Stone, Jones Think a False Flag Will Cancel the Election

Trump ally Roger Stone was on the Alex Jones show and the two of them dragged out that hoary old prediction that Obama (or Clinton, or Bush, or whoever is in office) is going to stage a false flag operation to justify canceling the November election. … [Read more...]

Putting Tubman on the $20 Bill is Just What Muslim Terrorists Would Do!

Joel Gilbert, one of the many right-wing documentarians who claim to know who Obama's "real" father is (Gilbert thinks it's Frank Marshall Davis), is flipping out like most wingnuts over putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. He bizarrely thinks it's just the kind of thing a Muslim terrorist would do! … [Read more...]

Jonathan Cahn Preaches Theocracy to Members of Congress

For the last few years the usual suspects have hosted an event called "Washington - Man of Prayer" at the U.S. Capitol and dozens of members of Congress have shown up. For two years in a row now they've invited messianic Jewish end-times preacher Jonathan Cahn to speak. This year he went full-on theocrat: … [Read more...]

Knight Likes Trump Because He’d Use Nukes

As expected, legendary college basketball coach (and raging asshole) Bobby Knight appeared with Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Indiana and explained why he supports him: Because he would have "the guts" to use nuclear weapons on...someone. Because it takes "guts" to kill thousands, perhaps millions, of people. … [Read more...]

Contradictions in Trump’s Foreign Policy Speech

Foreign policy experts are rightly calling Donald Trumps's long-awaited speech on that subject totally incoherent. The Guardian lists ten fairly obvious contradictions in that speech, sometimes literally seconds apart. Here's just a few of them: … [Read more...]

Wiles: Trans People in Bathrooms Will Cause Nuclear War

When I was coaching high school debate, nearly every argument ended with a nuclear war. Some of the scenarios were rather...fanciful, to say the least. But Rick Wiles actually believes this kind of thing and he says that allowing trans people in bathrooms will cause Russia to nuke us. Just like the Nazis. Wha? … [Read more...]

Staver Suddenly Loves Judicial Independence

Mat Staver, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Larry Klayman, is representing Christian Reconstructionist (read: fascist) Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore in an ethics complaint filed against him for ordering judges in that state not to follow the Supreme Court's gay marriage ruling. And he's suddenly a fan of judicial independence: … [Read more...]

Donald Trump’s Word Salad on Pakistan

After that ridiculous foreign policy speech that Donald Trump gave this week, he went on Fox News with Greta Van Susteren and was asked about Pakistan and nuclear proliferation. This was his answer, which rates about 950 milliPalins on the word salad scale. … [Read more...]

Nebraska Requires Conviction for Civil Asset Forfeiture

This is great news. The state of Nebraska has done what every other state should do, passed a law that forbids the state from seizing cash or assets from someone until they've been convicted of a crime and proven that those assets were either gained as a result of that crime or used to commit it. … [Read more...]

Foreign Policy Expert Rips Trump’s ‘Serious’ Speech

The reviews are rolling in for Donald Trump's big "serious" foreign policy speech this week and it seems to be provoking mostly derision and laughter. David Rothkopf, the CEO of Foreign Policy magazine and a fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, went on CNN and gave a rather blistering appraisal: … [Read more...]

Catching Up With Kent Hovind

Since Kent Hovind got out of prison after serving nine years for tax evasion and other charges, a whole lot has happened. Pete Reilly, a columnist on tax matters for Forbes, has been following it closely on his blog. It seems his wife has filed for divorce and he's locked in a battle with his son Eric for control of his ministry. … [Read more...]

Boehner Has Choice Words About Ted Cruz

As much as I don't like John Boehner, I felt sorry for him when he was House Speaker because he had a caucus he had no control over due to the Tea Party. And when Ted Cruz got elected to the Senate and engineered a government shutdown, that only made his job harder. Let's just say he's still a bit steamed about it: … [Read more...]