Gov. Cuomo Takes Action Against Anti-gay Therapy for Minors


Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York has issued several executive orders to make it more difficult to force a minor to go to anti-gay "reversion therapy." While it does not ban the practice as has been done in New Jersey and California, it does make it more costly and difficult for those parents who wish to force it on their children. … [Read more...]

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Ted Cruz’ National Security Advisor?


Robert Batemen takes a look at Dr. Victoria Coates, who is Ted Cruz' national security advisor. There's just one problem: She has no background whatsoever in national security. None. Zero. Zip. She's an art historian who helped edit Donald Rumsfeld's autobiography. That's as close to a credential or experience as she has. … [Read more...]

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Nugent: Jews Are Behind Gun Control

Know these punks. They hate freedom, they hate good over evil, they would deny us the basic human right to self defense & to KEEP & BEAR ARMS while many of them have tax paid hired ARMED security! Know them well. Tell every1 you know how evil they are. Let us raise maximum hell to shut them down!

Wingnut extraordinaire and all around washed-up has-been Ted Nugent really, really wants you to know that it's the Jews that want to take your guns away. He posted this image to his Facebook page of a bunch of gun control advocates with Israeli flags on their pictures just to make sure you didn't miss the anti-Semitism. … [Read more...]

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Joyner’s Fake Degree and Fake University


Self-declared "prophet" and con man Rick Joyner not only has a huge megachurch, he also owns Morningstar University and refers to himself as Dr. Rick Joyner. Unsurprisingly, it turns out that his "doctorate" is fake. In fact, he has only a high school GED that is legitimate. … [Read more...]

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Court: Texas Cannot Deny Syrian Refugee Settlement

Scales of Justice550x290

In an entirely predictable result, a federal judge has denied a motion from the state of Texas to prevent the federal government from settling Syrian refugees in that state. The court ruled that the case is a political dispute to be resolved by legislatures, not by the courts and that the state had failed to support its case. … [Read more...]

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New Hampshire Primary Bad for the GOP


The Republican party leadership really hoped that the New Hampshire primary would narrow the field and firmly establish Marco Rubio as the "mainstream" alternative to Trump and Cruz, but his performance in the last debate seems to have destroyed that possibility. 67% of Republican voters said the last debate was important in making their decision. … [Read more...]

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Gaffney: Fighting Islamophobia Will Get People Killed


Deranged anti-Muslim bigot Frank Gaffney is quite upset that President Obama actually spoke out against anti-Muslim bigotry during a visit to a mosque recently. Because why in the world would he want to do that while people like Gaffney are beating up anyone they think might be Muslim, including Hindus and Sikhs? … [Read more...]

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CFI Decides Not to Appeal FL Religious Rehab Case


CFI's legal team has decided not to appeal the Florida case they lost last week involving public money being used for religious substance abuse programs. The reason is because they think it's doubtful that they'll get a positive result in the appeals court and are afraid that ruling would go even further than the lower court did. … [Read more...]

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About That Sodomy Bill in Michigan

Scales of Justice550x290

For the past several days I've seen a ton of headlines about Michigan passing a law that puts people in prison for 15 years if they have oral or anal sex. Given that the sources this has come from, like the New Civil Rights Movement, aren't exactly reliable and are prone to wildly exaggerated claims, I've also had a few people message me and ask me if it's true. So let me explain. … [Read more...]

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Delgaudio Trolls Marco Rubio


Our old friend Eugene Delgaudio is no longer a local elected official in Virginia so now he has more time to devote to being a professional bigot and douchebag. His latest publicity stunt to keep people sending him money is trolling Marco Rubio in New Hampshire with a bunch of homemade signs criticizing him for having a single gay donor. … [Read more...]

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Gohmert: Supreme Court Declared Itself God


Oh, Louis Gohmert. If you didn't exist, I might have to invent you just for the lulz. He guest hosted a Christian right radio show last week and said that the Supreme Court has now declared itself to be our god by allowing gay people to get married because they ignored Moses. The nerve of them! … [Read more...]

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Rafael Cruz: Secular Humanism is Our National Religion


Rafael Cruz has never had anything more than a tenuous connection to reality so it's no surprise that he actually believes, or at least claims to believe, that we are now living in a theocracy of secular humanism. Damn, I wish he were right, but that's fantasy so ridiculous that only a Christian dominionist could possibly believe it. … [Read more...]

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