Lively: Trump’s ‘Persecution’ has Turned Him Into a Real Christian

The genetically ridiculous and raging bigot Scott Lively's latest column amusingly claims that Donald Trump has been "persecuted" on the campaign trail by "Marxist elites" and that has transformed him into a real capital C Christian. … [Read more...]

Root: Trump Never Groped Women Because He’s So Handsome

I don't know how much Donald Trump is paying Wayne Allyn Root to publicly fellate him at every opportunity, but whatever it is it can't be enough. The man is just humiliating himself coming up with moronic claims to defend Trump. Get a load of this one: … [Read more...]

When Trump Loved Undocumented Immigrants

CNN's research team dug up a 2012 video of Donald Trump doing an interview with CNBC in which he said that he was totally against deporting undocumented immigrants who had been here a long time and built roots here, because they're hard workers and make the country better. … [Read more...]

Stone: Clinton ‘on Drugs’ and Used Secret Teleprompter in Debates

Trump BFF and advocate of every conspiracy theory in existence (which I think is what the Illuminati pays him to do) Roger Stone has a new one: Hillary Clinton was "hopped up on drugs" and using a secret "minor teleprompter" hidden in her podium in the 3rd debate. … [Read more...]

The Differences in Clinton and Trump Ground Games

A reporter from Roll Call magazine went to North Carolina, a key battleground state that is virtually tied, to see how the Clinton and Trump ground game operations at their campaign offices are operating. Clinton's? Like a Swiss watch. Trump's? Uh, what's a ground game operation? … [Read more...]

Trump’s Incoherent Babbling on Press Freedom and Defamation Laws

Donald Trump did an interview with a Florida TV station in which he offered a completely incoherent position on press freedom. He wants to change our libel laws to be like England's, then describes our current system as the one he favors. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Latest Idiocy on Polling and Election Rigging

Donald Trump is using a leaked memo from John Podesta to make the incredibly dishonest claim that all the polls that show him losing are being rigged by the Democrats by oversampling. This is a distortion so blatant when you look at it that it's low even for Trump. First, he put out this tweet: … [Read more...]

Silver: Trump Campaign May Suppress Republican Voters

Nate Silver published his latest election update on Sunday and he focuses on the possibility that Donald Trump's limited appeal only to the bombthrowers and extremists may well suppress Republican votes and significantly affect House and Senate races as well. … [Read more...]

Violent Crime Still at Historic Lows

The Bureau of Justice Statistics has released its annual report on criminal victimization for 2015 and, despite Donald Trump's endless demagoguery, violent crime remains at historic lows and went down from 2014 to 2015, as it has steadily for 25 years. … [Read more...]

Trump Again on Video Ogling Young Women

And we have yet another tape that has been dredged up of Donald Trump being incredibly creepy toward young women. This is from 2007, during a paid speech, when he decided to tell a story about how he hired a 17 or 18 year old waitress who had no experience just because she was beautiful. And then it goes way downhill from there. … [Read more...]

Pat Robertson: Don’t Bet Against Trump

Pat Robertson, the worst prognosticator this side of Dick Morris and Bill Kristol, spoke at a Donald Trump rally held at his Regent University and warned that if anyone wants to bet against Donald Trump winning the election, they would lose their money. … [Read more...]

And Barton is Back to Claiming a PhD Again

I wish David Barton would make up his mind whether he wants to claim he has a PhD or not. He put up that video claiming to have one, then took it down the next day. Turns out it's from a place that just hands out PhDs to famous Christians with no work at all. And now he's back to claiming he has one again: … [Read more...]