Trump Goes After Teenager for Joke Website

The endlessly litigious Donald Trump has sicced his lawyers on a 17 year old girl who put up a joke website to test her coding skills that had kittens batting around an image of Trump's face. They sent her a letter demanding that it be taken down. … [Read more...]

Why the Russia/Trump Collusion Story is the Biggest Scandal Ever

Or rather, that it could be the biggest scandal in American history if if proves to be true (and as I've stated several times, I think it's possible but not terribly likely). Zack Beauchamp at Vox explains the sheer enormity of the accusations. … [Read more...]

The Changes to the Republican Health Care Bill

After taking flak from both right-wing extremists and moderates within the party, House Speaker Paul Ryan has changed several provisions in the bill in an attempt to win over the holdouts so the bill can pass. But as I said two weeks ago, he can't please them both at the same time. … [Read more...]

Spicer: Trump Golfing is Totally Different Than Obama Golfing

Today's exercise in hypocritical rationalization comes, predictably, from White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who says that when Trump goes golfing every single weekend that is totally different than when Obama went golfing less often. … [Read more...]

Tomi Lahren Discovers the Unforgivable Sin

B-team Ann Coulter wannabe Tomi Lahren has been suspended by The Blaze, Glenn Beck's radio and TV network, because she committed the one unforgivable sin for the Christian right: Being pro-choice on abortion. … [Read more...]

Jackson Wants to Teach Christianity in Schools

E.W. Jackson, preacher and former candidate for lt. governor of Virginia, has a radio show. He frequently says really, really stupid things on that radio show. The latest example is this ignorant, inane screed on why public schools should teach Christianity, in response to those After School Satan clubs. … [Read more...]

Barton Whitewashes the Holocaust

David Barton is on a trip to Poland and visiting concentration camps, so he took to his Facebook page to offer up a highly distorted and whitewashed version of the Holocaust, framing it as a battle between Christian beliefs and Hitler's alleged "pagan" beliefs (whatever that's supposed to mean). … [Read more...]

Former Tea Party Congressman Arrested for Election Fraud

Remember Steve Stockman, the far-right Tea Party congressman from Texas who loved his conspiracy theories and tried to primary Sen. John Cornyn? He's now been arrested for election fraud for essentially stealing $350,000 from a non-profit group he set up. … [Read more...]

Trump Lies About Comey, Rogers Testimony While It Happened

Donald Trump, or whoever is tweeting from the official @POTUS Twitter account, was so desperate to counter the clearly damaging testimony from FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Michael Rogers that they were lying about what they said literally as they were saying it. Just one example of several: … [Read more...]

Is Originalism an Originalist Idea?

Andrew Shankman, an Associate Professor of History at Rutgers University-Camden and the author of a new book called Original Intents: Hamilton, Jefferson, Madison, and the American Founding, writes at the History News Network that originalism is not actually originalist. … [Read more...]

Trump Goes Golfing

I think complaints about presidents, regardless of party, going golfing or otherwise finding ways to relax, are absurd. I want the president to have hobbies that let them get away from the stresses of the job for a few hours. But I do care about hypocrisy and Trump is showing that trait in neon letters in the sky. … [Read more...]

Fox News Removes Napolitano from the Air

In a very surprising move, Fox News has pulled Andrew Napolitano, the conspiracy-mongering ex-judge whose ridiculous claim about the British being the ones who wiretapped Trump's campaign office at Obama's request was repeated by the White House and caused a diplomatic incident, off the air indefinitely. … [Read more...]