Several years ago we saw mass migration from Honduras during the Obama administration, including almost 70,000 unaccompanied minors showing up at the border. That is now repeating itself, but with the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy making the situation dramatically worse. And much of this, as Joseph Nevins of the North American Congress on Latin America documents, is a result of deliberate US policy to destabilize that country in the name of profit. (more…) Read more

Watching members of the Trump administration veer wildly from one excuse and argument to another for the zero tolerance policy that resulted, quite deliberately, in the separation of at least 2000 children from their parents, who were seeking political asylum, is quite amusing. Jeff Sessions has taken to outright lying about it: (more…) Read more

All attorneys have to get occasional continuing education credits to keep their license, but rarely is it because a judge orders them to do so. But professional voter fraud liar Kris Kobach, probably the next governor of Kansas, has been ordered back to school by the federal judge in that recent case he lost so badly. (more…) Read more

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross testified before a Senate committee about Trump’s incredibly short-sighted tariff scheme, which threatens to launch a trade war that hurts virtually everyone. During that testimony he said something that has left everyone, including economists, scratching their heads. (more…) Read more

When he came back from the photo op with Kim Jong-un, Trump declared that North Korea’s nuclear program was “no longer a threat.” He had fixed the problem once and for all and “everybody can now feel much safer.” Here was his Tweet from last week: (more…) Read more

Get out your tiny violins, folks, and prepare to perform a symphony of sympathy. Business Insider reports that a lot of Trump administration staffers are whining that they can’t get dates because no one in Washington, DC wants to date someone who works for the Mango Mussolini. (more…) Read more

One of the arguments I’m hearing a lot from Trump bootlickers is that if someone wants to apply for asylum in the U.S., they have to present themselves at an official border crossing to do so. This is absolutely false. Federal law is quite explicit on this question. It’s in the very first paragraph of the section of the U.S. Code (Title 8, Sec. 1158) governing asylum applications: (more…) Read more

The mixed signals from Trump and Republican cowardice appear to have scuttled compromise legislation on immigration, at least for now. Last week Trump said he wouldn’t vote for either a hardline or compromise bill, then he said he would sign either bill. But after the hardline bill was voted down on Thursday, Paul Ryan refused to bring a vote on the other bill to the floor. (more…) Read more

Being from Michigan, I know full well how dangerous Betsy DeVos’ views on everything, especially education, are. She and her family simply don’t believe in the notion of civil rights or equality and they never have. So I’m certainly not shocked that she is busy destroying the Department of Education’s investigation of civil rights problems in public schools. (more…) Read more

Hours after signing that weird executive order, Donald Trump held a campaign-style rally in Minnesota. He loves to do those because they feed his massive, unquenchable ego. The media was there interviewing people, primarily about the controversy over family separation at the border and one woman displayed pretty much everything wrong with America in a brief interview: (more…) Read more

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