Of Course Peterson Doesn’t Believe Women

Of Course Peterson Doesn’t Believe Women September 25, 2018

Jesse Lee Peterson, a man so deeply misogynist and hateful toward women that he wants to deny them the right to vote, doesn’t believe Brett Kavanugh’s (first) accuser, Christine Blasey Ford. She’s just some evil succubus who wants to spend her time eating bon bons and having abortions, of course.

Candidate Trump faced backlash from liberals and weak “pro-life” conservatives for suggesting we punish women who commit the crime of abortion. I said then that not all women are victims. In fact, many women are evil – especially “educated” liberal women…

The evil #MeToo movement unearthed a pro-abortion participant of the Dirty Women’s March – a liberal California psychology professor. This evil liar emerged from the gates of hell to accuse the judge of “attempted rape.” She chose the setting for her story about 36 years ago when both were minors, allegedly at a house party. (Judge Kavanaugh says he didn’t even attend the drunken party in question. Why did she?) Of course she provided zero evidence.

In 1991, everybody knew that Anita Hill was lying against Justice Clarence Thomas. (Today, Anita Hill is a far-left, liberal, black feminist, “social justice” professor who teaches about Obama.) Similarly, no one believes this pro-abortion professional, Professor Christine Blasey Ford, who’s accusing Judge Kavanaugh.

Oh yes, everyone knew that. And by everyone, he means himself and the voices in his head. Real people don’t count, especially those who have vaginas…

This attack on Judge Kavanaugh is an attack on all men. I warned after the lynching of Bill O’Reilly that feminists hate all men. Liberal males won’t escape, nor the sons of these angry, God-hating women. Wherever men are weak, there is no love – and destruction reigns. Thank God that President Trump continues to stand strong for good men.

Funny, I’m a man and I don’t feel attacked. Maybe all men who have raped women feel attacked. Perhaps all men who hate women, as Peterson does, feel attacked. But I don’t.

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