Rodney Howard-Browne, the Christian con man behind “holy laughter” who has laid hands on Donald Trump and prayed over him in the oval office, says that the “Luciferian” conspiracy that runs the world will overthrow Donald Trump and that Mike Pence will help them do it. (more…) Read more

As someone who has been in the trenches in the battles over inserting religion into public schools for most of his adult life, one thing I’ve learned is that no battle is ever truly won. The Christian right will continue to come back again and again, relentlessly seeking a way to get their beliefs taught in schools. Here are two recent examples. (more…) Read more

Donald Trump and anti-immigrant legislators continue to claim that immigrants, both legal and illegal, bring higher rates of crime with them, but the data simply does not support that claim. The Washington Post updates their factcheck from 2015 with some new data that still shows this claim to be a lie. (more…) Read more

A German magazine is reporting that Deutsche Bank did an internal review of their business dealings with the Trump and Jared Kushner and found many “suspicious transactions” on Kushner’s accounts that they have turned over to German bank regulators. That information will certainly find its way to Robert Mueller. (more…) Read more

Franklin Graham epitomizes the rank hypocrisy at the core of the Christian right, which preaches relentlessly about the importance of morality in our political leaders but still supports Donald Trump, to whom the entire concept of morality could not be less relevant. (more…) Read more

The Republicans are arguing that instead of just fixing the DACA problem and letting the DREAMers stay, Congress should adopt a comprehensive immigration reform package. Both can be done, of course, one after the other. But the bill they’re advancing to do that is terrible in a number of ways, as David Bier of the Cato Institute details. (more…) Read more

Trying to make a name for yourself as a right-wing woman throwing rhetorical bombs is a real challenge because Ann Coulter set the obnoxiousness bar so high, but that hasn’t deterred the NRA’s Dana Loesch. She attacked the RNC spokeswoman as “flat-chested” after she had a double mastectomy. (more…) Read more

Reading the new Michael Wolff book, there’s a section on Trump’s first official appearance as president after the inauguration, which was at CIA headquarters in Langley. Wolff dryly says of his speech that day that it was a talk “we could confidently call some of the most peculiar remarks ever given by an American president.” And that’s being kind. (more…) Read more

Immigration and Customs Enforcement is rounding up immigrants and they scooped up a physician in Kalamazoo, Michigan and are holding him in jail to face possible deportation over two minor and decades-old criminal charges for which he served his penalty. (more…) Read more

In the alternate reality of Trumpworld, the rest of the world didn’t “respect” the United States when Obama was president, but they would start to do so under his brilliant, strong leadership. It’s hardly a shock to find out that this is the precise opposite of reality. (more…) Read more

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