Hannity Guest: DNC Hired Russians to Hack Themselves

Hannity Guest: DNC Hired Russians to Hack Themselves July 20, 2018

In the zealous campaign on Fox News to find something, anything, to defend Trump and Putin against charges of Russian hacking and possible collusion, we may have reached peak stupid (I say with trepidation, knowing it can get worse). One guest on Hannity’s radio show thinks the DNC hired the Russian hackers to hack their own servers.

GILLIAM: And you think that Russia — you think that Russian state-sponsored operatives left footprints, and showed the world that they were hacking the DNC? There’s no way.

MCLAUGHLIN: Well, Mueller’s team believes that, because they have an indictment against Russian —

GILLIAM: Russian agents —

MCLAUGHLIN: Russian agents, who were “Guccifer 2.0,” who Roger Stone was talking to, by the way.

GILLIAM: Here’s the key — here’s the key to what Putin said that everybody missed: he said that Russian state-sponsored operatives did not do that, and he’s right.

It was Russians, and I would theorize that it was Russians that were hired, owned and paid by the DNC to hack themselves.

All presented not only without any evidence, but without any logical argument either. The DNC did this…why, exactly? So they could release their own emails and hurt their own candidate’s chances of winning? So they could justify launching an investigation into Russian hacking that they kept secret until after the election? Sorry, but this is idiocy on a pogo stick, something so galactically moronic that only on Sean Hannity’s show would it be greeted with anything but derisive laughter.


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