Wiles: Govt. to Send Flesh-Eating Robots to Eat Christians

Rick Wiles has never met a bizarre conspiracy theory he didn't instantly love and begin advocating. 50-100 million Muslims being imported into the country by Obama? Check. Obama tried to nuke South Carolina? Of course. But this one may be the looniest one yet. … [Read more...]

Beck and Tomi Lahren, Round Two

As reported yesterday, Glenn Beck's The Blaze has suspended ignorant racist demagogue Tomi Lahren after she came out as pro-choice on abortion. But last year, when a petition was created demanding that she be fired for comparing Black Lives Matter to the KKK, Beck self-righteously declared that he would never, ever censor her. … [Read more...]

Trump Keeps Up the Hypocrisy on Buying and Hiring American

As has been true from the very start, one of the Trump's central messages, economic nationalism, has been a con job. While he incessantly demands that we all buy American products and hire American workers, his own businesses continue not to do that. From his Kentucky Make Me Feel Better Again rally on Monday: … [Read more...]

Christians Still Rule in Elected Offices

As much as the Christian right likes to pretend that Christians are increasingly locked out of power -- seriously, what universe do they live in? -- the new Congress is significantly more likely to be Christian than the general population. As usual. … [Read more...]

Hannity: A President Under FBI Investigation a ‘Major Constitutional Crisis’

For once, I have to praise Sean Hannity for taking a principled stand. He says that if the president is under investigation by the FBI, that constitutes a "major constitutional crisis" that "could do severe damage to this country." Oops. I mean, he said that about Hillary Clinton: … [Read more...]

Trump Lies About Keystone Pipeline Using American Steel

The man is an absolutely pathological liar. On his latest not-a-campaign rally in Louisville, Kentucky Monday night -- the kind he does so he can hear the cheers of his followers and get his regular ego boost -- he said that the Keystone pipeline would be using only American steel. … [Read more...]

Spring Breakers Chant ‘Build That Wall’ While in Mexico

A bunch of ignorant, bigoted douchebros started chanting "build that wall" on a cruise ship in Mexico while there on spring break. The Yucatan Times wrote a scathing editorial about this incredibly rude and childish behavior from a bunch of drunk American frat boys and girls. … [Read more...]

Trump Goes After Teenager for Joke Website

The endlessly litigious Donald Trump has sicced his lawyers on a 17 year old girl who put up a joke website to test her coding skills that had kittens batting around an image of Trump's face. They sent her a letter demanding that it be taken down. … [Read more...]

Why the Russia/Trump Collusion Story is the Biggest Scandal Ever

Or rather, that it could be the biggest scandal in American history if if proves to be true (and as I've stated several times, I think it's possible but not terribly likely). Zack Beauchamp at Vox explains the sheer enormity of the accusations. … [Read more...]

The Changes to the Republican Health Care Bill

After taking flak from both right-wing extremists and moderates within the party, House Speaker Paul Ryan has changed several provisions in the bill in an attempt to win over the holdouts so the bill can pass. But as I said two weeks ago, he can't please them both at the same time. … [Read more...]

Spicer: Trump Golfing is Totally Different Than Obama Golfing

Today's exercise in hypocritical rationalization comes, predictably, from White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who says that when Trump goes golfing every single weekend that is totally different than when Obama went golfing less often. … [Read more...]

Tomi Lahren Discovers the Unforgivable Sin

B-team Ann Coulter wannabe Tomi Lahren has been suspended by The Blaze, Glenn Beck's radio and TV network, because she committed the one unforgivable sin for the Christian right: Being pro-choice on abortion. … [Read more...]