Bevin Makes the Same Sad, Ridiculous Argument

If there’s one annoying claim we hear constantly from the Christian right, it’s this one: “(Fill in the blank with some terrible thing) would not have happened if we hadn’t taken God and the Bible out of schools.” Kentucky Gov. Matt Blevin trots it out for the Charlottesville white supremacist violence. (more…) Read more

Hannity Promotes Inane Conspiracy

Sean Hannity has gone full-on Alex Jones by credulously repeating the ridiculous conspiracy theory that the counter-protesters in Charlottesville were paid actors (while simultaneously claiming that they’re violent communists, of course). (more…) Read more

Trump May End Obamacare Contraception Rule Entirely

Trump is reportedly on the verge of doing away with the contraception mandate in the Affordable Care Act, which would make it more expensive and difficult for women to afford birth control. The ACA requires that contraception be fully covered by all health insurance policies. (more…) Read more

Watch the Vice Documentary on the Charlottesville Attack

Vice had a documentary done about the Charlottesville KKK and Nazi protests astonishingly fast, partly because they were embedded with one of the white supremacist leaders — the same one you probably saw crying when he found out there’s a warrant out for his arrest. The whole thing is very much worth watching, but may inspire rage. (more…) Read more

Trump Retells the Pershing Lie. Again. And Again.

This is why one could only laugh when Trump said that he didn’t reply quickly to the Nazi protest in Virginia because he’s careful to make sure he has the facts straight first. No president has ever cared less about the truth, as evidenced yet again by his retelling of a lie that has been debunked again and again. (more…) Read more

Buh Bye, Bannon

Paleo-right nationalist and white supremacy sympathizer Steve Bannon was canned by Trump on Friday, something that had been rumored to happen several times since the inauguration. But talk had really heated up lately amid reports that Trump blamed Bannon for leaks to the press. (more…) Read more

Trump’s Shortsighted Tirades at Republicans Could Hurt Him

Reuters points out something rather obvious, which is that his now constant attacks on Republican senators could come back to haunt him if he faces impeachment charges later. He’s alienating and insulting the very people who would have to vote on whether to remove him from office. (more…) Read more

Wikileaks Cared Only About Affecting 2016 Election

Foreign Policy has a report that Wikileaks refused to publish a huge cache of material that exposed the goings-on at the Kremlin in 2016, at the same time they were releasing emails to damage Hillary Clinton’s campaign that were hacked under orders from Putin. (more…) Read more

Trump Supporter Tries to Lie About Economy

Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle are both experienced financial journalists. That’s their beat, as they say. And yet a Trump supporter went on their show and tried to peddle a line of absolute nonsense and lies, thinking he wouldn’t get called out on it. He misjudged the situation. (more…) Read more

Netanyahu’s Son: Liberals Are Worse than Nazis

Yair Netanyahu, the son of the Israeli prime minister, has caused his father a real political problem by declaring that “leftists” like Black Lives Matter are more dangerous than Nazis. That isn’t going over very well in a country created to protect Jews from Nazis. (more…) Read more