Why I Believe Christine Blasey Ford

Why I Believe Christine Blasey Ford September 20, 2018

As the Senate Republicans try to find some way to discredit Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of attempting to rape her as a teenager, let me go on the record and say that I believe her. And let me spell out some of the obvious reasons why.

1. Because she has come forward at enormous cost to her and her family. She is predictably receiving death threats, her email has apparently been hacked and she’s been impersonated online. Her family has had to leave their home to an undisclosed location to keep them safe. And she knew all of that was going to happen, which is why she wanted to remain anonymous and only came forward when it became obvious that it was the only way her allegations would be taken seriously at all. That strongly argues against some nefarious political motive.

2. Because she had previously reported what happened to many people, including a therapist, many years ago, long before Brett Kavanaugh was considered a Supreme Court nominee. The only real argument to deny the credibility of her allegations is that she made them up because she’s a liberal and doesn’t want him on the Supreme Court, but the fact that she revealed the attempted rape years ago before that was even a consideration pretty clearly negates that argument. It reminds me of birthers trying to explain how those birth announcements for Obama got into two Hawaiian newspapers if he wasn’t born there. They have to resort to arguing that it was all planned decades earlier, that they knew he would someday run for president and would need evidence of his birth in Hawaii, so they planted those fake birth announcements. And that’s just plain idiotic. It is in this situation too, the notion that she started plotting this years and years ago on the off chance Kavanaugh might someday be nominated for the Supreme Court. You really have to be credulous and motivated by tribalism and partisan affiliation to believe such nonsense.

3. Because this is, in fact, very common behavior. Ask a hundred women if they had something similar happen to them as a teenager, or as an adult for that matter, and a very high percentage of them will tell very similar stories. Horny teenage boys trying to force girls to have sex with them is disgustingly routine. Hell, horny adult men as well. That does not, in any way, excuse his behavior here. Being common does not mean being acceptable.

So yes, I believe her. Is that enough to convict him in a court of law if he faced criminal charges? Probably not. But this is not a trial, it’s a nomination. And that should be more than enough to scuttle his nomination and perhaps to force him off the federal bench entirely.

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