Another New Christian Right Legal Group

As if we needed another one, two of our old pals here at Dispatches, Matt Barber and Gordon Klingenschmitt, have combined to form a sort-of far-right legal super group. They’re calling it the Christian Civil Rights Watch, because true civil rights belong only to Christians. (more…) Read more

Moore Plays the Race War Card on Election Eve

Locked in a battle with Democrat Doug Jones for Jeff Sessions’ old Senate seat and with the the polls showing a close race, Roy Moore and his allies pulled out the “race war” card — that is, they put out a commercial saying that Jones wants to start a race war. (more…) Read more

Strong Majority of Trump Voters Still Think Obama Born in Kenya

A new poll of voters, most of which focused on Trump and the Russia investigation, found that 57% of those who voted for Donald Trump still believe that Barack Obama was born in Kenya. He begrudgingly admitted in a one-sentence statement that Obama was born in Hawaii during the campaaign, after five years of being one of the loudest of the Birthers. (more…) Read more

No, the Tax Cuts Won’t Pay for Themselves. Again.

During the debate over the tax bill, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin repeatedly assured Congress that the Treasury Department had a study that showed the cuts would pay for themselves in increased revenue, but they never actually showed that analysis. Until now. Guess what? It doesn’t say what he claimed it said. Not even close. (more…) Read more

Moore Wants to Get Rid of All Amendments After the 10th

CNN found the audio of an interview with Roy Moore in 2011 in which he laments the fact that the Constitution has been amended so many times. Agreeing with an interviewer who said he wanted to eliminate all amendments after the Bill of Rights, he said that would “eliminate many problems.” (more…) Read more

Dinesh D’Souza and the Downfall of Conservatism

Nicole Hemmer makes an interesting point in a column in US News and World Report, comparing the rise and fall of Dinesh D’Souza over the last couple decades to the path taken by Republicans and conservatism in this country as it has created an alternate universe in which facts and logic do not matter at all. (more…) Read more

Alex Jones Talks About Cranking

The ever-macho Alex Jones went on a rant about sex robots that was the usual mishmash of idiocy and exaggeration, if not outright lies. From sex robots it went to people marrying toasters and then to the absurd claim that you’ll be viewed as a homophobe if you don’t have sex with cars. Seriously. (more…) Read more

SCOTUS Takes Another Gerrymandering Case

In a highly unusual move, the Supreme Court last week granted cert in another case involving partisan gerrymandering to be heard later this term. What makes this unusual is that they already have the decision pending in the Wisconsin case and ordinarily they would wait to hand down that ruling and then remand the second case back to the lower court to consider the merits in the light of that new ruling. (more…) Read more

Lively Running for Massachusetts Governor. Again.

Deranged anti-gay bigot Scott Lively is once again going to run for governor in Massachusetts, where he has precisely the same chance of getting elected as I do, and I’m not even running or eligible. But this time, he’s running as a Republican instead of an independent. (more…) Read more

‘Coach’ Dave: Vaccines Are Making People Gay!

The Christian right crackpots continue to find the most ridiculous explanations for why some people are gay. Alex Jones says it’s caused by juice boxes, including apparently turning the frogs gay. Some say it’s caused by chemtrails. But “Coach” Dave Daubenmire says it’s caused by vaccines. (more…) Read more

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