Another Trump Foreign Policy Lie

Donald Trump has a clear pattern of supporting some foreign policy or military act, then when it turns out badly claiming that he was against it all along. The latest example is the ouster of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, which he says was a terrible blunder and all Hillary Clinton and President Obama's fault. … [Read more...]

Perry Loses It, Demands Censorship for Revelations About Chris Kyle

Last week The Intercept reported that Chris Kyle, the man about whom the movie American Sniper was made, had inflated his military achievements. This was documented by official Navy records and confirmed by the Pentagon, but the right wing is still flipping out over it. Rick Perry wants the article censored and people punished over it. … [Read more...]

Trump’s Blatant Lies About Veterans Donations

Let's add a few more lies to the giant pile that Donald Trump has accumulated during his presidential campaign. And that's just on a single issue, his claim to have donated $6 million to veterans groups after a fundraiser he held in Iowa the night he refused to take part in a Fox News debate. … [Read more...]

LaBarbera: Gay Rights Will Destroy the Country!

Yes, that old chestnut again. Gay rights is going to destroy the country! You know, just like ending slavery and giving women the right to vote and social security and medicare and civil rights. Every step toward justice is going to destroy the country, except of course, it never actually does. … [Read more...]

The Idiotic Reason Walid Shoebat Won’t Fly

Walid Shoebat, the Christian fascist father of Theodore Shoebat, did an interview recently where he was asked about the Egyptian flight that was apparently taken down by a Muslim fundamentalist pilot. He says he won't fly at all anymore because he can't be sure the pilot isn't Muslim. … [Read more...]

Klingenschmitt Wants to Do an Exorcism on Caitlyn Jenner

Gordon Klingenschmitt, identifier of demons far and wide, says that he has diagnosed Caitlyn Jenner with a "spirit of insanity" that has confused her about her gender identity. And he thinks she needs an exorcism to get rid of it. … [Read more...]

Rubio’s Deeply Contradictory Defense of Trump Support

After months of savaging Donald Trump as a con artist who cannot be trusted with authority over nuclear launch codes, Marco Rubio has turned into a dutiful Republican foot soldier and says he wants to help Trump get elected. But he seems to have no clue why: … [Read more...]

The Bill for Arpaio’s Misconduct Continues to Grow

The taxpayers of Maricopa County, Arizona have already paid out more than $120 million defending fascist Sheriff Joe Arpaio in court and paying out victims of his racism and misconduct. Now with the finding of civil contempt for refusing to follow court orders, that bill is going to get even bigger. … [Read more...]

Donald Trump and Masculine Overcompensation

Steven Marche has an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times that I think hits the nail right on the head in analyzing both Donald Trump's behavior and his appeal. I didn't know there was a name for this and research behind it, but it's seemed quite obvious to me all along that it's all about posing as a macho "alpha male." … [Read more...]

White Supremacist: It’s Trump’s GOP Now and We’re Part of It

White supremacist William Johnson, the man behind pro-Trump robocalls in several states before their primaries, was at that gathering of racist asshats in Tennessee last weekend and had some interesting things to say. The first, I have to say, made me laugh out loud. … [Read more...]

Right Wing Freaks Over Non-Existent ‘Apology’ for Nuking Japan

So last week President Obama visited Hiroshima, the first time an American president has visited the city where we first dropped a nuclear bomb. Despite the fact that the White House said explicitly that he would not be apologizing for that, the wingnuts threw a tantrum and claimed that he did exactly that. Just one example: … [Read more...]

More on Trump’s Obvious University Scam

CNN has a story about Trump University, the blatantly obvious scam that Donald Trump is currently being sued for. The looked at depositions in the case from just a few months ago and compare them to the claims for the school and the con is as clear as it could possibly be. … [Read more...]