Hysterical Christians Pray to Stop Witches. Again.

Last week was the summer solstice, so that means the usual clash of two groups of people who get themselves all worked up and start lobbing superstitious nonsense back and forth. The "witches" start doing rituals against Trump and his Christian defenders start issuing prayer calls to stop them. … [Read more...]

Trump Picks Another Prolific Tweeter for Energy Department Post

Donald Trump has chosen another frequent tweeter who regularly posts extremist and conspiracy-minded nonsense to the social media site to run a program at the Department of Energy. William Bradford has a long history of saying very controversial and bigoted things. … [Read more...]

Right Wing Bishop Forbids Communion, Last Rites for Gay People

Bishop Thomas Paprocki of the Catholic Diocese of Springfield, Illinois has issued a decree forbidding priests from giving the last rites to gay couples and should even deny communion or confirmation to the children of such couples. Praise the lord and pass the bigotry. … [Read more...]

Eric Trump Lies, Exaggerates Like the Donald

The huckster acorn doesn't fall far from the carnival barker tree in the Trump family. Eric Trump went on Fox News this weekend and lied about Obamacare while wildly exaggerating the non-existent accomplishments of his father in his first few months in office. … [Read more...]

Federal Court Blocks Deportation of Iraqi Christians

The Trump administration recently rounded up more than 100 Iraqi Christians living in the Dearborn, Michigan area (about 40% Arab, but many of them are Chaldean Christians, not Muslim) and a federal judge has issued an injunction preventing their deportation because they may face persecution and death if sent back. … [Read more...]

Netanyahu to Continue Segregation at the Western Wall

Despite a promise to carve out a mixed gender space for worshiping at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's cabinet has canceled plans to create such a space, leaving women without the right to worship as men do at the wall. … [Read more...]

Why Obama Didn’t Act Quickly on Russian Election Interference

The Washington Post had a long story on Friday about how the Obama administration knew that Russia was behind the hacking of our election, how they knew Putin had personally ordered it, and why they felt hamstrung in trying to respond to it forcefully because they were afraid it would appear that they were playing favorites in the election. … [Read more...]

A Memorial to Nazis on Public Property

The Washington Post has a fascinating story about a memorial to a group of Nazi spies sent to the United States during WW2. They were caught, executed and buried -- and then a white supremacist group put up a memorial to them, on public land, and no one knew it was there until recently. … [Read more...]

A Great Sports Story

If anyone who isn't a Michigan Wolverine fan remembers Vincent Smith at all, it's for being on the receiving end of one of the most vicious hits most of us have ever seen. Jadeveon Clowney absolutely blew him up on a play that was not his fault at all. If you haven't seen it: … [Read more...]

Louisiana AG Had Illegal Police Force

Attorney General Jeff Landry of Louisiana has now apparently disbanded an illegal police force that he had going around arresting people in New Orleans. He called it the Violent Crime Task Force, but it was arresting people on petty, non-violent drug crimes, and without any legal authority. … [Read more...]

Trump Keeps Lying During Campaign Rallies

Donald Trump is so pathetically insecure and so desperately in need of constant validation that he's still holding campaign rallies in front of crowds of slack-jawed yokels. And he's still lying continually during those rallies because, well, it's who he is. The New York Times documents 12 lies during his most recent one. … [Read more...]

Trump Again Contradicts Himself

Example #897,246 of the White House trying to claim two opposite things are true at the same time. When former FBI Director James Comey testified in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Trump said he was lying about many things. Now suddenly he says his tweet about tapes kept him from lying. … [Read more...]