’ve told you because it’s accurate, we have the– the number. 80 percent. And look, it says, “We see pages on both the left and right pumping out what they consider opinion or analysis but others call fake news. We believe banning these pages would be contrary to basic principles of free speech.” Yeah, you got to go win a lawsuit on one subject just to get a judgment. You don’t just say somebody’s fake and say they can’t be on the field. Think about that. But then, notice, they say they’re [for] free speech but they go — right here is key — document cam, please — this is absolutely critical, now, this is the most important thing I’ve said yet. “The social network said it rather demote the post spreading misinformation then ban the sources outright.” That just means they don’t let you promote anymore, they ban you for a week, people that spread it, it happens, it’s operant conditioning. Slowly crushing you. “The social network said it rather demote the post spreading misinformation then ban the source outright.” And who says who it is? The Southern Poverty Law Center. “The approach means that these pages don’t get as many views as they used to, but they still live to spread misinformation.” They still live with free speech. “Facebook said pages lose about 80 percent of use when they are demoted.” So they discriminate you — against you, put you like a Jew in a ghetto for a few years before you’re sent to Auschwitz. 80 percent. You go back and watch me on Thursday break this down, I say on air, “we have been demoted 80 percent,” days before this came out on Saturday. Because I have the damn graph.

Facebook should call this the Zyklon-B project just to troll him.

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