About Ed Brayton

After spending several years touring the country as a stand up comedian, Ed Brayton tired of explaining his jokes to small groups of dazed illiterates and turned to writing as the most common outlet for the voices in his head. He has appeared on the Rachel Maddow Show and the Thom Hartmann Show, and is almost certain that he is the only person ever to make fun of Chuck Norris on C-SPAN.

Thank You So Much

I just want to give a big thank you to everyone who contributed to help me pay off the medical bills from my hospital stay. The goal was reached in less than 36 hours. And thank you for helping me build the community that has been created around this blog. When I started it more than 13 years ago, I never imagined it could become what it has. Thank you, thank you, thank you. … [Read more...]

Hillary Was Going to Turn Every Church Into a Mosque!

"Coach" Dave Daubenmire has managed to find someone as paranoid and ridiculous as he is, the so-called "firefighter prophet" Mark Taylor, who claims God told him Trump was going to become president back in 2011. Listen to this raving bit of inanity: … [Read more...]

Steve King Loves Him Some Marine Le Pen

In news that should surprise absolutely no one, white supremacist Rep. Steve King adores white supremacist Marine Le Pen, who is now in a runoff to be the next president of France. And he says Le Pen and Trump will get along brilliantly because they're "birds of a feather." … [Read more...]

Fox and Friends: Pay for the Wall with Corporate Sponsorships

The collection of braindead quarterwits at Fox and Friends, Trump's favorite show, have come up with what they no doubt think is a brilliant idea: Trump should pay for the wall on the Mexican border by selling corporate sponsorships. … [Read more...]

Trump Corporate Tax Cut DOA in Congress?

Donald Trump is proposing to slash the corporate tax rate to 15%, but apparently without any "offsets" -- that is, budget cuts to make up for the approximately $240 billion a year in lost revenue. Paul Ryan's tax policy expert says that plan will never pass Congress. … [Read more...]

The Bizarre Attempt to Blame Obama for Michael Flynn

On Tuesday, both Rep. Jason Chaffetz and White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer made the absolutely bizarre argument that the fault for Michael Flynn lying about his contacts with Russia and refusing to disclose his financial dealings there lies with the Obama administration. Chaffetz first: … [Read more...]

Right Wing Flips Out Over Plan to Combat Anti-Muslim Bullying

Studies show that Muslim students in our schools face bigotry and bullying at an incredibly high rate, so the San Diego schools decided to launch a program to curb such behavior. Naturally, the right is freaking out about this "takeover" by "Sharia law." … [Read more...]

Report: Russian Hackers Now Targeting French Candidate

A new report from a cybersecurity firm concludes that the same Russian hackers who gained access to emails from the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee last year are now targeting French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron with similar phishing attempts. … [Read more...]

Throckmorton Gets Evangelist to Admit to Fake Degree

Warren Throckmorton has been keeping the pressure up on David Barton to admit that his "earned PhD" from Life Christian University is not earned at all, with no success so far. But he did get televangelist con artist Joyce Meyer to stop claiming her identical PhD was earned. … [Read more...]

Beck: I Always Correct My Mistakes

Fans of irony will love this one. Glenn Beck is criticizing others for not owning up to their mistakes when they spread false information and holding himself up as a model for how to show that kind of intellectual honesty. The mind boggles at the thought. … [Read more...]

Trump: My Totally Arbitrary First 100 Days Are the Greatest Ever

It's been fun watching Trump, Spicer and their merry band of surrogates simultaneously argue that a focus on the first 100 days of a presidential administration is totally arbitrary and meaningless and that he had the greatest first 100 days ever. … [Read more...]

Bakker: Buy My Crappy Food Because Muslims

Jim Bakker's latest hysterical pitch for his crappy buckets of survival food is to claim that Muslims are going to begin murdering Christians here in America when they take over. And you wouldn't want to not have some day-glo freeze-dried mac and cheese in you when you get murdered, would you? … [Read more...]