I don’t know why this bizarre claim that the world is run by a secret cabal of pedophiles has suddenly become the go-to conspiracy theory for the far-right Christian fringe in this country, but it’s all over the place now. Paul McGuire is the latest to jump on that bandwagon: (more…) Read more

Anyone who has been paying attention could easily predict what happened late last week when the DOJ’s Inspector General issued his report about the FBI and the Clinton email investigation: Trump was going to claim it proved him innocent no matter what it said. And he did exactly that: (more…) Read more

Rep. Steve King has long been a virulent racist who skirts the borders of white supremacy, if he isn’t an outright one himself. But Media Matters reports that a section of his official congressional website that focuses on negative stories about undocumented immigrants cites and promotes the white supremacist site VDARE. (more…) Read more

According to the initial disclosures signed by everyone around Donald Trump who went from the campaign to the White House, not one of them ever met or spoke with anyone from Russia about anything during the campaign or the transition. We now know that there were, in fact, an astonishing number of such undisclosed meetings and conversations, including a new one just admitted to by Roger Stone: (more…) Read more

After Paul Manafort was locked up for witness tampering pending trial on tax evasion, fraud and money laundering, Trump was asked if he would pardon his former campaign manager. He deflected, saying he didn’t want to discuss that. But Rudy Giuliani made sure Manafort got the message loud and clear: (more…) Read more

One of the few really consistent things about Trump is his anti-immigrant rhetoric, fueled by his racism, But in terms of policy, he’s been all over the board and late last week provided yet another example. Asked by Fox and Friends whether he would support a moderate immigration compromise bill worked on by House Republicans, he was unequivocal in saying no: (more…) Read more

Politico reports that prosecutors have reassembled a huge number of documents that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen had shredded, and that very, very few of the documents and files so far vetted by the special master have been found to fall under attorney-client privilege. (more…) Read more

Loopy Christian con artist Cindy Jacobs may soon have to replace her bottomless bowl of spaghetti with a bottomless bowl of pho. In an interview with a woman who is the director of Chinese outreach for POTUS Shield, she said that Asian voters were God’s “hidden weapon” in California to help Republicans keep control of the government. (more…) Read more

Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort went to court on Friday hoping to get out of the home detention he is currently in by paying a $10 million bond. Instead, he was sent directly to jail, do not pass go, do not pay $10 million, after prosecutors showed that he had engaged in witness tampering. And the judge blasted him for it. (more…) Read more

Donald Trump and Sarah Huckabee Sanders have been lying through their teeth about the administration’s policy of ripping children away from their parents if they cross the border. PolitiFact calls the claim false, but it’s more than that. It’s an outright lie and an incoherent argument as well, especially when they blame it on the Democrats and say that they are the ones who need to fix it. (more…) Read more

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