Report: Trump Aides Illegally Purging Their Phones

Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC reported on Friday that, according to her source, White House aides and former Trump transition officials are now purging their phones because they expect to be subpoenaed in one of the many Trump/Russia investigations going on. It starts around the 7:45 mark here: … [Read more...]

Trump Lied About NY Times Article

The New York Times fact checks Donald Trump in his interview where he lied repeatedly about lying. On the topic of his now-infamous wiretap lie, he claimed that the Times printed an article that supported him and then changed the headline to hide that fact. That was also a lie. … [Read more...]

Why Real Estate Deals are Not Like Political Deals

If it did nothing else, the disastrous -- and fortuitous -- failure of the Republicans to pass their bill to replace Obamacare should have killed once and for all the myth that Trump is the Greatest Dealmaker Ever. The reality is that cutting a real estate deal is nothing like reaching a political agreement to pass legislation. … [Read more...]

The Bizarre Story of Trump, Woolsey and Turkey

Remember when former CIA Director James Woolsey was an adviser to Trump during the campaign and a member of the transition team? He suddenly quit the team after a brief stint and now he tells a story to the Wall Street Journal with all kinds of dark implications for Trump and Michael Flynn. … [Read more...]

Pat Robertson is Still a False Prophet

I love it when Pat Robertson talks to God and gets information to predict the future because, if the prediction is in any way specific (not just "something bad is going to happen"), it's invariably wrong. He did it again in regard to the Republican health care bill: … [Read more...]

Trump Tries to Blame Democrats for Failure to Pass Healthcare Bill

In that brief oval office litany of excuses for the devastating failure to pass their own healthcare bill, Trump tried to shift the blame to the Democrats because they weren't going to vote for the bill. He reiterated that in a phone call to the New York Times: … [Read more...]

White Supremacist Church Burns Down

Remember Craig Cobb, the white supremacist from North Dakota who tried to buy up all the property in town so it could become a white racist paradise? A church that he owns there burned to the ground on Wednesday. No one was hurt but I can't seem to dredge up a lot of sympathy. … [Read more...]

Trump: I Never Said We’d Repeal Obamacare Quickly

From behind the desk of the oval office yesterday, Trump sought to deflect, obfuscate and rationalize away what is truly a crushing political defeat after failing to pass their own bill to repeal and replace Obamacare. The excuses came fast and furious. As did this lie: … [Read more...]

Trump, Ryan Lose the Game of Chicken

After telling House Republicans that it was today or never, that they either vote for the Obamacare replacement bill or they're going to leave Obamacare in place and move on to other things, Trump and Paul Ryan lost that game of chicken and pulled the bill rather than lose the vote. … [Read more...]

Wiles Has a Banner Day of WTF

Rick Wiles had what was, even for him, a red letter day when it comes to making bizarre statements. In one radio show he claimed that Rep. Nunes had vindicated Trump's wiretap lie (wrong), that the London attack was a false flag to distract from that, and that Obama is hiding out on a Polynesian island to avoid arrest. … [Read more...]

Trump Voters Doubling Down on Their Support

Trump's approval ratings are at historic lows for a president this early in his term, but those who voted for him are not only sticking by him, the litany of lies, scandals and stupid things he's said has actually made them like him more, not less. … [Read more...]

Finally, a Teacher is Fired for Bullying Student Over Pledge of Allegiance

Since the American Humanist Association began asking students to come forward if they are not allowed to refuse to say the pledge of allegiance in public schools, we've seen many such cases around the country. Finally, one bullying teacher has been fired over it. … [Read more...]