The Supreme Court released several rulings on Monday, as expected, and the Wisconsin gerrymandering case is getting a lot of the attention. But there was another important case, Lozman v Riviera Beach that was an important victory for the First Amendment and the right to criticize public officials. (more…) Read more

While the rest of the world looks to new and emerging technologies and markets, Donald Trump is focused on a futile effort to revive industries that will soon be part of the past. His picking of economic winners and losers, especially through the use of tariffs, will be a losing bet for the American economy and American workers. (more…) Read more

ProPublica, the non-profit news organization that has done amazing work and won multiple Pulitzer prizes for it, has secretly obtained an audio recording from inside a detention facility holding some of those 2000 children who have been ripped from their parents’ arms at the border in the last few weeks. It is chilling. (more…) Read more

In yet another press gaggle, Trump repeated the outright lie that the law requires separating children from their parents if they reach the border and used blatant and substanceless fearmongering to justify the policy. He’s having a hard time coming up with a coherent rationale for this, to say the least. (more…) Read more

Since this has come up repeatedly in the comments and in discussion about Jeff Sessions citing the Bible as justification for the policy of separating children from their parents, let me make this clear: It is not a violation of the Establishment Clause or separation of church and state for a government official, or anyone else, to offer a religious rationale or argument for or against some public policy. (more…) Read more

I am profoundly disappointed by the Supreme Court’s decision — that is, non-decision — in Gill v Whitford, the case challenging the partisan gerrymandering in Wisconsin. Instead of ruling on the merits, they punted on it and sent it back to the lower courts for a new determination on whether the plaintiffs have standing to bring the suit. (more…) Read more

I don’t know why this bizarre claim that the world is run by a secret cabal of pedophiles has suddenly become the go-to conspiracy theory for the far-right Christian fringe in this country, but it’s all over the place now. Paul McGuire is the latest to jump on that bandwagon: (more…) Read more

Anyone who has been paying attention could easily predict what happened late last week when the DOJ’s Inspector General issued his report about the FBI and the Clinton email investigation: Trump was going to claim it proved him innocent no matter what it said. And he did exactly that: (more…) Read more

Rep. Steve King has long been a virulent racist who skirts the borders of white supremacy, if he isn’t an outright one himself. But Media Matters reports that a section of his official congressional website that focuses on negative stories about undocumented immigrants cites and promotes the white supremacist site VDARE. (more…) Read more

According to the initial disclosures signed by everyone around Donald Trump who went from the campaign to the White House, not one of them ever met or spoke with anyone from Russia about anything during the campaign or the transition. We now know that there were, in fact, an astonishing number of such undisclosed meetings and conversations, including a new one just admitted to by Roger Stone: (more…) Read more

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