People All Over the World, Join Hands, Start a…’POTUS Shield’?

A group of my very favorite Christian con artists and self-declared "prophets of God" are descending on Washington, DC this week to pray and sing and mumble incoherently in order to form a "POTUS Shield" over the city to protect Trump against spiritual heebie jeebies. Or something. … [Read more...]

New ADF Leader Predicts Even More of the Persecution that Doesn’t Exist

If you think Christians are being persecuted in this country now -- and they aren't, of course -- then just you wait. Michael Farris, the far-right theocrat who is now the new president of the Alliance Defending Freedom, says it's gonna get worse now that we liberals are out of power. … [Read more...]

Joyner: Common Core is ‘Treason’ that Will ‘Destroy America’

Professional Christian con man Rick Joyner vomits up another bucket full of stupid by announcing that Common Core constitutes "treason" and that it will "absolutely destroy America." Why? How? A Jedi questions not these things. Just shut your brain off and clutch your pearls. … [Read more...]

Online Nazi Community Finds Out Founder Married a Jew. Hilarity Ensues.

One of the largest of the white supremacist and neo-Nazi communities online is built around the website The Right Stuff, but it is now falling apart after it was revealed that the founder of the site is married to a Jewish woman. And that has me giggling like a little kid. … [Read more...]

The FBI’s Extraordinary Chutzpah

On Martin Luther King Day, the FBI decided to express its support for the late civil rights leader for whom had at least an indirect role in murdering. This is what they put up on Twitter: … [Read more...]

Hazing Rituals Display the Power of Tribalism

This is an article by Christopher Kavanagh, a DPhil candidate in anthropology at the University of Oxford, published in Aeon and shared here under a creative commons lesson. I think it reveals much about the power of tribalism. … [Read more...]

Michigan Mayor Caught on Tape Saying Racist, Sexist Things

Those of us who work on church/state matters know Warren Mayor Jim Fouts quite well. He has zealously worked to keep public property in his cite a Christians-only zone. Turns out his problems go much deeper than that, as new audio recordings show. … [Read more...]

Ticket Scalpers Taking a Bath on Inauguration Tickets

With almost any major event, ticket scalpers like to buy up as many tickets as they can so they can sell them on the secondary market for a profit. But this only works when demand for the tickets is high. And Trump's inauguration is apparently not a prized ticket. … [Read more...]

Republican PAC Spends 1.5 Million on Ads Touting Non-Existent Bill

The American Action Network, a Republican PAC closely tied to the House leadership, is spending nearly $1.5 million on ads lauding the plan to replace Obamacare, a plan that to this point simply does not exist. Let's call them prophets for profit. … [Read more...]

VA Town Battles Over MLK and Robert E. Lee

In the tiny town of Lexington, Virginia they have always held a parade to honor Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, both confederate heroes, just before Martin Luther King Day. This year, those wanting an MLK Day parade got the only permit to hold a parade. Much stupidity ensues. … [Read more...]

Trump Says Obamacare Replacement Will Have ‘Insurance for Everybody’

Donald Trump says he's almost ready to reveal his plan to replace Obamacare, which he says will include "insurance for everybody." Yes, it is entirely appropriate to be laughing at that. He also promises lower premiums, lower deductibles and rivers flowing with chocolate. … [Read more...]

Mikey Gets Email

Here's a very special email sent to Mikey Weinstein by a blatant anti-Semite. It's the usual "Jews killed Christ" thing plus the almost ubiquitous use of MFFR to stand for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Are all bigoted theocrats dyslexic or something? … [Read more...]