John Dowd, Trump’s personal attorney who has been working on his behalf in regard to the Russia investigation, took a shocking change of position this weekend, saying that Rod Rosenstein should fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller and end his investigation. (more…) Read more

If the name John Kiriakou sounds familiar, it should. He is the former had of counterterrorism operations for the CIA in Pakistan whose team group captured Abu Zubaida, one of the people tortured under the watch of Gina Haspel, now Trump’s nominee to head the CIA. He has an op-ed about it in the WAshington Post. (more…) Read more

A pair of House Democrats have sent a letter to Trump Chief of Staff John Kelly detailing information they obtained from a whistleblower showing that some of the top career civil service diplomats in the State Department were pushed out for alleged disloyalty to Trump. (more…) Read more

A new study by the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget says that, because of the increased spending and lower revenue from tax cuts, just the interest payments on the federal debt will hit $1 trillion a year in the next decade. (more…) Read more

After initially refusing to implement the mandatory sanctions contained in a law passed by the kind of overwhelming margin by Congress usually reserved for naming post offices, Trump has finally, reluctantly and weakly applied some kinda sorta sanctions against Russia over interference in last year’s election. (more…) Read more

The Washington Post reports what everyone has been expecting for weeks, that National Security Adviser MR McMaster will likely be the next senior administration official to be fired, but it may not happen for a while because Trump wants to give him a soft landing spot to make it look like he wasn’t fired. (more…) Read more

Two misogynists, one American and one Canadian, got together to talk about lesbians. Alex Jones and Gavin McInnes know the real reason why women are gay and, in the process of explaining it, manage to make not being with men look far more attractive, I’m sure. (more…) Read more

Pat Holliday of the Miracle Internet Church (funniest name ever) says that Hillary Clinton is not just your run-of-the-mill evil Democrat, she’s actually the “head of witchcraft in the world.” No wonder she lost the election, what with that as her second job. But never fear, the good pastor has “bound” her powers. You can all go home now. (more…) Read more

Tim Barton, son of theocratic con man and pathological liar David Barton, takes the same position his father does on the 2nd Amendment, which is that it not only protect a right to own guns, but to own any weapon the government has in its arsenal. (more…) Read more

The utterly deranged Rick Wiles says that America “smells like putrid vomit in the nostrils of the Lord” right now — because, ya know, treating gay people like actual human beings and stuff — and that if we go to Russia, God will be on their side, not ours. (more…) Read more

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