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A Moment of Silence for Mark Regnerus’ Reputation

Mark Regnerus, the author of that ridiculous and methodologically worthless study that was falsely claimed to be about gay parenting, is kind of sad that issuing that study, which was retracted by the journal it was published in, has hurt his credibility. While I try to work up some crocodile tears while listening to the world's tiniest violin, take a look at this: … [Read more...]

The Regnerus Study, Debunked Yet Again

That infamous study on gay parents by Mark Regnerus has been roundly denounced by other sociologists, who note that the methodology he used was so bad as to be laughable. Now a new study of his own data finds that if you correct some of those methodological problems, the rational conclusion is the opposite of the one he reached. … [Read more...]

Richwine: Regnerus Victim of ‘Witch Hunt’

Jason Richwine, whose terrible research on immigration has prompted a great deal of entirely warranted criticism, wonders whether sociologists will study whether gay marriages are more likely to end in divorce than straight marriages. And he begins with this absurd claim: … [Read more...]

FRC: Regnerus Study the ‘Gold Standard’

The new study out of Australia that finds the children of gay parents do at least as well as the children of straight parents (better, by some measures) has the anti-gay bigots in this country scrambling. The Family Research Council made this lame attempt to refute it by citing the ridiculous Regnerus study as the "gold standard" of such research. … [Read more...]

FOIA Suit Over Regnerus Study Continues

One of the interesting stories regarding that terrible Mark Regnerus study on gay parenting is a lawsuit filed by John Becker against the University of Central Florida over their refusal to comply with an open records request for documents on how the study came to be published. Becker has a report on how that case is going at Bilerico. … [Read more...]

Utah Withdraws Use of Regnerus Study

On Thursday the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments in the appeal of a district court decision striking down Utah's ban on same-sex marriage. In the wake of the Michigan case, they sent a letter to the court distancing itself from Mark Regnerus' terrible study, which they had used at the trial level. That letter said, in part: … [Read more...]

Regnerus: The Judge Was Biased Against Me

Mark Regnerus is completely ignoring the substantive critique of his ridiculous study and just claiming that the judge in the Michigan marriage case and pretty much the entire academic world is biased against. Because Jesus or something. He claims to just not understand why no one is taking him seriously. … [Read more...]

Despite Michigan Case, Regnerus Still Being Cited

When a federal judge struck down Michigan's ban on same-sex marriage recently, he called out Mark Regnerus and his ridiculous study for being not just for having a faulty ideology, but for having one that was set up specifically to reach the desired result of the anti-gay groups that funded the study. That same study is being cited in similar lawsuits around the country and Chris Wangsgard calls it completely fraudulent: … [Read more...]

Regnerus Testimony Doesn’t Go Well

Mark Regnerus testified as an expert witness in a lawsuit challenging Michigan's ban on same-sex marriage and second parent adoption on Tuesday. It didn't go well. On the same day he testified, his department at UTexas released a statement distancing themselves from his atrocious study. And it didn't hold up well under cross examination. … [Read more...]

Regnerus: Gays Responsible for Straight People ‘Straying’

Mark Regnerus, the sociologist behind the thoroughly debunked study of gay parenting, gave a talk at Franciscan University in Ohio recently where he claimed that the acceptance of same-sex marriage will give straight men the excuse to cheat on their wives and demand anal sex. … [Read more...]

Plaintiffs in Marriage Case Want Regnerus Ruled Out

A set of plaintiffs in Michigan who are challenging the state's ban on same-sex marriage and same-sex adoption have filed a brief asking the court to disallow the testimony of Mark Regnerus as an expert in the case, citing the many methodological problems in his famous study of gay parenting (which wasn't really about gay parenting at all). This is what is known as a Daubert challenge to the relevance and reliability of an ostensible expert in a case. … [Read more...]

Judge Orders Release of Documents on Regnerus Study

After the publication of Mark Regnerus' absurd and much-criticized study on gay parenting last year, a Florida man named John Becker filed a request under the Florida Public Records Act to get documents related to how it got published by the University of Central Florida (the editor of the journal the study was published in is on staff there). A judge has now ruled that they must release those documents, including email communications during the peer review process. … [Read more...]