Did Trump Violate Constitution by Banning Reporters from Briefing?

As you well know by now, last week Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer forbid some of the world's major news outlets from taking part in a White House briefing. Adam Liptak writes at the New York Times that a new court ruling suggests that this was a violation of the Constitution. … [Read more...]

Sessions Dismisses Police Misconduct Reports Without Reading Them

Attorney General Jeff Sessions surprised no one today in suggesting that he may pull out of deals struck by the Obama DOJ with police departments with a history of misconduct and abuse. But as my friend Radley Balko points out, he didn't bother reading any of the reports that led to those actions. … [Read more...]

Trump Wants Massive Cuts to State Department, EPA

In addition to wanting a 10% increase in military spending and a big drop in foreign aid, Donald Trump also wants to cut funding for the State Department by an astonishing 37% and a 20% cut to the Environmental Protection Agency. Anyone surprised? … [Read more...]

Trump’s Lame Excuse for Yemen Raid

I'm not one of those people who thinks the president should be blamed for every military action that doesn't work out. On the ground and on the fly, bad things happen sometimes. But Trump is offering up a lame, even twisted, excuse for the disastrous Yemen raid that killed a Navy SEAL and many civilians. … [Read more...]

DeVos’ Bizarre Claim About Historically Black Colleges

Donald Trump had a meeting with the leaders of some of the nation's top Historically Black Colleges and Universities at the White House, an occasion for which Education Secretary Betsy DeVos hauled out one of the most ridiculous arguments you'll ever hear. … [Read more...]

Barton the Liar on ‘Trump the Theocrat’

Professional liar David Barton has a Worldnetdaily column in which he claims that the left is now calling Donald Trump a theocrat. Missing from the column is even a single quote from a single person on the left making that claim. … [Read more...]

Trump-loving Actor Wants Him Treated Like an Emperor

One of the handful of virtually anonymous "celebrities" who have endorsed Donald Trump is Robert Davi, a guy known for playing bit roles in mafia movies and TV series. And he thinks Trump should be treated like a Roman emperor and protected from the press. … [Read more...]

Erickson Presents the American Mythology

Erick Erickson, founder of Red State, may be a fierce critic of Donald Trump but that has not made him any more coherent or deep a thinker. In his latest column, he presents the American mythology in all its utterly ridiculous and contradictory glory. … [Read more...]

Wingnut: ‘All the Powers of Hell’ Coming Against Trump

It cracks me up how the Christian right keeps saying that Donald Trump is doing battle with the devil himself, especially since Trump obviously doesn't believe in any such nonsense. Carl Gallups says he's up against "all the powers of hell." … [Read more...]

Donald Trump and the Convenience of Federalism

Donald Trump spoke to the National Governors Association this week and told them that he wants to give them the flexibility to pursue a federalist agenda and experiment with what works. This just days after Sean Spicer told reporters to expect a crackdown on marijuana in states that have partly or entirely legalized it. … [Read more...]

Fischer: Liberals Throwing ‘Very Demons of Hell’ at Trump

I find declarations like this endlessly amusing. Bryan Fischer says that Christians have to surround Donald Trump with a holy prayer shield because "witches" are casting spells and therefore "throwing the very demons of hell" at him. … [Read more...]

Limbaugh’s Predictable Reaction to Moonlight’s Academy Award

Rush Limbaugh is nothing if not completely predictable. Like many on the right, you knew his reaction to Moonlight winning the Academy Award for best picture would be that it's just political correctness to give it to a movie about a gay black man. … [Read more...]