Let’s add one more utterly clueless group of bigots to the ledger, this time four members of the city council in Starkville, Mississippi, who voted to deny a permit to hold an LGBT pride parade. That will inevitably lead to the loss of a big lawsuit. (more…) Read more

Like Mitt Romney, Donald Trump has been on every side of every issue at one point or another, as his Twitter archives prove. And as he went to Florida for a “listening session,” during which he had to have notes to tell him to show empathy, this old tweet came back to haunt him: (more…) Read more

The scene on the floor of the Florida legislature Tuesday night was nothing short of surreal. As some of the surviving students from the school shooting in Parkland were in the gallery, they voted not to even talk about a ban on assault weapons — but had plenty of time to talk about how porn is a threat to public health. (more…) Read more

Gordon Klngenschmitt has always been more than a bit logic-impaired and hysterical, but this may be my favorite thing he’s ever said. He says that by demanding that businesses not discriminate against them, gay people are forcing Christians to have “perverted threesomes” with them. (more…) Read more

Like many, I’ve been inspired by watching so many of the teenagers who survived last week’s shooting in Florida turn into activists and demand action. I know I joke around a lot about “get off my lawn,” but I’ve been a big fan of those damn kids these days for many years now and this only reinforces that. (more…) Read more

When Barry Lynn retired as the Executive Director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State late last year, I was very curious to see who might take his place. I was hoping they would promote from within, perhaps with my friend Rob Boston, but they’ve now hired a new ED and she seems to be an excellent choice. Meet Rachel Laser. (more…) Read more

For the second time, a creationist in Pennsylvania has had a lawsuit he filed over the teaching of evolution in public schools — he claims it’s actually unconstitutional to teach it — dismissed by a state court. Maybe now he’ll take the hint. (more…) Read more

Twice in the last week right-wing trolls have been caught trying to manufacture fake news to discredit things they don’t like. In the first instance, we have people posting fake stories on Twitter about white people being violently attacked going to see the new Black Panther movie. (more…) Read more

It took about 5 seconds for Alex Jones to declare the mass school shooting in Florida to be a false flag operation ordered by “globalists” to cover up the release of the Nunes memo (two weeks later?). So naturally he sent crackpot Laura Loomer down there to harass local politicians with inane questions. (more…) Read more

Desperate to say or do anything to get the heat of the Russia investigation removed, Donald Trump unleashed another tweet from an alternate reality that exists only in his mind and those of his followers. He actually claims he’s been tougher on Russia than Obama was. (more…) Read more

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