Trump Still Pushing ‘Landslide’ Nonsense

Yet another way in which the reality in Trumpworld does not in any way match the reality here on planet earth. The Trump people keep claiming that he won a "historic" and "landslide" election. They even used that to distract attention from the Russian hacking story: … [Read more...]

CIA: Russians Definitely Hacked to Interfere with Election

In what is certainly a deliberate leak, sources inside the government say that a secret CIA assessment of the problem of hacking during the election concluded that it was undertaken by the Russians and was done for the purpose of getting Trump elected. … [Read more...]

Stop Pretending Trump is Playing Three-Dimensional Chess

I keep hearing people use the old "this is just an attempt to distract" argument whenever Trump goes on a Twitter rampage. "He's distracting us from (fill in the blank) and we shouldn't fall for it." I think that's nonsense, and Mike D'Antonio, one of his biographers, agrees: … [Read more...]

What Happens if Obamacare is Repealed

The Urban Institute did a study on what would happen in this country if Obamacare were repealed and, to say the very least, it's not good. The number of uninsured would skyrocket. So would the amount of uncompensated care at hospitals, putting them in a worse position. … [Read more...]

The Battle between Trump Supporters and Reality

Pew just did a survey that reveals a massive gap between reality and what Trump supporters believe to be reality on a large number of subjects. This is not the least bit surprising, but it is highly dangerous to have such a large segment of the population living in a fantasy world. … [Read more...]

More Unhinged, Paranoid, Wildly Inaccurate Claims by Flynn

It appears that we have a full-on Alex Jones clone as the new national security adviser for Donald Trump. When he retired, Gen. Michael Flynn moved immediately to the far-right paranoid fringe and started making outlandish claims, like this one: … [Read more...]

Klingenschmitt Sniffs Out More Demons

Those demons can run but they can't hide from the indefatigable Gordon Klingenschmitt. He will name and shame them wherever he finds them and he's found them in control of executives from Zales Jewelry because they had a lesbian couple in a commercial. … [Read more...]

Jones: Hillary has ‘Murdered, Chopped Up, and Raped’ Children

Alex Jones is taking his derangement to a whole new level, claiming that Hillary Clinton has "personally murdered and chopped up and raped" children and is "one of the most vicious serial killers the planet’s ever seen." Because that's totally reasonable. … [Read more...]

Former GOP Again Arrested for Bizarre Sex Fetish

You may recall me writing about Jordan Haskins a couple years ago. He was a Republican state House candidate who had been arrested several times for breaking into people's cars to masturbate while cranking the engine. Oops, he did it again. … [Read more...]

McCaffry Hammers Flynn for ‘Demented’ Tweets

Retired Gen. Barry McCaffery, who initially supported Trump's pick of retired Gen. Michael Flynn to be national security adviser, now says that Flynn's history of "demented" tweets pushing ridiculous conspiracy theories has changed his mind. … [Read more...]

Guilfoyle Flat Out Lies About Obama. Again.

With Fox News facing the prospect of losing Megyn Kelly when her contract is up and about 13 different female Fox News hosts allegedly becoming press secretary for Donald Trump, Kimberly Guilfoyle is stepping up her lying game to be the next in line for her own show. … [Read more...]

O’Reilly Goes After George Will, Gets Everything Wrong

George Will has been criticizing Donald Trump for his negotiations with Carrier to keep a few hundred jobs from moving to Mexico and Bill O'Reilly took exception to it. But in going after Will he managed to get virtually everything wrong about the situation. … [Read more...]