Trump Judicial Nominee Thinks Trans Equality is ‘Satan’s Plan’

Donald Trump’s nominees to the federal bench have been almost uniformly horrible in every possible way. Some of them are little more than b-list right-wing outrage bloggers. And one of them now under consideration thinks that laws that push for trans equality are part of “Satan’s plan.” (more…) Read more

Michigan Sued Over Discrimination in Adoption

A new lawsuit has been filed here in Michigan against the state for contracting with adoption agencies like Catholic Charities that refuse to place children with LGBT couples. The suit argues that is unconstitutional to use tax dollars to subsidize such discrimination. (more…) Read more

Texas School Tells Students They Must Stand for the Pledge of Allegiance

It’s the start of a new school year, so it’s not surprising that we have problems cropping up with schools refusing to protect the right of a student not to take part in the pledge of allegiance. A school in Midland, Texas is lying and telling them they don’t have that right. This is from a slide shown at a school assembly there: (more…) Read more

Heritage Foundation ‘Scholar’ Doesn’t Understand Insurance

Of all the arguments against Obamacare, surely the most bizarre one is that healthy people shouldn’t have to buy insurance policies because their premiums will go to subsidize those who are less healthy. That is literally the entire concept of insurance. That logic apparently eludes even Heritage Foundation “scholar” Stephen Moore: (more…) Read more

Palin, Gorka Campaigning for Christian Fascist

Christian Reconstructionist (read: fascist) Roy Moore is not Donald Trump’s choice to be the next Alabama senator (he’s endorsed Luther Strange), but his Nazi-supporting former adviser Sebastian Gorka and former half-term Gov. Sarah Palin are campaigning for him. (more…) Read more

Sessions Still Lying About Crime Rates

Jeff Sessions is not the type of man to let a pesky little things like facts get in the way of his demagoguery. He’s going to make people terrified of a major surge in violent crime even if he has to invent numbers and use misleading statistics to do it, as he did in a speech in Portland recently that was fact-checked by a local newspaper. (more…) Read more

Arpaio Talks to Holocaust Denial Publication After Pardon

Shortly after receiving his pardon from Trump, Joe Arpaio decided to give an interview to an anti-Semitic Holocaust denial publication called American Free Press, which sought to combat the “false narrative that Arpaio had engaged in ‘racial profiling.'” Media Matters documents the kind of site this is: (more…) Read more

Here’s Why the GOP is Back to Pushing Obamacare Repeal

The Guardian explains why the Republicans are fighting so hard to pass a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare after trying and failing several times already — because major conservative paymasters are demanding it before they spend money to help Republicans in the midterm elections. (more…) Read more

What the ‘Alt-Right’ Really Believes

During last month’s violent clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia, one of the men marching with the white supremacists was a Swedish man named Patrik Hermansson. He was an undercover infiltrator who had spent a year getting video of what these people said to each other away from the spotlight. What he recorded is predictably appalling. (more…) Read more

Trump’s Embarrassing Speech to the United Nations

Donald Trump spoke to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday and, predictably, he embarrassed the hell out of the entire country. It was a Cat 5 hurricane of hypocrisy, contradictions, pointless boasting, pseudo-macho posturing and nonsense. It started with the bragging: (more…) Read more

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