Meet the Nation’s Dumbest Parent


We've seen many instances of Christian conservatives losing their minds over their children learning some basic facts about Islam in their history classes, but this mother from Florida provides a perfect justification for why the schools teach those things: So they don't end up as ignorant as their parents. Christian Kayla Normandin in this video throws a fit about the fact that her kid's textbook teaches about "Ay-rabic numerals." … [Read more...]

More to the Goat Sacrificing Story in Florida


I've seen a million links to stories about the Libertarian candidate for the Senate from Florida who admits to having sacrificed a goat and drank its blood. That story made me chuckle but otherwise pay little attention. But then a friend of mine told me that there was a whole lot more to this story, one that is dividing the Libertarian Party in Florida. In fact, the chairman of the party has stepped down and explains why: … [Read more...]

The Changing Excuses for Bombing Afghan Hospital

The American military bombed a hospital in Afghanistan run by Doctors Without Borders the other day, killing nine doctors and injuring and killing many patients as well. Glenn Greenwald documents the ever-changing rationalizations offered by the government, from "whoops, we didn't mean to do that" to "it's all the Afghani government's fault" to "they were harboring Taliban fighters there." … [Read more...]

Beck Flips Out Over Removal of Ten Commandments Monuments


The state of Oklahoma finally removed a Ten Commandments monument from the state capitol grounds late Monday night after months of frantically trying to find a way not to comply with an order from the state supreme court. The work was done at night, the state said, to "avoid disturbing workers at the Capitol and to keep protesters from demonstrating while heavy equipment was being used to detach the two-ton monument from its base." But Glenn Beck knows the real reason: … [Read more...]

Today is the End of the World. Yes, Again.

Having only narrowly averted the predicted cataclysms that were supposed to hit us on Sept. 13th, 23rd or 24th (depending on which wingnut was making the prediction), we are faced once again with a prophecied end of the world. The date: Today! According to a group of Christian end-times theology types, October 7 is the date on which "the world will pass away" and be "annihilated." … [Read more...]

More of That Worldnetdaily Spin


The headline at the Worldnetdaily reads: "Hard habit to break: Obama in new siege on 'Little Sisters' nuns." A new siege? Oh no! What is Obama doing now? Well, nothing actually. The "new siege" is actually the Little Sisters of the Poor appealing their lawsuit over the exemption from the contraception mandate of the ACA, which they've lost at every stage, to the Supreme Court. … [Read more...]

Loesch Lies About Planned Parenthood

It seems that conservatives lying about Planned Parenthood is all the rage these days. Right-wing radio talk show host Dana Loesch joined the chorus of dishonesty on Twitter by claiming that PP CEO Cecile Richards had "forced to concede" that 86% of all revenues for the organization comes from abortions. She didn't say anything remotely like that, of course, and Politifact rates this claim as false. … [Read more...]

How Michael Savage ‘Thinks’ About Oregon Shooting

As everyone knows, there was a mass shooting at a community college in Oregon last week. Far-right fringe radio show host Michael Savage had some interesting things to say shortly after it happened, immediately speculating that the shooter must be Muslim but that this will be covered up by the media, and that it was probably all a big false flag operation by Obama to cover up the Syrian civil war. … [Read more...]

God Told Bakker to Wear Black Underwear


Disgraced con man and televangelist Jim Bakker claims to talk to God every day, which would explain why all those predictions he made for September about a financial collapse and lots of natural disasters hitting America turned out to be false. But God doesn't just warn him about such things, he tells him what clothes to wear. And those clothes prove that God is really talking to him. … [Read more...]

End Times ‘Prophet’ Cahn: Wrong Again

Jonathan Cahn, the end-times preacher rabbi behind all that shemitah year nonsense, has whiffed completely on his prediction that horrible things would happen to the United States last month, so he's now extended it a whole year so that if anything bad happens in that time, he can claim to have been accurate. But over the weekend, he predicted that Hurricane Joaquin might hit Washington, DC as God's punishment for The Gay. … [Read more...]

When Hindu Nationalists Attack

When Narendra Modi of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party was elected prime minister of India, many of us thought that was a very bad sign. Any religious nationalist party is bound to be bad news. And now comes news that the Hindu horde that attacked and killed a Muslim man because he was rumored to have killed and eaten a cow was carried out by members of that party. … [Read more...]

Carly Fiorina Doesn’t Like Paying Her Bills


Now that Carly Fiorina is in the first tier of Republican presidential candidates, the media is taking a closer look at her history and finding some bad things. Like her first political campaign, a Quixotic run against Sen. Barbara Boxer in California, where she just decided not to pay campaign workers and companies she contracted with after losing the election -- until this year, when she suddenly decided it would look bad. … [Read more...]