Trent Franks Blames ‘the Left’ for Supporting Slavery, Causing Civil War

Rep. Trent Franks of Arizona has long been one of the most ridiculous House Republicans -- and that's a group that has a lot of incredibly ridiculous people. His latest bit of stupid is to clam that "the left" was "so committed" to slavery that they caused the Civil War. … [Read more...]

Kincaid Doesn’t Like the Museum of African American History

Last week the Smithsonian's Museum of African American History and Culture opened in Washington, DC. It's a project that began under George W. Bush and has finally opened. Cliff Kincaid, the deranged leader of far-right group Accuracy in Media has some complains about exhibits you won't see there. Like this one: … [Read more...]

Beck Totally Loses It Over Cruz’ Endorsement of Trump

As soon as Ted Cruz endorsed Donald Trump, I could not wait for the reactions of two people, Steve Deace and Glenn Beck, perhaps Cruz' two biggest and loudest supporters. Beck campaigned relentlessly for Cruz and absolutely lost his shit over it during and after a call with Cruz on his show. … [Read more...]

Fischer Continues to Contradict Himself on First Amendment

Bryan Fischer continues to blatantly contradict himself on the meaning of the First Amendment, with a lack of self-awareness that is truly staggering. Here's what he wrote last Friday, that the First Amendment cannot possibly apply at the state level: … [Read more...]

Brat’s Bizarre Claim About Race and the Bible in Schools

Dave Brat is the Tea Party wingnut who knocked off the #2 Republican in the House two years ago in the primary and, to say the least, he has some rather bizarre views. He went on a weird rant about the racial protests on a radio show, blaming it on taking God out of public schools. … [Read more...]

Peterson Bashes Intellectuals

Jesse Lee Peterson, who appears to have the IQ of a pot roast and the charm of an Ebola virus, doesn't like intellectuals. Smart people know that he's an idiot with horrifying views, so he has to reject them and blame pretty much everything on them. … [Read more...]

Jones, Stone: Mark Cuban is Gay and Lusting After Trump

Another missive from the vapid world of Alex Jones and Trump BFF Roger Stone. This time the two of them decided that Mark Cuban criticizes Donald Trump because he's a latent homosexual who is lusting after him. Because why else would someone criticize Trump, amirite? … [Read more...]

Visiting Jon Voight’s Fantasy World

Jon Voight is, or at least was, a great actor. But now he has turned into a political activist that has absolutely no idea what he's talking about. In fact, he seems to live in some kind of bizarro world in his head that looks nothing like the real world, as demonstrated in this Fox News interview: … [Read more...]

Friedersdorf on the Cruelty of Donald Trump

Conor Friedersdorf, one of the most thoughtful and intellectually honest conservative writers in the country, writes at The Atlantic about Donald Trump's long history of cruel and demeaning behavior toward anyone he deems his enemy at any given time (and a few others as well). … [Read more...]

University of Vermont Raises Black Lives Matter Flag

This is very cool, though you know what the inevitable reaction was from some quarters. The student government at the University of Vermont sponsored the raising of a Black Lives Matter flag at the school, on a pole next to the Vermont state flag and the American flag. … [Read more...]

Hannity Loves Ted Cruz Again

Ted Cruz is one of the Never Trump conservatives who was targeted, very loudly and strongly, by Sean Hannity for failing to support the Republican nominee. He furiously said that if Hillary Clinton was elected, he was going to hold them responsible for it. But now, he's all about the love. … [Read more...]

Live Blogging the Trump-Clinton Debate

I'm going to be live blogging the debate tonight, which seems to have turned into the Super Bowl, complete with cheerleaders (seriously) and a pregame show that lasts 18 hours. To begin with, let me make a few observations about this. … [Read more...]