Aww. Cernovich Lost His Little Show.

The Right Side Broadcasting Network, which has been dubbed the "unofficial Trump TV" after airing shows on Trump's campaign website last year, has canceled a show hosted by rape apologist and misogynist jerk Mike Cernovich. This is the same network with a host that called for CNN people to be murdered the other day. … [Read more...]

Trump Goes Big on Tax ‘Reform.’ Kinda.

That big announcement that Trump promised about tax "reform" came out on Wednesday and, in fewer than 200 words, laid out a massive overhaul of both corporate and individual taxes without providing almost any detail at all other than marginal tax brackets. … [Read more...]

Saudi Arabia to Execute Another Man for ‘Blasphemy’

Our pals in Saudi Arabia, whose oil supplies cover a multitude of barbaric sins, are going to execute yet another man for "blasphemy" and atheism for social media posts renouncing Islam. The man was arrested two years ago and has now apparently lost all his appeals. … [Read more...]

More Dishonest Bragging from Trump

If you haven't read the transcript of that interview Trump did with the Associated Press last week, it was a tour de force of empty and dishonest boasting to pump up his own ego. Like he still wants to claim that Rep. Elijah Cummings said he would be the best president ever: … [Read more...]

MRA ‘Red Pill’ Reddit Forum Traced to Republican Lawmaker

The Daily Beast did some excellent investigative work and discovered that the MRA "red pill" forum on Reddit, home to a particularly repulsive group of he-man woman haters, was created by a state legislator in New Hampshire. He initially denied it, then deleted all of his online identities that confirmed it. … [Read more...]

Republicans Exempt Themselves from Obamacare Changes

As they continue to try and pass a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, the GOP wants to allow insurance companies to charge higher rates for those with preexisting conditions. But they want themselves and their staffs to continue being covered for them: … [Read more...]

IRS Raids Benny Hinn’s Offices

The IRS and the U.S. Postal Service spent all day Wednesday at the offices of televangelist con man Benny Hinn, hauling boxes of material out and loading them into trucks. We can only hope that this is the downfall of that absolute fraud. An ABC report on the raid: … [Read more...]

Thank You So Much

I just want to give a big thank you to everyone who contributed to help me pay off the medical bills from my hospital stay. The goal was reached in less than 36 hours. And thank you for helping me build the community that has been created around this blog. When I started it more than 13 years ago, I never imagined it could become what it has. Thank you, thank you, thank you. … [Read more...]

Hillary Was Going to Turn Every Church Into a Mosque!

"Coach" Dave Daubenmire has managed to find someone as paranoid and ridiculous as he is, the so-called "firefighter prophet" Mark Taylor, who claims God told him Trump was going to become president back in 2011. Listen to this raving bit of inanity: … [Read more...]

Steve King Loves Him Some Marine Le Pen

In news that should surprise absolutely no one, white supremacist Rep. Steve King adores white supremacist Marine Le Pen, who is now in a runoff to be the next president of France. And he says Le Pen and Trump will get along brilliantly because they're "birds of a feather." … [Read more...]

Fox and Friends: Pay for the Wall with Corporate Sponsorships

The collection of braindead quarterwits at Fox and Friends, Trump's favorite show, have come up with what they no doubt think is a brilliant idea: Trump should pay for the wall on the Mexican border by selling corporate sponsorships. … [Read more...]

Trump Corporate Tax Cut DOA in Congress?

Donald Trump is proposing to slash the corporate tax rate to 15%, but apparently without any "offsets" -- that is, budget cuts to make up for the approximately $240 billion a year in lost revenue. Paul Ryan's tax policy expert says that plan will never pass Congress. … [Read more...]