Tuesday was the last day of a trial challenging a Kansas state law that has disenfranchised tens of thousands of eligible voters. Kris Kobach, who once led Trump’s anti-voter fraud commission, represented the state in defending the law and made a fool of himself repeatedly, including getting fined and may well end up being held in criminal contempt of court as well. Ari Berman reports on the trial: (more…) Read more

Tuesday was a no good, very bad day for Donald Trump legally. A judge in New York ruled that a lawsuit against Trump by former Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos for sexual harassment will go to trial and a former Playboy model sued the National Enquirer for killing her story about an affair with him. Oh, and Stormy Daniels took a lie detector test and passed it. (more…) Read more

After Vladimir Putin “won” reelection in Russia — it’s easy to “win” when you just have your opponents arrested or murdered — Trump’s national security team wrote “DO NOT CONGRATULATE” on his daily briefing. So what did Trump do? Called Putin to congratulate him, of course. (more…) Read more

Every once in a while I read something that annoys me because someone else managed to put into words a key idea that I have tried to express with far less success or succinctness. Such is the case with this column by former Bush adviser and speechwriter Michael Gerson about Donald Trump: (more…) Read more

Everett Piper, President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, is taking a strong stand for sexual morality in a column in the Moonie Times. We can never compromise on sexual immorality, he argues, and he goes so far as to directly compare LGBT people to ISIS. (more…) Read more

Donald Trump has hired a new attorney for his legal team, Joseph diGenova, part of a husband/wife team of crackpots who have pushed ridiculous conspiracy theories about dark plots against him. The former US Attorney appears regularly on Fox News, which is no doubt where Trump saw him and why he likes him (going on Fox News these days is practically a White House job interview). Among some of his loopy claims: (more…) Read more

On Monday morning, Trump tweeted out how giddy he was that his faithful bootlicker, Sean Hannity, was appearing on his favorite show, Fox and Friends. Hannity did his job of getting Trump’s little cheeto all puffy by declaring that the failure to prosecute Hillary Clinton, which he dishonestly blamed on James Comey, was the “biggest abuse of power in the history of this country.” (more…) Read more

Despite having asked Don McGahn to fire Robert Mueller last year, Trump had, until a few days ago, been fairly careful in public not to attack Mueller himself. Now suddenly he’s gone on the offensive and CNN explains why — because his attorneys met with Mueller’s people last week and they now know what kinds of questions he wants to ask of Trump. (more…) Read more

After 15 years of tracking the wingnutosphere every day, I can honestly say that this is one of the loopiest, most ridiculous things I’ve ever reported on. Mike Shoesmith, executive editor of something called PNN News and Ministry Network, says that Steven Hawking was kept alive by Satan so he could counter the message of Billy Graham. (more…) Read more

It looks like the battle over the redistricting maps in Pennsylvania may be over. On Monday, an appeals court and the Supreme Court both rejected emergency appeals by Republicans to issue an injunction against the new districts that were drawn after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that the maps currently in use were illegally gerrymandered to favor Republicans. (more…) Read more

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