Savage: Kavanaugh Opposition Beginning of Communist Revolution

Savage: Kavanaugh Opposition Beginning of Communist Revolution October 11, 2018

Is there a political ideology more irrelevant than communism these days? The only communist countries left are Cuba (less and less) and North Korea. Even China allows an enormous amount of private ownership of the means of production. But the right still tries to scare people about the evil commies coming to get us. Michael Savage says the opposition to Kavanaugh is evidence of an impending communist revolution.

“If we don’t stop the guillotine of hatred being dropped by the left, their own heads are going to be cut off next. The guillotine is very thirsty instrument. And as the French Revolution taught the world, after they killed all the counter-revolutionaries, they didn’t stop killing. Then, the revolutionaries turned on each other in a power struggle and this is what went on in Castro’s Cuba, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Mao’s China, the Bolshevik Revolution, and what we’re seeing now in America is exactly again, in my opinion, to what went on in all these revolutions in the early days,” Savage said.

He added, “Kavanaugh was a symbol of everything they hate. And what is it that they hate, the left? Let’s check off the boxes together. He’s a male, check. He’s white, check. He’s heterosexual, count three. He’s married, count four. Oh wait, he’s also a Republican, count five. So unless the person is the opposite of that, the left will destroy them politically. They’ve gone insane.”

Well let’ssee, I’m certainly on the left. Do I hate men? Nope. I am one and am rather fond of myself. Same with white people and heterosexuals. I’m not married, but do I hate married people? Of course not. I don’t even hate Republicans, except the most virulent subset of them. As usual, Savage is projecting his own bigotry on others. This is just mindless fearmongering.

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