Rohrer: Criticism of Trump Brings On the Antichrist

Sam Rohrer, the incredibly far-right loon who leads the American Pastors Network, says that opposition to Donald Trump is sowing the seeds for the Antichrist to emerge. We'll add this to the near-infinite list of things that were leading to the Antichrist. … [Read more...]

Senate Healthcare Bill Already in Trouble

Republican Senators from the far right to the middle are objecting to the newly-released Senate version of the bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, one group because they think it's too cruel and the other because they don't think it's quite cruel enough yet. … [Read more...]

“Coach” Dave: Get Mad Or Your Grandkids Will Be Gay

"Coach" Dave Daubenmire is still ranting about the gay pride parade he attended in protest so he could "witness" to the sinners. He thinks Christians need to wake up and get angry, because if they don't their grandchildren might turn out to be "homos." … [Read more...]

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Dumbest Conversation Ever on Fox News

The Five is a show on Fox News wherein a handful of slack-jawed mediocrities exchange stupidities (hey, it's as good a word as pleasantries), with a feckless "liberal" like Juan Williams there to play the role of Alan Colmes doing an impression of Droopy Dog. And it's home to conversations like this: … [Read more...]

Hannity’s Inane Praise for Trump’s Ridiculous Lie

Donald Trump made a fool and a liar of himself with his tweet about how James Comey better hope there aren't tapes of their conversations, but professional Trump lickspittle Sean Hannity bizarrely thinks it's some stroke of strategic brilliance. … [Read more...]

Australia May Ban Homeopathic Products in Pharmacies

A review of the matter in Australia proposes to do what the United States should have done long ago, which is to ban the sale of homeopathic products that make health claims that are not supported by scientific evidence for their effectiveness. … [Read more...]

Israeli Court Stands Up to Orthodox Misogyny

An Israeli court has done what no American court has so far done, forbid an airline from forcing female passengers to switch seats in order to accommodate the misogyny of male passengers who think they'll get the cooties if they sit next to a -- gasp! -- woman. … [Read more...]

Joyner: God Elected Trump to Stop Clinton’s Evil Takeover

Rick Joyner, who seems to be battling with Lance Wallnau and Wayne Allyn Root for leadership in the Trump Fellatio Brigade, says that God is the one who elected Donald Trump, not American voters, and he did so because he could not allow Hillary Clinton's "evil" to take over the country. … [Read more...]

Wiles Stands With Russia Over ‘Satanists’ Who Run the U.S.

The deranged Rick Wiles says he proudly stands with Vladimir Putin and Russia over the "Satanists" he thinks run the "deep state." And the "deep state," he bizarrely thinks, was responsible for the Bolshevik revolution that created the former Soviet Union. … [Read more...]

Another Example of Trump’s Total Ignorance of Public Policy

Donald Trump did another of his campaign-style rallies the other day, this time in Iowa, because he's just dying to be cheered and applauded in order to prop up his massive, fragile ego. And he put his ignorance of public policy on full display: … [Read more...]

Of Course Trump Didn’t Have Tapes of Comey

Gee, who could have guessed that Donald Trump was being a childish liar when he hinted that he might have tapes of his conversations with James Comey? I mean, other than anyone with half a brain. He finally admitted to not having them on Twitter. … [Read more...]

Bush Admin. Used Torture as Human Experimentation

Physicians for Human Rights has a new report based on a review of thousands of documents related to the torture regime put in place by the Bush administration. The report says that the two psychologists who designed the program used it as human experimentation to perfect their techniques. … [Read more...]