Lance Wallnau once again shows his hypocrisy and deliberate misreading of the Bible in order to get his ignorant and credulous followers to bow their heads to his true savior, Donald Trump. He says anyone who criticizes Trump is obviously under the control of Satan himself. (more…) Read more

Sometimes I am just so amused by the inane rantings of the Christian right, especially transparent con artists like Jim Bakker. On a recent show he said that “someone” had asked God why he didn’t cure cancer and God told them that he sent two scientists to do it, but both of them were aborted before they got the chance. (more…) Read more

The bizarre rants of Alex Jones often leave me scratching my head, trying to find a coherent thought somewhere in the rambling diatribes. Here’s a perfect example. I have no idea how he gets from premise to conclusion. I’m sure he has no idea either. (more…) Read more

Alek Minassian, the Canadian man who killed ten people and injured 15 more by driving his van into a crowd of people, was reportedly another Elliot Rodger, the California man who killed a raft of people because, he claimed, women wouldn’t have sex with him. The CBC reports: (more…) Read more

Travis Reinking, the guy who killed four people at a Waffle House in Tennessee the other day, was like an all-you-can-eat buffet of inane right-wing beliefs. For instance, when he was arrested outside the White House last year, he told police he was a “sovereign citizen.” That probably tells you all you need to know, but there’s more than that. (more…) Read more

Trump took office promising to “drain the swamp” in Washington, DC of the corrupt influence of lobbyists and politicians on the make, but he’s done the exact opposite. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is practically the poster boy for such corruption at this point. A new report shows that the landlord who cut him a sweetheart deal on rent on a condo in DC was lobbying the EPA on behalf of a client at the same time. (more…) Read more

Everyone was surprised when Trump nominated Ronny Jackson, his personal presidential doctor, to run the Veterans Administration. He may be a fine doctor, but he has no experience running a large bureaucracy, much less one that spends almost $200 billion in tax money every year. Now he has bailed on his own nominee. Again. (more…) Read more

Whenever I hear David Barton and his followers argue that America was founded as an officially Christian nation, I can’t help but laugh at just how bad their arguments are. In particular, the equation of the founding of the colonies with the founding of the country is so utterly illogical. They even cite the evidence themselves and are still oblivious to it. Here’s a great example. (more…) Read more

Disgraced former FBI agent John Guandolo — he was fired for having sex with a witness he was supposed to be protecting — has made a new career for himself as a far-right, anti-Muslim extremist (blessed with the ability to spot a Jihadist just by the fact that they have a beard). But as Ann Coulter found out long ago, maintaining such a career requires that you constantly one-up your own outrageous and bizarre claims. Like this one: (more…) Read more

NBC News has an article about the Gatestone Institute, headed until he took the job as National Security Adviser by John Bolton for the last four years. Gatestone is one of the lesser-known but best-funded of a web of Islamophobic groups that push white supremacist rhetoric about how Muslims are going to destroy white European hegemony through immigration. (more…) Read more

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