Jim Bakker’s Magically Refillable Food Buckets

Jim Bakker is still furiously hawking his latest scam, buckets full of crappy survival food, and getting his guests to do it for him as well. He brought on John Shorey, who told viewers that if they buy Bakker’s buckets of food, they’ll never run out because God will magically refill them. (more…) Read more

Coulter Wants ‘Death Squads’ if DACA is Made Law

Professional outrage performance artist Ann Coulter is terribly disappointed that her hero, Donald Trump, may be wavering on booting out all the DREAMers by signing DACA into law. So much so that, if it passes, she thinks death squads to hunt down immigrants would be the way to go. (more…) Read more

Hegseth Makes His Move on Doocy and Kilmeade

I’ve long said that Fox and Friends hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade are the two dumbest men on television (in that order), with Eric Bolling in third. Bolling is now off the air at Fox so Pete Hegseth, a host of the weekend version of that show, is staking his claim. (more…) Read more

Trump’s Third Law of Motion

Newton’s third law, famously, is that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Donald Trump’s third law says that for every position he takes now, there was an equal and opposite position he took previously on the same subject. Like his position on the government telling the NFL what to do: (more…) Read more

Kimmel 1, Cassidy 0

Jimmy Kimmel has kept up his criticism of the Graham-Cassidy Obamacare repeal bill, especially the provisions on preexisting conditions. Sen. Bill Cassidy has flat-out lied about it, saying that the coverage “is absolutely the same. There’s a specific provision that says that if a state applies for a waiver, it must ensure that those with preexisting conditions have affordable and adequate coverage.” The Washington Post gives that three Pinocchios. (more…) Read more

Why the Graham-Cassidy Bill Defunds Health Care

One of the ideas that Republicans have pushed forever is returning control to the states on a wide range of policy issues by turning federal programs into block grants that the states can use as they see fit. That’s one of the primary ideas in the Graham-Cassidy bill to repeal Obamacare. But as Peter Edelman explains, this is always a pretext for drastic funding cuts to those programs. (more…) Read more

Trump’s Magical Invisible Wall

During his appearance in Alabama on behalf of incumbent Sen. Luther Strange, Trump started ad-libbing about his non-existent border wall and left everyone scratching their heads as he babbled incoherently about how the wall has to be see-through. (more…) Read more

Could Clinton Campaign Manager Get Implicated in Russia Probe?

An interesting little tidbit in this New York Times article about the DOJ — it’s not clear whether this is Mueller or something independent of that — investigation into a propaganda report ordered by Paul Manafort on behalf of a Ukrainian politician he was paid millions to represent. (more…) Read more

Trump Attacks Basketball, Football Players

Donald Trump may take his sweet time half-condemning neo-Nazis and white supremacists, but he’s quick on the draw to go after professional athletes who dare to speak out against injustice and inequality — or who just don’t like him. He started during his appearance on behalf of Luther Strange in Alabama. (more…) Read more

Appeals Court: Stingray Search Requires Warrant

The DC Circuit Court of Appeals ruled this week that the police do need to secure a warrant before using a Stingray device to spoof cell phone towers in order to surveil a suspect. This is a very important ruling that I hope the Supreme Court doesn’t overturn on appeal. (more…) Read more

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