The Michigan Senate has passed a bill that would legitimize naturopathy as a legitimate alternative to science-based medicine. It would establish a board of “alternative medicine experts” to grant licenses, putting the official stamp of approval of the state on a wide range of useless and sometimes dangerous “treatments.” (more…) Read more

Call this the eternal sunshine of the narcissistic mind. Trump gave the commencement address at the US Naval Academy this week and told the graduates that under his leadership, the United States is now respected again around the world. As usual, he has reality flipped precisely on its head. (more…) Read more

Christian con man hosted fellow Christian con man Paul McGuire on his show and they waxed stupid about Trump, of course. After McGuire laughably claimed that Trump is driving the liars out of Washington, DC, Bakker declared that he knows “in the spirit” that a hundred assassins have been hired to kill Trump. (more…) Read more

One of the most universally beloved actors in America, Morgan Freeman, is the latest to be nailed with sexual harassment accusations by many women, with witnesses to back them up. None of the accusations are criminal, but they’re creepy and piggish behavior that no woman should have to endure, especially when they’re just trying to do their job. (more…) Read more

Every single push for equality and justice in the history of this country, if not the world, has been greeted with those who are not the victims of the inequality and injustice being protested with cries of “now is not the time” or “this is not the way to do it.” Matt Calkins, a Seattle Times sports columnist — and a white guy, of course — says NFL players should stop kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial injustice…. Read more

While we’re on the subject of cray cray conspiracy theories, Paul Begley, the guy who thinks Obama is heading up an Illuminati plot to assassinate Trump, says that if Hillary had been elected she would have turned the country over to the Illuminati and done away with democracy. (more…) Read more

After a disciplinary hearing, a principal and resource officer (the weird title schools use for security guards, for some reason) in the North Bend School District in Oregon have been fired for a series of incedents that show horrible bigotry and discrimination against LGBT students. (more…) Read more

The wingnuts just get wingnuttier by the minute. Paul McGuire, the guy who said that Trump is now engaged in the greatest spiritual battle in world history, now says that Trump is under attack by Luciferian “advanced beings” who are using “supernatural multidimensional power” against him. Whatever the hell that means. (more…) Read more

As ridiculous as the NFL’s new rule on players protesting on the sidelines by kneeling during the National Anthem is, Trump’s response to it is far worse. He actually trotted out the old “if you don’t love this country, why don’t you leave it” bit of idiocy. On Fox and Friends, of course, where he knows he’ll get nothing but ego stroking. (more…) Read more

After DHS Secretary either lied or played coy when asked if she agreed with the assessment of our intelligence agencies that Russia had interfered in the 2016 election for the purpose of getting Trump elected, former CIA Director and now Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reluctantly admitted under questioning that he agrees with that assessment. (more…) Read more

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