Forced Birthers Convene an ‘Ecclesiastical Court’ in Kansas

Operation Save America, one of the most extreme of all the forced birth groups, convened an "ecclesiastical court" in Wichita, Kansas, where they declared all the Supreme Court rulings they didn't like to be "null and void." Because that totally makes them unenforceable. … [Read more...]

More Pastors Who Think Pokemon Go is Satanic

And we have yet more wingnuts who think Pokemon Go is satanic and evil. This time it's Pastor David Brown and Christian talk show host Jim Schneider of Crosstalk. Right Wing Watch reports: … [Read more...]

Bachmann: Media is ‘Treasonous’ for Supporting Clinton

Michele Bachmann shows herself to be yet another conservative who has no idea what the term treason means (there are lots of liberals who also have no idea what it means, of course). She says the media is guilty of treason because they cover for Hillary Clinton. … [Read more...]

Garlow: Hand Welfare to Churches Like a Theocracy

Self-declared "prophet" Jim Garlow says that we should eliminate all welfare, including Social Security and Medicare, over to the churches. You know, like they did during the theocracy in the Bible. Yes, he actually said that and used that very word. … [Read more...]

Fischer’s Latest ‘Mark of the Beast’

I am endlessly amused by how Christians invoke the "mark of the beast" from the Book of Revelation. They just reinterpret it continually so it's always coming true. It's a barcode! It's a social security number! It's dessert topping AND a floor wax. Bryan Fischer invents a new meaning: … [Read more...]

Kerr Imagines a Trump Department of Justice

Orin Kerr, a libertarian-leaning law professor, writes at the Volokh Conspiracy about what a Donald Trump Department of Justice would look like. The picture isn't pretty. He notes Trump's tendency to authoritarianism and using lawsuits to silence his critics. … [Read more...]

CNN Police Brutality Apologist Links to Racist Video

Harry Houck is CNN's version of Mark Fuhrman, a law enforcement "analyst" who defends every instance of police brutality to the ends of the earth. And he recently tweeted a link to a video calling on President Obama to "ban niggers" to stop violent crime. … [Read more...]

Bill O’Reilly’s Deliberate Cluelessness

Bill O'Reilly did his best impression of an ostrich burying its head in the sand during a segment on his show when he said that he didn't notice any discord or problems at the Republican National Convention at all. Nope, only white people having a good time. … [Read more...]

Public Opinion on BLM the Same as to the Civil Rights Movement

Whenever a civil rights movement of any kind begins, the public responds with alarm. They're pushing for change too fast! They're disrupting things! They're hurting their own cause! Vox points out that the polls showed the same response to the Black Lives Matter movement as for the black civil rights movement in the 60s. … [Read more...]

Philly’s New Approach to the Homeless During DNC

Whenever huge events happen in big cities, the city usually tries to sweep the area of all homeless people to preserve the false image of their perfect municipality. But Philadelphia has taken a different approach while hosting the Democratic National Convention this week: … [Read more...]

More White Supremacists at the RNC

It wasn't only James Edwards representing the white supremacists at the Republican National Convention. There were a few others who were given passes to be on the floor of the convention and broadcast their radio shows, in addition to him. … [Read more...]

John Oliver on the RNC

John Oliver had his usually hilarious take on the Republican National Convention. I want you to pay particular attention to the part about Newt Gingrich that begins around 6 minutes. It puts his total intellectual bankruptcy on full display. … [Read more...]