One of the hallmarks of the Christian right’s overwhelming support of Donald Trump (with obvious and laudable exceptions) is the shamelessness with which they have abandoned the notion that moral character matters politically. Christian historian John Fea hammers Robert Jeffress over his hypocrisy in this regard: (more…) Read more

A Trump appointee taking part in the annual meeting of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women has been pushing for changes in the language of the final document to come out of that meeting that support abstinence-only sex education and undermines support for women’s right to access contraception and abortion. (more…) Read more

Kellyanne Conway, the person Trump inexplicably put in charge of fixing the problem of opioid addiction in America, showed how totally unqualified she was for that job by telling young people that they should just eat ice cream instead of buying illegal opioids on the street. (more…) Read more

As expected, Trump has fired HR McMaster and replaced him with John Bolton, the absolute worst possible person to be the National Security Adviser. Didn’t think Trump could make things worse? Oh foolish, foolish person. We are now all officially screwed. (more…) Read more

Trump’s new chief economic advisor, who isn’t an economist but plays one on TV (Trump’s only reality), also appears to be constitutionally clueless. He thinks Trump can, and should, cut taxes on the wealthy even more than he already has, and should do it by executive fiat. (more…) Read more

Amid many reports of discord within the legal team representing Trump in the Mueller investigation, the lead attorney on that team, John Dowd, has resigned. That leaves Ty Cobb, reportedly also possibly on his way out, Jay Sekulow and the newly added Joseph diGenova. (more…) Read more

Liberty University’s cinematic arts department is making a movie based on a book by former firefighter turned “prophet” Mark Taylor, who claims that God told him in 2011 that Donald Trump would be elected president but didn’t bother telling anyone about it until after it happened. Prophecy is so much easier in hindsight. I wonder if it will include some of this stuff? (more…) Read more

The utterly clueless Ben Carson blamed that $31,000 dining room set ordered for his office by throwing his wife under the bus, telling a House committee that he just left it up to his wife and that’s what she ordered. She’s the one with the champagne tastes, not him! (more…) Read more

The United States has always treated Saudi Arabia with kid gloves because, even though we only get about 11% of our imported oil from that country, they largely control OPEC and can seriously disrupt oil prices around the world, which can have a huge negative effect on the economy. But under Trump, that relationship has become downright incestuous. Here’s why he’s done that. (more…) Read more

The Hill reports that most Republican leaders are terrified of Trump firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller, knowing that it would be a political disaster for them. Yet only a few have come out strongly and publicly to warn him not to. Congressional leaders have, but they refuse to pass a bill that would prevent him from being able to do so. (more…) Read more

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