Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: Bryan Fischer

I forget how many times Bryan Fischer has won the award named after him, but it's several times now. He just keeps showing us his almost supernatural lack of self-awareness. For instance, here he is last Thursday decrying the use of name-calling in debates: … [Read more...]

Trump in 4th Place Among Black Voters

How badly is Donald Trump's failing to appeal to black voters? Not only is he not catching Hillary Clinton, he's even polling behind Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein. But the blacks, they love him. Love him. … [Read more...]

The Utter Inanity of Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity is playing dumb about the existence of the alt-right, claiming that he'd never heard that term before Hillary Clinton invented it out of thin air. And then he claims, like most dumbasses do, that criticism is the same thing as censorship. … [Read more...]

State Department Calls for End of All Blasphemy Laws

The U.S. Department of State issued a very strong statement calling for the end of all blasphemy laws in every nation in the world. It notes that such laws exist, in forms that range from relatively innocuous to outright barbaric, in half the nations of the world. … [Read more...]

Hughes: Clinton is a Bigot for Calling Out Racism

As I continually point out, Donald Trump's media surrogates are some of the dumbest, most ridiculous human beings you'll ever encounter. Scottie Nell Hughes is pretty much the bottom of the totem pole. Here she accuses Hillary Clinton of being a bigot because she called out Trump's racism. … [Read more...]

Jimmy Kimmel 1, Alex Jones 0

Jimmy Kimmel recently had Hillary Clinton on his show and they mocked the wingnuts claiming she's on the verge of death. He challenged her to open a pickle jar, which she did. Alex Jones, of course, immediately became a pickle jar truther, claiming the jar was pre-loosened. Kimmel responded brilliantly: … [Read more...]

RNC, Trump Fundraising Continues to Drag

Open Secrets, a fantastic website that tracks every contribution made to every campaign in the country, has an article that looks at this year's fundraising by the Republican National Committee and compares it to the last three election cycles. It isn't good for them. … [Read more...]

I Just Became a Colin Kaepernick Fan

Even after seeing Gabby Douglass savaged for not putting her hand over her heart during the national anthem at the Olympics, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick took a stand and refused to even stand for it during the pregame ceremony before their last game. … [Read more...]

Kellyanne Conway: Master of Empty Spin

Watching Kellyanne Conway make the rounds of the TV shows trying to defend the actions of Donald Trump has been nothing if not amusing. She has that ability to look right into the camera and say the most hypocritical and absurd things with total confidence. Let's take a look at her interview with Rachel Maddow: … [Read more...]

CNN and the Myth of Journalistic ‘Objectivity’

This story is almost a year old but a friend posted a link to it on Facebook and it spurred me to write about a subject I feel very strongly about: The myth of journalistic "objectivity." Last November, CNN suspended one of its reporters for sending out this tweet: … [Read more...]

Raid to Find Critical Blogger Ruled Unconstitutional

When a Louisiana sheriff raided the home of someone he thought might be an anonymous blogger who had been criticizing him a few weeks ago, it was quite obvious that the search was unconstitutional despite a judge having signed the warrant. An appeals court has now ruled as such. … [Read more...]

Trump Hires Guy Christie Fired Over Bridgegate

Donald Trump is always telling us that the secret to his success is that he hires the best people, just the best people ever. And that's how he's going to fix every problem, by hiring the very best people ("best" meaning those who haven't criticized him in any way, as opposed to "disgusting," which means anyone who has criticized him). So explain this: … [Read more...]