Tom DeLay Whitesplains Civil Rights to John Lewis and Whitewashes History

Tom DeLay is the latest right wing asshole to whitesplain civil rights to John Lewis and to pretend that Martin Luther King was really a Christian right conservative just like them. And he does so with a triple helping of douchebaggery. … [Read more...]

Bakker: Trump is Battling Against Pure Evil

TV evangelist con man Jim Bakker (because three would have been too obvious, Jeff Stilson says) says the "born again" Donald Trump is locked in a fight with pure evil, especially those demonic women who marched against him so they can "kill their babies." … [Read more...]

Dear Joy Reid: Never Trust a Political Spokesperson

Joy Reid did an interview with Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer and went after him hard about his ridiculous press conference full of lies claiming that the inaugural crowd was the largest ever. But I fear Reid may misunderstand the role of press secretaries and the press. … [Read more...]

Baghdad Kellyanne: They’re Not Lies, They’re ‘Alternative Facts’

After Sean Spicer called his very first press conference as Trump's spokesperson to yell at and lie to the press to save his boss' precious manhood from the suggestion that his isn't as big as Obama's, Baghdad Kellyanne says they weren't lies, they were "alternative facts." … [Read more...]

FFRF Sues Over Bible Classes in WV Public Schools

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has filed a federal lawsuit against the Mercer County schools in West Virginia over weekly Bible classes taught by outside people from a Christian organization, something that is clearly unconstitutional. … [Read more...]

Protesting After an Election is Terrible, Isn’t It Donald?

The women's marches in protest of Donald Trump's inauguration drew a yuuuuge number of people and Trump and his people are screaming "he won, just get over it!" But it's always worth looking back at what Trump said on election night 2012 when he mistakenly thought Romney had won the popular vote and lost the electoral college. … [Read more...]

Trump Inauguration Contains Hints of Fascism

I didn't get to watch the inauguration so I'm just getting caught up with things, including reading the transcript of Trump's speech. That speech, and some of his follow up actions, carry more than a strong hint of the components of fascism. Like this: … [Read more...]

Appeals Court: Alabama Drew Racially Motivated Districts

Here's another victory against gerrymandering. A federal appeals court has ruled that Alabama illegally drew congressional districts in order to pack black voters into a few weirdly shaped districts to limit their ability to influence elections. … [Read more...]

About Trump’s Obamacare Executive Order

I was busy with my dad in the hospital on inauguration day so I didn't get much of a chance to pay attention to all those orders Trump signed that day. The one regarding Obamacare caused a lot of consternation, but it looks like it didn't really do much of consequence. … [Read more...]

Ivanka and Husband Get Special Dispensation from God for Inauguration

Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner are Orthodox Jews, which means they can't travel in a vehicle during the sabbath. The inauguration balls were just getting started Friday night as the sabbath began at sundown, so they got special permission from a rabbi to break the rules for one day. … [Read more...]

Sean Spicer Does His Best Baghdad Kellyanne Impersonation

Sean Spicer, designated liar-in-chief for Donald Trump. held a press conference on Saturday. Well, kind of. He didn't take any questions, he just called it to tell a huge whopper of a lie about the size of the inauguration crowds because the Donald was feeling a bit shrivelly in his dangly bits. … [Read more...]

Poor Piers Morgan is Feeling Emasculated by Women Protesting

Yesterday was the big women's march in DC in protest of the rank misogyny of Donald Trump, among other things. Piers Morgan, apparently going for the title of World's Biggest Douchebag, put this message out there on Twitter complaining about how horribly sexist it is. … [Read more...]