Christian con man Jim Bakker knows how to keep the money flowing in — scare the hell out of his audience with tales of impending persecution. His latest tall tale is that “they” — whoever they are — are going to remove the crosses from Arlington National Cemetery. (more…) Read more

Remember way back in 2009 when Sean Hannity said that waterboarding isn’t torture and he agreed, live on national television, to be waterboarded for charity? Nine years later, he’s still a big fan of torture, and of new nominee to be CIA Director, Gina Haspel — and he still hasn’t been waterboarded. (more…) Read more

With Trump going on perhaps his most ridiculous twitter spree yet, attacking Andrew McCabe and Robert Mueller in strong terms, and his lawyer publicly calling for Mueller to be fired, Congressional leaders reacted by saying he needs to let Mueller do his job. (more…) Read more

During the campaign last year, George Papadopoulos, who had been approached by a Russian intelligence asset, proposed that the campaign hold meetings with people close to Putin. AG Jeff Sessions told Congress that he pushed back against that proposal, but Reuters reports that three others who were in that meeting told Mueller that he did not do so. (more…) Read more

AP reports that the Kushner company, with Jared Kushner as president, filed false paperwork with New York City saying that none of their tenants in several properties were subject to rent regulation so they could force them out and put in higher-paying tenants in their place. (more…) Read more

A study done by ProPublica found that over a five-year period, black pedestrians were ticketed by police at nearly twice the rate of their percentage of the population in Jacksonville, Florida. The sheriff of that county just admitted, reluctantly, that implicit bias may have played a factor in that. (more…) Read more

Buzzfeed reports that a California bank flagged and blocked several transactions from former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort immediately before and after his time working on the campaign. This may have no relationship at all to Trump, but Mueller has all those details and they probably do involve the money laundering and bank fraud charges he has pressed against Manafort. (more…) Read more

John Dowd, Trump’s personal attorney who has been working on his behalf in regard to the Russia investigation, took a shocking change of position this weekend, saying that Rod Rosenstein should fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller and end his investigation. (more…) Read more

If the name John Kiriakou sounds familiar, it should. He is the former had of counterterrorism operations for the CIA in Pakistan whose team group captured Abu Zubaida, one of the people tortured under the watch of Gina Haspel, now Trump’s nominee to head the CIA. He has an op-ed about it in the WAshington Post. (more…) Read more

A pair of House Democrats have sent a letter to Trump Chief of Staff John Kelly detailing information they obtained from a whistleblower showing that some of the top career civil service diplomats in the State Department were pushed out for alleged disloyalty to Trump. (more…) Read more

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