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Bryan Fischer Award Winner: David Barton

Of all the Bryan Fischer awards I've given out, this might be the most jaw-dropping one yet. It's like David Barton has finally reached peak David Barton. He actually had the audacity to say of another fake historian that if something he says is factually wrong, he should correct it. … [Read more...]

Barton Now Billing Himself as ‘Dr. David Barton’

David Barton has taken his blatant lie about having a PhD to a new level. Despite the fact that his own bio on his website does not claim any such degree, he is now billing himself on that website in his byline as "Dr. David Barton." … [Read more...]

Paul Ryan a Big Fan of David Barton

Dan Cummins, one of the pastors at self-declared "prophet" Jim Garlow's Skyline Church in San Diego, has an article in Charisma News where he reveals that Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan is a big fan of fake "historian" David Barton. … [Read more...]

David Barton Expands His Empire of Lies

In a shocking turn of events, David Barton told a lie about American history last week. And this time it wasn't about the founding fathers and religion. This time he claimed that the U.S. told the Japanese "exactly which cities we were going to bomb and when" before Hiroshima and Nagasaki. … [Read more...]

David Barton and the ‘Out of Context’ Claim

David Barton has never, ever, admitted to being wrong about anything. Hell, he won't even admit to saying the things he's on record, on video, saying. When he's accused of saying something outrageous, he just says he was quoted "out of context." … [Read more...]

David Barton Will Never Stop Repeating a Lie

Right Wing Watch again catches David Barton repeating a lie over and over again after it's been proven to be a lie. This time it's his claim that Justice Steven Breyer admitted that the due process guarantees in the Constitution "came out of the Bible." … [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer Award: David Barton

The Worldnetdaily has an article about Rafael Cruz addressing allegation from Donald Trump that he was somehow involved with the assassination of JFK. I really couldn't care less about that, but these few paragraphs earn David Barton a Bryan Fischer Award: … [Read more...]

David Barton: ‘America’s Premier Historian’

Warren Throckmorton notes that Rick Green, David Barton's co-host (and employee) on the Wallbuilders Live radio show, has begun introducing him on the show as "America's premier historian." No, seriously. With a straight face, apparently. … [Read more...]

The David Barton School of Political Science Now Exists

One of my favorite bands, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, have a song whose chorus goes "The world ain't gone crazy, baby, it was born that way." To prove that statement, I offer the fact that the David Barton School of Political Science is now a thing that actually exists. … [Read more...]

Fischer: Make Legislators Take David Barton Test

I troll the right wing fever swamps every day, so I'm rarely left astonished anymore. Stupidity is pretty much the only currency in use there. But every once in a while someone will come up with something that leaves me in a state that combines laughter with amazement. That's your cue, Bryan Fischer. … [Read more...]

David Barton and Those Mythical ‘Important Academics’

Now that the Worldnetdaily has republished David Barton's The Jefferson Lies, a book that is indeed full of lies about Jefferson, he'd like you to know that you should ignore all of those hoity toity "historians" with their "knowledge" and "facts" because he has a whole bunch of "important academics" who have endorsed his book. Like this one guy who never graduated from college. … [Read more...]

David Barton Dishonestly Addresses Obama on the Syrian Refugees

When several Republican presidential candidates started saying that we should only let in Christian refugees from Syria, President Obama responded forcefully, and correctly, saying that it is a violation of American principles to put a religious test on which people we show concern for when considering refugee questions. David Barton rather blatantly pretended he said something entirely different: … [Read more...]