The Things That Get Megyn Kelly Upset


Megyn Kelly is upset about a situation involving a police officer and Black Lives Matter protesters. No, she's not upset that yet another cop has shot yet another young, unarmed black man. She's upset because a protester in Minneapolis stared at an officer there to keep an eye on the rally. And staring at a police officer is apparently the worst thing you can possibly do. … [Read more...]

Fiorina’s Absurd Position on Planned Parenthood Shootings


Carly Fiorina was on the Fox News Sunday show with Chris Wallace and provided a master class in how to avoid answering a question by obfuscation, changing the subject, and using what I have long called the argumentum ad labelum. Asked about accusations that the release of those anti-Planned Parenthood videos may be linked to the shooting in Colorado Springs, here is her ridiculous response: … [Read more...]

Muslim Mob Destroys Factory Over Rumored Blasphemy

The situation in Pakistan just gets more horrifying by the day. A mob of Muslim reactionaries (like Hitchens, I try not to call them radicals because radicalism has a long history of positive reforms) attacked a factory in Jhelum because they'd heard a rumor that one of the employees had "desecrated" the Quran. The government has arrested dozens of people involved in the attack -- and the alleged "blasphemer," of course. … [Read more...]

FBI Searching for Anti-Muslim ‘Patriot’ from Oklahoma


Remember Jon Ritzheimer, the wingnut bigot from Oklahoma who organized several anti-Muslim rallies full of heavily armed dumbasses, then launched a fundraiser for $10 million (which got almost nothing)? The FBI and the police in an upstate New York town are looking for him after he posted a video holding a gun saying he was going there for a confrontation at a mosque. … [Read more...]

Black Pastors Refuse to Endorse Trump


Like every demographic group, Donald Trump thinks "the blacks" love him, despite the fact that he hates the idea of having a black accountant. He's even invited a bunch of black pastors to come to his home so they can endorse them. But many of those pastors have refused the invitation and publicly slammed Trump for thinking they would ever endorse him. … [Read more...]

Ben Carson Visits Syrian Refugees, Learns Nothing

Credit: Michael Vadon

This strikes me as really, really weird. Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson apparently spent this weekend at refugee camps in Jordan to talk to Syrian refugees. Ordinarily I would applaud him for trying to learn something from people actually affected, but I would be absolutely shocked if this is anything more than an empty series of photo ops that won't change his positions one bit. … [Read more...]

Texas People Stand Up to Heavily Armed Islamophobes


I'm happy to see a large group of counter-protesters show up at a mosque in Irving, Texas where a much smaller group of heavily armed "patriots" have been harassing people going in and out of the place for the last week or so (not to mention publishing the names and addresses of a bunch of them). Like me, they are ashamed of the obnoxious bigotry of so many of our fellow Americans. … [Read more...]

Manning Taunts Protesters With Bigoted Slurs


I'm sure you all remember James David Manning, the utterly deranged pastor from Harlem who thinks, among other bizarre things, that Starbucks puts gay semen into their lattes. A group of people protested outside his church and he responded to them in the kind, thoughtful manner to which we are accustomed. Just kidding. He screamed bigoted slurs at them, including, bizarrely, calling them "niggers." … [Read more...]

Rubio: ‘God’s Rules Always Win’


Marco Rubio made the requisite visit that all Republican presidential candidates must make to the Christian Broadcasting Network to kiss Pat Robertson's ring and do an "interview" with "journalist" David Brody. Discussing the Kim Davis and other similar cases, Rubio went full on theocrat and said that all Christians should refuse to comply with any law that conflict's with "God's rules." … [Read more...]

Badawi May Be Pardoned for His ‘Crimes’

Some tentatively wonderful news regarding Raid Badawi, the Saudi atheist blogger sentence to years in prison and 1000 lashes. According to a Swiss diplomat, his sentence has been suspended, which may pave the way for King Salman of Saudi Arabia to pardon him for his "crime" of blasphemy. It's not entirely clear exactly what's going on, but someone I know who is friends with Badawi's wife says this story is "partially accurate" and seems hopeful. … [Read more...]

The Dishonest Dodge From Dominionists


I got into an argument on Facebook on Saturday with a Christian Reconstructionist who objected when I said that Joel McDurmon, the new leader of Reconstructionist group American Vision, wants to put gay people to death. Just to make sure, I looked up some material from McDurmon on the subject and found the same dishonest dodge I always hear from these people, which I'll spell out below. … [Read more...]

Alister McGrath Whistles Past the Graveyard

Okay, that probably overstates the case. But Professor Alister McGrath of Oxford claims, despite all evidence to the contrary, that atheism is "in decline" and will soon be trumped by faith. I've always found it odd when people speak about faith without addressing the obvious question: Faith in what? Is faith in Zeus going to claim victory over atheism? Faith in Huitzlpochtli? … [Read more...]