Cruz Trying to Trick People Into Sending Him Money

Cruz Trying to Trick People Into Sending Him Money September 18, 2018

Ted Cruz’ campaign has confirmed that they sent out mailers declaring themselves to be official summonses from the county with a form inside to send money — not to the county but to the Cruz campaign. It’s a highly dishonest and unethical way of conning people out of their money, but it somehow is not illegal.

But as Newsweek notes, “Mailers of this kind are not illegal, as long as they include a clear disclaimer that the communication was paid for.” But it’s still very unethical and corrupt. It’s like those 900 numbers for astrologers and psychics where they put this tiny print at the bottom of the screen for half a second that says “for entertainment purposes” in order to get around the fraud laws. It should be illegal to do.

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