WTF is Ben Carson Talking About?


Ben Carson gave a stump speech in Little Rock, Arkansas that was simply baffling. It's one of the weirdest diatribes you'll ever see, just rambling and bouncing from one topic to another, contradicting himself. He claims that other people are trying to divide America while doing the same thing himself. He praises those hard-working immigrants while saying that allowing immigrants to come here is deliberately trying to destroy America. Seriously. … [Read more...]

The Worldnetdaily and ‘Mystery Babylon’


If there's one thing you quickly figure out about the Worldnetdaily, it's that the "journalists" there are really just salespeople. Their job is to sell the books and videos that Joseph Farah makes money from. The pattern is that they'll publish a book and write multiple "articles" with the author of that book saying something about some current issue, which then forms the first few paragraphs of what is really just another advertisement for the book. The latest is a book about "mystery … [Read more...]

Christie Favors Non-Discrimination Laws for LGBT

In a surprising break with most of his fellow Republican presidential candidates, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has taken a public stand in favor of including sexual orientation as a forbidden basis for discrimination by businesses. He says that while religious organizations should be exempted from such laws, businesses that serve the public should not be allowed to deny service to LGBT customers: … [Read more...]

Gloomy Glenn is Back, Still Talking to God


Gloomy Glenn Beck and Talking to God, Self-Declared Prophet Glenn Beck made a simultaneous appearance on his show on Wednesday as he reacted to the shooting of a couple television anchors in Virginia by a former reporter for the same station. God told him that this is the last warning he's going to give us before...well, something. And Beck knows that the end is near because he's now reading from the Bible on the air. … [Read more...]

Help Neil Carter Take Recovering From Religion to the Next Level

You've probably heard the story by now of how Neil Carter lost his teaching job because one of his students discovered that he's an atheist, even though he refused to talk to his students about it. Well now he's looking to become a full-time atheist activist and simultaneously help build up Recovering From Religion, a group that does a tremendous amount of good. And you can help. … [Read more...]

Liberty Law School Dean Goes Full-On Theocrat

Church and State

Rena Lindevaldsen, the interim dean of the Liberty University Law School (replacing Mat Staver, who stepped down a few months ago), has gone full-on theocrat. In a speech to students at that university, she bluntly declared that the government has no authority to pass any law or enforce any decision that goes against (her own interpretation of) the Bible. RJ Rushdoony would be so proud of her. … [Read more...]

FFRF Wants Jesus Picture Removed From Kentucky Courthouse

Church and State

Public schools are not the only government buildings where they're putting up portraits of Jesus these days. The courthouse in Breathitt County, Kentucky also has a picture of Jesus hanging in the hallway. The Freedom From Religion Foundation has sent letters asking that it be removed, but they have all been ignored, unsurprisingly. I hope they can find a plaintiff with standing to challenge it. … [Read more...]

New Trump Co-Chair Bashed Him, Jumped For Pay


Okay, I find this hilarious. A month ago, Sam Clovis was the chairman of Rick Perry's campaign in Iowa and blasting Donald Trump as an immoral draft dodger who hates veterans. But then Rick Perry ran out of money and stopped paying his campaign staff, so now Sam Clovis is Trump's national campaign co-chair and singing his praises. But the Perry campaign, God bless 'em, is releasing all those emails Clovis wrote about Trump before. … [Read more...]

Donald Trump’s Amway-Style Naturopathic Health Scam


In addition to his Trump University, which was determined to be an unaccredited scam by the state of New York, Donald Trump also had a short-lived multi-level marketing company that sold both get rich quick dreams (what MLM doesn't?) and a completely useless set of naturopathic "remedies," vitamins and work-free weight loss products. Britt Hermes, a former naturopath turned legitimate biomedical researcher, nails him for it: … [Read more...]

KY Clerk Vows to Die Before Issuing Same-sex Marriage Licenses


Rowan County, Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis has already been ordered to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Now Casey County Clerk Casey Davis (no relation) says he is refusing to issue them as well and he grandiosely declares that he is willing to die rather than bow down to that damn Constitution thing. Cue the ridiculous overblown melodrama in 3...2...1: … [Read more...]

Latest Grand Haven Cross Lawsuit Dismissed

Grand Haven Ruling

A state district court judge on Wednesday dismissed a lawsuit that sought to require the city of Grand Haven, less than an hour from where I live, to display a giant cross on public property. They had done so for decades, but the threat of a suit from some friends against that persuaded the city council to get rid of it. A bunch of local residents then filed suit saying this somehow violated their rights. … [Read more...]

Donald Trump: Super Christian


With all that ridiculous talk about Donald Trump being a "straight shooter" it's rather hilarious to listen to him try to pretend that he's all about Jesus. Having never shown even the slightest interest in Christianity at any point in his life, the thrice-married billionaire who trades in wives on younger models (literally) every 10-15 years is now trying to present himself as a Bible-loving Jesus freak. … [Read more...]