Wingnuts Defend Roy Moore from Demonic Drag Queens

A group of anti-gay bigots gathered on Saturday to defend the honor of Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore. Naturally, they implored God to intervene in the proceedings of his ethics complaint. Or course, they did that a decade ago when he lost just such a challenge, so apparently God doesn't like Moore very much. … [Read more...]

Jones: Glenn Beck is a ‘Power-Mad Satanist’

I am so much enjoying watching Alex Jones and Glenn Beck, two peas in a paranoid, irrational pod if ever there were such a thing, attack each other. In the latest salvo, Jones calls Beck a "power-mad Satanist" with a "spirit of deception and true manifest evil." … [Read more...]

More on Trump’s New ‘Liaison for Christian Policy’

Right Wing Watch has been digging into the background of Donald Trump's newly announced "liaison for Christian policy," Frank Amedia, and finding some really fun stuff. He's a lot like Pat Robertson, apparently, in that he thinks he can pray away hurricanes and tsunamis. … [Read more...]

Beck: Pedophilia the Next Stop on the LGBT Express

Glenn Beck offers the classic slippery slope argument that gay rights ---> trans rights ---> pedophile rights. He offers no analysis for this, just a "guarantee" that it's going to happen. Because what do you need to make such an argument other than pure speculation? … [Read more...]

Bakker Now Has ‘Mexican’ Survival Food

Jim Bakker is branching out into ethnic food for his shitty buckets of survival food. He now has buckets of Mexican food, which of course he is calling the "Fiesta bucket." And he says you better order a bucket or two because "things are coming." … [Read more...]

Trump is Flashing Secret Christian Hand Signals

Bloomberg News has an article about how Donald Trump is working to get evangelical Christians to donate $400,000 to his general election campaign and some Christians think he's been sending them secret Christian hand signals to show them that he submits himself to God. … [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer Award Winner: Joe Scarborough

The Bryan Fischer Award is given to those who display a staggering lack of self-awareness, often accusing others of their own worst sins. Get this one. Joe Scarborough, who has done everything but let Donald Trump walk him down Fifth Avenue on a leash, is criticizing CNN for giving Trump "unprecedented access." … [Read more...]

Trump Now Suddenly Believes in Global Warming

For years, Donald Trump has repeatedly called climate change a hoax. He even claims that the hoax was invented by the Chinese to gain a competitive advantage over the United States (and it worked -- he put his sweatshops there!). Now he suddenly believes in it because it threatens his seaside golf course. … [Read more...]

Supreme Court Makes Important Ruling on Racial Jury Dismissals

The Supreme Court handed down an important ruling on prosecutors dismissing jurors for racial reasons, but one that is unfortunately going to be limited in scope because of the particular circumstances. The ruling was 7-1 with Clarence Thomas unsurprisingly alone in dissent. … [Read more...]

Six Marriages Means Trump and Gingrich Understand Women

Ed Rollins is something of a doofus and always has been. The longtime Republican campaign consultant thinks that Donald Trump is going to pick Newt Gingrich to be his vice-presidential nominee, which I think is fairly likely, and says their combined six marriages means they understand women. … [Read more...]

O’Reilly Suing Ex-Wife for Alleged Infidelity

There are few things funnier to me than Bill O'Reilly when he gets all self-righteous. He's such a blatantly insecure blowhard that I just laugh at him. Here's another example of him just ducking into the punch by suing his ex-wife for infidelity. … [Read more...]

Grassley: I’ve Never Heard Trump Called a Liar

There's wrong, there's incredibly wrong, and then there's just plain "you must be kidding me." Sen. Charles Grassley has managed to reach that last level with a staggering comment that while he's heard Donald Trump be wrong and "misstate" things, he's never heard him called a liar. … [Read more...]