Vicious misogynist Gavin McInness, who likes to sic his white supremacist lawyers on me when I say mean things about him, has lobbed a disgusting, sexist insult at Amanda Marcotte and other female journalists. But he can’t decide if they’re spinsters or sluts, so he just calls them both at the same time. (more…) Read more

Already rebuffed by Qatar, which may have played a role in a strong shift in American policy toward that country, Jared Kushner’s company is now seeking a $100 million investment from a fund controlled by those same two Saudi and Emirati princes who are implicated in helping get Trump elected and paying money to those close to him for influence. (more…) Read more

The noose is tightening. One of Michael Cohen’s business partners, a Russian kingpin in the incredibly corrupt NYC taxi business, has reached a plea deal to cooperate in Cohen’s prosecution, in exchange for a much lighter sentence than he would otherwise have received. (more…) Read more

The story of how Saudi and Emirati princes worked through Elliott Broidy and George Nader to both help get Trump elected and then influence his Middle East policy in their favor continues to get bigger. Vanity Fair reports that while the princes flattered Jared Kushner to Trump, they eviscerated him in private. (more…) Read more

According to the “spirit-filled” crackpots who give “prophetic insight” at Charisma magazine, God is adding to that “full armor” thing by equipping Donald Trump with a “flaming torch” that will illuminate the plots and schemes of his enemies and allow him to defeat them. (more…) Read more

Conservative foreign policy expert Max Boot has a column in the Washington Post looking at the important political norms, like separation of powers and the rule of law, that Donald Trump is rapidly destroying. The column looks at examples from just last week alone: (more…) Read more

The Washington Post reports that South Korea is blaming John Bolton for blowing up the negotiations with North Korea. Specifically, they blame him for the thing I criticized him about, explicitly mentioning Libya and Gaddafi as the model for denuclearizing North Korea, which was a monumentally stupid thing to say. (more…) Read more

It’s fascinating to me that the longer “Coach” Dave Daubenmire goes without getting a job coaching football, the more he reveals about himself that would prevent him from getting such a job. He’s gone all-out anti-Semite publicly, and now he goes full-on white supremacist over the royal wedding. (more…) Read more

And here’s yet another story about how Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates sought influence over Donald Trump before and after he took office. This time it isn’t Michael Cohen, it was George Nader and Elliott Broidy, former vice chair of the Republican fundraising committee (as was Cohen). (more…) Read more

Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz, an associate of Roger Stone who brought a Holocaust denier who raised money for the neo-Nazi site the Daily Stormer to the State of the Union address as his guest, says that AG Jeff Sessions is now a captive of the deep state, but he has Stockholm Syndrome and is now sympathetic to them. (more…) Read more

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