Pat Robertson on Women in Combat


The Pentagon recently announced that it was expanding the opportunities for women in combat units and the Christian right has been flipping out ever since. But the weirdest reaction has to be from Pat Robertson, who delivered an absolutely bizarre diatribe about it that included Fifty Shades of Grey. … [Read more...]

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Sovereign Citizens: Even Weirder Than You Think


Vox continues its look at the utterly bizarre ideology of so-called "sovereign citizens," many of whom have committed violence in recent years. Their ideology is even more bizarre than I thought and I'd been reading about them for years. Sometimes they even file legal documents signed with their fingerprint in blood. … [Read more...]

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Ben Carson Still Walking Dead


After finishing dead last in New Hampshire with only 2% of the vote, you might think that Ben Carson would end his presidential campaign. You'd be wrong. He's striking the old "the people just want me to win so badly, I can't let them down" pose and vowing to continue his walking dead campaign. … [Read more...]

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Ezra Klein on Donald Trump


I quoted Annie Lowrey's take on Donald Trump after the infamous "pussy" rally the night before the New Hampshire primary, so now let's hear from her boyfriend (might be husband now, I'm not sure), Ezra Klein. As usual, he is as eloquent as she is and as perceptive of the dangers of Trump's unexpectedly successful candidacy. … [Read more...]

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City Council Removes Rabbi to Pray in Jesus’ Name


We've grown accustomed to ignorant local officials defying the First Amendment by peeing all over their territory with Christian prayers, but the city council in Chino Valley, Arizona is taking it to the extreme. They had a rabbi ejected from a meeting so they could give a prayer in Jesus' name. … [Read more...]

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Move Over, Steve Doocy


I have long ranked the three dumbest men on Fox News, and perhaps on all of television, in this order: Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, Eric Bolling. But Bolling is making a strong big to move up with his latest mind-boggling statement of utter ignorance. He actually claimed that Islam is the only religion that has motivated killing people. … [Read more...]

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Fischer: Make Legislators Take David Barton Test


I troll the right wing fever swamps every day, so I'm rarely left astonished anymore. Stupidity is pretty much the only currency in use there. But every once in a while someone will come up with something that leaves me in a state that combines laughter with amazement. That's your cue, Bryan Fischer. … [Read more...]

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Bachmann: Progressive Income Tax Violates Ten Commandments


This Foundations of Freedom video series produced by professional liar David Barton is like a waterfall of stupidity, especially when Michele Bachmann is featured. In the latest edition, Bachmann informs us that a progressive income tax violates the Ten Commandments. … [Read more...]

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Heidi Cruz Every Bit as Clueless as Ted and Rafael


Ted Cruz' wife Heidi is now getting in on the campaigning and she's quickly proving to be just as irrational and ignorant of history as her husband and father-in-law. In an interview on a North Carolina right-wing talk show this week, she spouted some real doozies. … [Read more...]

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Another Welfare Drug Testing Regime Fails Badly


Here's yet another example of a Republican-controlled legislature passing a law requiring that people on public assistance get drug tested and the number of applicants failing the test is extremely low, lower than the average population by a wide margin. And it ends up costing more money than it saves. … [Read more...]

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This West Virginia County Clerk Needs to Be Fired


A lesbian couple went to the county courthouse to get married in West Virginia only to be confronted by a deputy clerk who decided that she needed to berate them and tell them that they were committing an abomination. That deputy clerk should be fired. Immediately. With extreme prejudice. … [Read more...]

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Meet Your Texas Board of Education Candidate


The Texas State Board of Education is kind of a halfway house for the stupid and ignorant (no, those are not the same thing), so it's hardly a surprise that one of the candidates running for the board this year displays both of those things in spades. My friends at the Texas Freedom Network have a few of Mary Lou Bruner's statements: … [Read more...]

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