Trump Attacks Basketball, Football Players

Donald Trump may take his sweet time half-condemning neo-Nazis and white supremacists, but he’s quick on the draw to go after professional athletes who dare to speak out against injustice and inequality — or who just don’t like him. He started during his appearance on behalf of Luther Strange in Alabama. (more…) Read more

Appeals Court: Stingray Search Requires Warrant

The DC Circuit Court of Appeals ruled this week that the police do need to secure a warrant before using a Stingray device to spoof cell phone towers in order to surveil a suspect. This is a very important ruling that I hope the Supreme Court doesn’t overturn on appeal. (more…) Read more

Why is Bannon Meeting with China’s #2 Official?

Okay, this is a bizarre story. Fired White House adviser Steve Bannon last week went to China and had meetings with the 2nd most powerful man in the government there. The same Steve Bannon who has relentlessly criticized China and wants to start a trade war with them. (more…) Read more

Yes, Trump Will Fire Mueller

Harry Litman, a former US Attorney and Assistant Attorney General, writes in the LA Times that Donald Trump is almost certain to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller at some point and the process will be very much like what Nixon did to fire Archibald Cox. (more…) Read more

Trump Tells African Leaders His Friend Get Rich Off Them

Jesus Christ, just when you think Trump has hit bottom, he starts to tunnel. His total ignorance of history, and virtually everything else, makes his own staff terrified of the things he says off-the-cuff and here’s a perfect example why from his meeting the other day with African leaders at the UN. (more…) Read more

Moore’s Law Professor Speaks Out Against Him

Guy Martin, a minister and former law professor who taught constitutional law to Christian fascist Roy Moore in law school, has an op-ed in an Alabama newspaper speaking out against Moore’s candidacy. What he has to say about Moore is not the least bit surprising. (more…) Read more

Alex Jones Lashes Out at Kimmel

Alex Jones is not at all happy with Jimmy Kimmel, who has been leading the charge against the repeal of Obamacare because it endangers those with pre-existing conditions. Jones went on one of his patented unhinged rants, blaming Kimmel for his child’s health problems: (more…) Read more

Conservatives Suddenly Value Expertise

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel has been going hard at the new bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, after being promised by one of the authors of the bill that it would protect those with preexisting conditions (it doesn’t). And suddenly conservatives have discovered the importance of expert opinion. (more…) Read more

Tucker Carlson Knows What It’s Like to Be Black

Weapons-grade twerp Tucker Carlson brought a black former NFL player on his show to express his terrible outrage at a group of kids who knelt for the National Anthem like some NFL players have done. He pronounced it “terrifying” that those kids will be our future leaders. I think it’s rather refreshing. Then he declared that he knows what it’s like to be black because he’s an American. (more…) Read more

Why the New Obamacare Replacement Bill is the Worst One Yet

Sarah Kliff, a health care policy analyst for Vox, has been covering the various repeal-and-replace bills from the very beginning, analyzing each one in great detail. She says the latest one is the worst one yet, for many different reasons. (more…) Read more

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