Loesch Declares Feminism Dead

Third-rate Ann Coulter wannabe Dana Loesch spoke at the Values Voters Summit and told the audience that feminism is dead. In fact, she repeated it several times, perhaps hoping that repetition would either make it true or win her a coveted spot on Fox News instead of NRA TV. (more…) Read more

Michele Bachmann Preaches Lies to the Choir

Michele Bachmann, having relenquished her former position as the dumbest member of the House of Representatives for a new one as pastor-without-portfolio to the United Nations, spoke at the Values Voters Summit and preached a sermon full of nonsense to the assembled choir. (more…) Read more

Bennett: NFL Protesters Don’t Understand America

Bill Bennett, who somewhere along the line went from being a serious figure to being just another far-right carnival barker on the political midway, spoke at the Values Voters Summit and said that the NFL protesters just don’t understand America. (more…) Read more

Wilkerson: Trump Wants War with Iran

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, who was Colin Powell’s chief of staff at the State Department, did an interview with Joy Reid and said that Trump’s undermining of the Iran nuclear agreement will destroy any hope for a diplomatic settlement with North Korea and he’s doing it because he wants a war. (more…) Read more

Torture Psychologists Need to Be Held Accountable

Roy Eidelson, past president of Psychologists for Social Responsibility and a member of the Coalition for an Ethical Psychology, has an op-ed column in the Washington Post arguing, quite correctly, that psychologists who participated in the Bush torture regime need to be held accountable for their actions. (more…) Read more

FFRF Wins Lawsuit Over Parsonage Exemptions

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has won another round in its lawsuit to force the government to treat religious and non-religious non-profits equally. The case involves the parsonage exemption, which allows pastors sizable tax breaks when the church pays for their housing, but not leaders of other non-profits. (more…) Read more

White Supremacist Thinks Women Should Not be Allowed to Vote

In news that should surprise absolutely no one, neo-Nazi and white supremacist Richard Spencer is also a misogynist who believes that women should not be allowed to vote. He was asked about this by Newsweek’s Michael Edison Hayden: (more…) Read more

Manafort Got $60 Million from Russian Oligarch

Turns out that former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort made even more money from a Russian oligarch with close ties to Vladimir Putin than we knew previously. NBC News has now found $60 million in total payments from Oleg Deripaska, a multi-billionaire who is a close Putin adviser. (more…) Read more

Trump’s Inane Pandering to Stupid Bigots

Donald Trump addressed the Family Research Council’s Values Voters Summit and, predictably, reached for perhaps the single most ridiculous bit of pandering he’s done since entering politics: the “war on Christmas.” It was the usual mix of lying and stupidity. (more…) Read more

Moore Fought to Keep Segregation in Alabama Constitution

Alabama was on the front lines in keeping those terrible dark-skinned people away from their precious white children in public school, but the federal courts refused to allow them to do so. But when they tried to remove segregationist language from the state constitution, guess who fought to keep it in there? Christian fascist Roy Moore. (more…) Read more

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