Whenever I hear David Barton and his followers argue that America was founded as an officially Christian nation, I can’t help but laugh at just how bad their arguments are. In particular, the equation of the founding of the colonies with the founding of the country is so utterly illogical. They even cite the evidence themselves and are still oblivious to it. Here’s a great example. (more…) Read more

Disgraced former FBI agent John Guandolo — he was fired for having sex with a witness he was supposed to be protecting — has made a new career for himself as a far-right, anti-Muslim extremist (blessed with the ability to spot a Jihadist just by the fact that they have a beard). But as Ann Coulter found out long ago, maintaining such a career requires that you constantly one-up your own outrageous and bizarre claims. Like this one: (more…) Read more

NBC News has an article about the Gatestone Institute, headed until he took the job as National Security Adviser by John Bolton for the last four years. Gatestone is one of the lesser-known but best-funded of a web of Islamophobic groups that push white supremacist rhetoric about how Muslims are going to destroy white European hegemony through immigration. (more…) Read more

If there’s one thing we have learned about Donald Trump, which any observant person should already have known, it’s that he hates any implication that he is not perfect. And he especially hates the idea that someone else might be placating him or condescending to him. Which is why this new article in the New Yorker probably puts Defense Secretary James Mattis’ head directly on the chopping block. (more…) Read more

Crackpot Liz Crokin, to borrow a favorite tactic of Cheetohead Trump’s, has found yet another reason to tell her clueless followers that now, finally, at last, that video she claims exists of Hillary Clinton raping a child and cutting their face off will be revealed. Rudy Giuliani’s gonna do it. (more…) Read more

Sen. Cory Booker has been questioning Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo about how his anti-gay religious views would affect American policy on the mistreatment of LGBT people in other countries. Predictly, the Christian right is throwing a tantrum over it, dishonestly and hypocritically accusing him of establishing a religious test for office, which would be forbidden by the Constitution. (more…) Read more

French President Emmanuel Macron is in the United States meeting with Trump at the White House. He has been courting and flattering Trump in an attempt to gain some influence over him and is apparently here to convince Trump not to scrap the Iran nuclear agreement. (more…) Read more

A senior attorney for Liberty Counsel, Jerry Falwell’s answer to the ACLU that is led by Mat Staver, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Larry Klayman, says that public school sex ed is a plot by Satan and his minions to destroy children everywhere. (more…) Read more

I am endlessly amused by both sides of the “spiritual” (whatever that is) battle between Wiccans and Christians, as the “witches and warlocks” (whatever those are) cast “hexes” (whatever those are) on Trump and his Christian right defenders take it seriously and say prayers to stop them from doing…well, nothing. Trump’s friends in POTUS Shield are putting up a hedge of protection around Trump to protect him from…words muttered to non-existent “gods” and “goddesses” (whatever they are). (more…) Read more

The vile and stupid Jesse Lee Peterson is reacting to a story of two lesbians who drove a van off a cliff, killing the children inside by declaring all lesbians, all gay people in fact, “not mentally capable” of raising children. Because straight parents never do horrible things. (more…) Read more

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