Perkins Blames Gays for Man Sexting with Woman

A two-star general was fired by the Pentagon after he was found to have sent inappropriate text messages to the wife of another Army officer. And the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins knows who’s really to blame: Gay people. Of course. (more…) Read more

MS School to be Renamed from Jefferson Davis to Barack Obama

Jefferson Davis Elementary School in Jackson, Mississippi is going to be renamed. Starting next year, instead of being named for the Confederate leader and slave owner, it will be the Barack Obama Elementary School. That sound you hear is racist heads exploding all over Mississippi. (more…) Read more

Shirvell Wants His Law License Back Now that Trump is President

You may remember Andrew Shirvell, the fired former assistant AG here in Michigan who lost his job, a huge lawsuit and his law license for obsessively stalking a gay student leader at the University of Michigan a few years ago. Now that Trump is president, he thinks he should get his license to practice back. (more…) Read more

Roy Moore Lies About the Law

Apparently one can become the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court while being either incredibly ignorant of the law or a blatant liar about the law, because Roy Moore falsely told Time magazine that failing to stand for the national anthem is against the law. (more…) Read more

NFL Won’t Require Players to Stand for National Anthem

Several NFL owners and player representatives met in New York on Tuesday to discuss the ongoing protests against racial injustice during the national anthem before games and decided not to take any action to penalize players participating in the protests. (more…) Read more

Trump Covers Up Lie with Another Lie

During his press conference with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell the other day, Trump repeated his tired old lie about America being the highest-taxed nation in the world. When asked by a reporter why he keeps telling it, he told another lie and showed once again that he simply doesn’t care. (more…) Read more

Infowars: Michelle Obama is a Transgender Satanist!

Leave it to InfoWars to continue pushing the moronic notion that Michelle Obama was born a man named Michael. Not only is she a trans woman, says that site’s Own Shroyer, she’s trying to turn America into a “literally Satanic culture.” (more…) Read more

‘Libertarian’ Endorses Roy Moore

Rand Paul, the allegedly “libertarian” senator from Kentucky, has endorsed Christian fascist Roy Moore. Because what could be more “libertarian” than endorsing a man who thinks gay people should be imprisoned or murdered by the state? (more…) Read more

‘Coach’ Dave Comes Out Against Interracial Marriage

Not content to be merely a garden-variety wingnut, “Coach” Dave Daubenmire has already revealed himself to be deeply anti-Semitic and Islamophobic. So now he’s adding in blatant racism by arguing that interracial marriage is “multicultural AIDS” that has damaged society. (more…) Read more

The False Hope of New Bipartisan Compromise on Obamacare

“Key Senators Just Struck a Bipartisan Deal to Stop Trump’s Obamacare Sabotage” said the headline at Mother Jones as they tried to create false hope of a deal to prevent the worst from happening. Many of my friends on Facebook were happy about it. They shouldn’t be. It’s not going to happen. (more…) Read more

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