‘Coach’ Dave: Protests are Designed to Destroy Football

“Coach” Dave Daubenmire, being the purveyor of ignorant and toxic masculinity that he is, is very upset about the protests at NFL football games. He says those protests are part of a grand plot to destroy American football because macho, macho, blah blah blah. (more…) Read more

EEOC Files Suit Against Doctor for Mandatory Bible Readings

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a federal lawsuit against a doctor in Texas who required all employees to attend daily meetings where they read the Bible and discussed how to apply the lessons to their daily lives, then retaliated against or fired anyone who objected to it. (more…) Read more

Jeffress: Blacks Don’t Face Real Injustice Like Gay Bakers Do

Southern Baptist preacher Robert Jeffress thinks black NFL players protesting racial injustice are a bunch of pampered babies who don’t face real injustice. You know who faces real persecution in this country? Christian bakers who might have to bake a cake for a gay wedding. (more…) Read more

Ooh, a Fox and Friends Argument

The three well-dressed jibbering monkeys of Fox and Friends, Donald Trump’s favorite show, had a little disagreement over his comments about the NFL players protesting racial injustice. Brian Kilmeade says he thinks Trump only made it worse, while Ainsley Earhardt thinks he’s speaking for lots of people. (more…) Read more

Joyner: Disasters Happen Because We Kicked God Out of the Country

Professional con artist and Trump fellatrix Rick Joyner has a handy explanation for hurricanes, earthquakes and other disasters. You see, God can’t intervene to prevent them because we up and kicked God out of the whole country. Funny thing to happen to an omnipotent, omnipresent being, don’t you think? (more…) Read more

NASCAR Owners Forbid Anthem Protests

The NFL may be defending the rights of its players to engage in silent protest of racial injustice by refusing to stand for the National Anthem, but don’t expect the same out of NASCAR. Team owners there have made clear that they will fire anyone who does so. (more…) Read more

Sonny Hernandez is Just So Misunderstood

The defense of Air Force chaplain Sonny Hernandez to calls for an investigation into his statements that Christians in the military should not support the religious freedom of non-Christian soldiers is blatantly dishonest, by him and by others. Hernandez is now pretending he was just talking about salvation: (more…) Read more

The Worldnetdaily’s Selective Outrage

As if to prove once again the similar ideologies of reactionary Islam and reactionary Christianity, the Worldnetdaily is outraged — outraged, I tell you — that extremist Muslim clerics in the Middle East say the recent hurricanes are God’s punishment on America. (more…) Read more

Jim Bakker’s Magically Refillable Food Buckets

Jim Bakker is still furiously hawking his latest scam, buckets full of crappy survival food, and getting his guests to do it for him as well. He brought on John Shorey, who told viewers that if they buy Bakker’s buckets of food, they’ll never run out because God will magically refill them. (more…) Read more

Coulter Wants ‘Death Squads’ if DACA is Made Law

Professional outrage performance artist Ann Coulter is terribly disappointed that her hero, Donald Trump, may be wavering on booting out all the DREAMers by signing DACA into law. So much so that, if it passes, she thinks death squads to hunt down immigrants would be the way to go. (more…) Read more

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