Confederate Statues and the Slippery Slope Argument

Those who want to keep statues to Confederate leaders on public grounds love their slippery slope arguments. Trump made one on Monday, asking if next they’ll want statues of Washington and Jefferson removed because they owned slaves. Libertarian law professor Ilya Somin debunks that argument. (more…)

Lively’s Surreal Take on the Nazi March

The deranged anti-gay bigot and Christian fascist Scott Lively has a predictably bizarre view of the Nazi march in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend. It’s all the fault of liberals, of course. And it has something to do with trying to bring down Bill Cosby. No, seriously. (more…)

Is Bannon On His Way Out?

Yes, it seems like we’ve heard this two or three times in the last 8 months, but there are once again rumors swirling that Trump is finally going to get rid of Steve Bannon. I’m not sure I buy that, but sources close to the White House are apparently talking about it openly. (more…)

Star Parker is a Moron

Steve Doocy, the dumbest man on television, managed to find a guest even dumber than he is. That guest was wingnut columnist Star Parker, who actually claimed that the rainbow gay pride flag is the same thing as the Confederate flag. (more…)

The Nazis Once Again Hear Trump Loud and Clear

After his forced, gun-to-the-head “condemnation” of white supremacism, Nazism and the KKK on Monday, Trump went back to a full-throated “both sides are to blame” position during an utterly bizarre press conference on Thursday. The Nazis heard him loud and clear: (more…)

Nazis Planning to Protest Murder Victim’s Funeral

Just in case you didn’t already hate the Nazis and white supremacists from Charlottesville enough, here’s another thing that will make you enraged. The Daily Stormer is recruiting people to protest at the funeral of Heather Heyer, the woman who was murdered by a white supremacist terrorist who ran her over with his car. (more…)

CBO: Withholding ACA Subsidies Would Send Premiums Soaring

Trump has been threatening to not pay the subsidies on insurance premiums for those who qualify through the Obamacare exchanges as early as next month. The Congressional Budget Office released a report on Tuesday showing that this would send premiums skyrocketing. (more…)

Jones: The KKK is Really Jewish Actors

What would we do without Alex Jones? This demented little wannabe tough guy is just so entertaining. He says the whole thing in Charlottesville was a false flag. His proof? All the KKK guys at the rally looked like they were Jewish actors from Seinfeld. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. (more…)

Trump’s Loony Press Conference

Donald Trump held an impromptu press conference on Tuesday and to describe it as surreal, even by his own standards, is to seriously understate the case. It was just one jaw-dropping statement after another as he found himself in a hole and just kept on digging. To wit: (more…)

Iran: New Sanctions Will End Nuclear Agreement

Here’s the most predictable thing ever. Even though our intelligence services and the United Nations have certified that Iran is in full compliance with the agreement to end their nuclear weapons program, Trump has threatened to impose new sanctions for other things. Iran says they’ll pull out entirely if it goes any further. (more…)