Trump’s Lawyers Don’t Know What He Actually Did

Trump’s Lawyers Don’t Know What He Actually Did September 19, 2018

The New York Times has an article about Trump’s legal team that is dealing with investigations both by Robert Mueller and the Southern District of New York. And one of the problems they’re facing is that they don’t know if Trump has told them the whole story and given them accurate information about a host of potential charges he may face.

Nearly a dozen lawyers now assist President Trump in contending with two federal investigations, one in Washington and one in New York, that could pose serious threats to his presidency and his businesses. But the expanding legal team is struggling to understand where the investigations could be headed and the extent of Mr. Trump’s legal exposure.

The lawyers have only a limited sense of what many witnesses — including senior administration officials and the president’s business associates — have told investigators and what the Justice Department plans to do with any incriminating information it has about Mr. Trump, according to interviews with more than a dozen people close to the president.

What is more, it is not clear if Mr. Trump has given his lawyers a full account of some key events in which he has been involved as president or during his decades running the Trump Organization…

Mr. Dowd took Mr. Trump at his word that he had done nothing wrong and never conducted a full internal investigation to determine the president’s true legal exposure. During Mr. Dowd’s tenure, prosecutors interviewed at least 10 senior administration officials without Mr. Trump’s lawyers first learning what the witnesses planned to say, or debriefing their lawyers afterward — a basic step that could have given the president’s lawyers a view into what Mr. Mueller had learned. And once Mr. Dowd was gone, the new legal team had to spend at least 20 hours interviewing the president about the episodes under investigation, another necessary step Mr. Dowd and his associates had apparently not completed.

I’d be willing to bet any amount of money that he has told his lawyers virtually nothing. I’m quite certain that he has told them he is innocent of everything imaginable, as pure as freshly fallen snow, as sinless as Jesus himself. He might even have convinced himself that’s true, for whatever true means to him (it means nothing).

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