Alister McGrath Whistles Past the Graveyard

Okay, that probably overstates the case. But Professor Alister McGrath of Oxford claims, despite all evidence to the contrary, that atheism is "in decline" and will soon be trumped by faith. I've always found it odd when people speak about faith without addressing the obvious question: Faith in what? Is faith in Zeus going to claim victory over atheism? Faith in Huitzlpochtli? … [Read more...]

Muslim Police Officers Hammer Trump


A group of Muslim police officers is hitting back at Donald Trump and the other Republican presidential candidates who are putting their xenophobia, nativism and Islamophobia on stark display in response to the bombings in Paris. The NYPD Muslim Officers Society is calling Trump out for his anti-Muslim bigotry on their Facebook page, demanding to know what he has done for his city and country compared to them. … [Read more...]

Cop Goes Off on Muslims, Might Lose Job


Well here's a story that will certainly make Muslim people of Hudson County, New Jersey feel protected and served. A sheriff's deputy posted a couple of horribly bigoted posts about Muslims and got caught before he deleted them. He says he's sorry, but also that it was justified by the fact that he is a veteran and some soldiers died in Iraq and Afghanistan. … [Read more...]

Yet Another Attack on Planned Parenthood

In what has become a depressingly familiar story, a white male Christian terrorist opened fire at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, which is practically Mecca for that particular demographic, wounding at least 11 people. The shooter is in custody but they have not yet released his name as of this writing. Police are saying it's too early to speculate on his motives. No, I'm afraid it isn't. … [Read more...]

Everything Wrong With America in a Single Picture


Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration. But this sign, put up by Sheriff Mike Jolley of Harris County, Georgia, represents so many ideas and assumptions that I absolutely hate about the American right wing: ignorance, highly politicized religion, entitlement, Christian privilege and a completely fictitious belief that Christians are terribly persecuted in this country. … [Read more...]

Saudi Arabia Threatens to Sue Over ISIS Comparisons


Apparently pulling a page from Donald Trump's playbook, Saudi Arabia is now threatening to sue anyone who compares their "justice" system to the extreme form of Sharia law practiced by ISIS in the territory they control. The threat was aimed at someone on Twitter, but they say they'll go after anyone who makes such a comparison. Okay, I'm game. Your legal system is, if anything, even worse than ISIS. … [Read more...]

Trump: But InfoWars Says I’m Right!


Donald Trump, still frantically grasping for anything to get him out of the ridiculous lie about him seeing "thousands and thousands" of Muslims celebrating the World Trade Center coming down on 9/11 (all footage of which he claims is being hidden to make him look bad), retweeted a link to an article on InfoWars, which doesn't even support what he said. … [Read more...]

The Life of an American Muslim


Think Progress has a story about what it's like to be a Muslim in America in times like this, horrified and terrified of terrorist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda and simultaneously horrified and terrified of xenophobic and nativist Americans who view them automatically with suspicion and far too often threaten them and discriminate against them. Much of the story focuses on Dearborn, Michigan. … [Read more...]

We Must Stop the Scourge of White-on-White Crime


In 2014, 82.5% of all white murder victims were killed by other white people. The numbers are similar for rape, armed robbery and aggravated assault. It's time that we, as white people, stand up and acknowledge that we have a serious crisis of white-on-white crime. … [Read more...]

Donald Trump Prepares for Independent Campaign


When Donald Trump signed that infamous pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee, I had a good laugh about it and said at the time that it wasn't worth the paper it was printed on. He had said along that it would depend on how he was treated by the GOP and, being the world's most thin-skinned human being, you knew damn well that he would turn any perceived slight into an excuse to ignore it. And so it's begun: … [Read more...]

Kilmeade to Black Fox Host: Do You Make Koolaid on Thanksgiving?


It's really kind of amazing how Fox News has managed to put together the three most vapid people in all of television on a single show. I'm not sure Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade and Elizabeth Hasselbeck have anything more than a functioning brain stem between them, but Kilmeade....holy shit, in a Thanksgiving dinner cooking demonstration, he asked a black Fox anchor if she makes Koolaid for the occasion. … [Read more...]

David Barton Dishonestly Addresses Obama on the Syrian Refugees


When several Republican presidential candidates started saying that we should only let in Christian refugees from Syria, President Obama responded forcefully, and correctly, saying that it is a violation of American principles to put a religious test on which people we show concern for when considering refugee questions. David Barton rather blatantly pretended he said something entirely different: … [Read more...]