Annie Lowrey on Trump


My former colleague Annie Lowrey has a piece in New York magazine about that rally the other day in which Donald Trump repeated a woman in the audience calling Ted Cruz a pussy for only wanting to torture sometimes instead of all the time, like Trump. Annie was there and summed up the event well. … [Read more...]

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A Prosecutor is Disbarred for Misconduct!

Scales of Justice550x290

There's an exclamation point on that headline to indicate the level of shock you should feel upon reading it. Yes, a prosecutor has actually been disbarred after presenting false testimony and withholding evidence in a case that sent an innocent man to death row. I'm not religious, but I want to shout hallelujah anyway. … [Read more...]

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Christian Teens Like Porn. Film at 11.

Tracey Moody notes a survey ordered by the thoroughly ridiculous Josh McDowell, who is terribly concerned about Christian teenagers viewing porn. The survey found that Christian teenagers are just as likely to watch porn as non-Christian teens, a result that should be shocking to absolutely no one. … [Read more...]

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Old Reliable is Back Again

I'm just gonna leave this here:NH prediction, 5 days out: Rubio 25, Cruz 22, Trump 19, Kasich 17, others single digits. #NoGutsNoGlory— Bill Kristol (@BillKristol) February 4, 2016The wrongest wronger who ever wronged. I feel like he and Dick Morris should open their own psychic hotline. … [Read more...]

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Cruz Endorser: God Sent Hitler to Hunt the Jews


The Cruz campaign hailed the endorsement of Mike Bickle, founder of the International House of Prayer, and since then I've reported on some of his more extreme views. Now the Times of Israel reports that Bickle has actually claimed that God sent Adolf Hitler to hunt the Jews for not accepting Jesus. … [Read more...]

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Nugent: I’m not Anti-Semitic! White Supremacists: Yes He Is!


After posting that image claiming that the Jews were behind gun control, Ted Nugent defended himself with his usual inane ranting on his Facebook page, spewing insults but never actually addressing the issue (come on, the man's an idiot, what else could we possibly expect?). … [Read more...]

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Fischer Still Totally Incoherent on the First Amendment


Bryan Fischer's views of the First Amendment have always been contradictory and absurd, but I don't recall him contradicting himself so blatantly in the same rant before. He claims that NASA is violating the Free Exercise Clause by banning mentions of Jesus in their newsletter. So let's look at what he says: … [Read more...]

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Rios: Beyonce Bringing on the Antichrist!


The right wing is losing their collective mind (they do seem to share one) over Beyonce's performance at the Super Bowl halftime show, which was partly a tribute to the Black Panthers. But Sandy Rios turned the stupidity up to 11 by declaring that she's even helping bring about the Antichrist! … [Read more...]

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Shoebat Demands an End to Religious Freedom


Theodore Shoebat continues to lay out his plan for a Christian fascist society. He's already demanded the "slaughter" of gay people over and over again. Now he says that only idiots and morons support freedom of religion and demands that atheist books be burned and atheists be arrested. … [Read more...]

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Jones: Sanders Voters Need to Have Their Jaws Broken


Alex Jones must have huffed some extra paint fumes before he went on this idiotic rant in which he said that the "pathetic scum" who support Bernie Sanders "need to have your jaws broken" because Sanders is going to impose a communist dictatorship like China. Always nice to hear from Planet Dumbass, isn't it? … [Read more...]

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Could Bloomberg Be More Than a Spoiler?


Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is still making noise about possibly running an independent campaign for president and it looks like he's hired Frank Luntz to do some polling to see how realistic that is. And his first poll suggests that he would start in a very strong position for a third-party candidate: … [Read more...]

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Forney Center Raises the $200K to Buy Manning’s Church


Now that deranged bigot James David Manning's church is up for tax auction, the Ali Forney Center wants to buy it and turn it into a shelter for homeless LGBT youth. I'm happy to say that they've reached their $200,000 goal to do so, though it isn't clear whether that will be enough to actually buy the property. … [Read more...]

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