Freethought Emergency Fund Relaunched as Secular Rescue

A year and a half ago, the Center for Inquiry launched the Freethought Emergency Fund as we tried to rescue Taslima Nasrin from her would-be executioners in India. Now, with time to evaluate the program and plan for making it the most effective it can be, they are relaunching it as Secular Rescue. … [Read more...]

Barton Returns to One of His Favorite Lies

Probably the single most audacious lie that David Barton likes to tell is how the founding fathers used direct, verbatim quotes from the Bible and put them into the Constitution. A statement that stupid should cause your skull to collapse. And here he repeats it again, as well as the infamous lie about the Lutz study. … [Read more...]

Pierson’s Inane Attempt to Defend Online Snap Polls

Katrina Pierson, Donald Trump's national spokesmoron, went on the air with right wing radio talk show host Joe Pags and they decided together that totally unscientific online snap polls are way more accurate than those piddly little scientific polls. … [Read more...]

GA County GOP Chair Has Novel Excuse for His Racism

The Republican chairman of the Douglas County Commission was caught on camera saying outrageously racist things about some of the black candidates for local office. And instead of the usual litany of "I'm not a racist" excuses, he came up with a really novel one: … [Read more...]

Appallingly Racist AP History Handouts in Washington

An archaeologist whose daughter is taking AP history at a school in Washington state was horrified when she saw a supplemental handout the teacher had given out, one that is 55 pages of racist, sexist right wing polemics. She's been posting excerpts to Twitter. … [Read more...]

The Dumbest Thing a Trump Surrogate Has Said Yet

I think we may have found the single dumbest thing said yet by a Trump surrogate -- and remember, that includes Jeffrey Lord, for crying out loud. The award goes to Betsey McCaughey (the woman who invented the "death panels" lie). She's blaming Hillary Clinton for weight-shaming young girls. … [Read more...]

White Surpremacist: Every ‘Alt-right Nazi’ is Volunteering for Trump

The Los Angeles times interviewed several prominent white supremacists (they annoyingly call them "white nationalists," a ridiculous euphemism), all of whom are just full of praise of Donald Trump for finally motivating neo-Nazis into getting involved in mainstream politics. … [Read more...]

Trump Upset With Allies Still Tethered to Reality

Donald Trump, safely ensconced in the bubble known as Trumpworld, where he is never ever wrong and never ever fails, is very upset with his allies who have admitted in the media that he didn't do well in the first debate. Because he still thinks he won. … [Read more...]

Trump-supporting PA Mayor Is a Massive Racist

The mayor of West York, Pennsylvania, Charles Wasko, is in hot water after sharing a whole bunch of racists posts on Facebook, including one calling for Barack Obama to be lynched, Even the Republicans on the city council are calling for his resignation. … [Read more...]

Eric Trump’s Incredibly Low Bar for ‘Courage’

Of all the inane bullshit put out by Trump and his campaign, this "I could have attacked the Clintons in the debate but I'm just too damn classy" thing may be the single most ridiculous. It wasn't before, but now that Eric Trump has declared his overwhelming pride in his father's "courage," it is. … [Read more...]

Hysterical Savage Conspiracy Theory Shot Down Immediately

You really have to marvel at the hypersensitivity of the far right to every possible hint of persecution. Everything that happens is proof that "the elite" or "the establishment" (or better yet, the Illuminati) is trying to destroy them. Michael Savage invented such a conspiracy theory out of thin air this week: … [Read more...]

Bakker: If Clinton Wins, God Will Punish Us

Jim Bakker has had fellow televangelist con man Rick Joyner on all week and the bullshit has been flying over the airwaves. Bakker said on Wednesday that if Hillary Clinton is elected, God is going to pour out his wrath upon us all for making the wrong choice. … [Read more...]